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13 Dec 2019, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2012-06-13, 21:02   #1
Default Is there anything good about these strategies?

I've seen people posting all kinds of in-game tactics and strategies here, so I think it's pretty fair to ask:
-Does anyone of you try these tactics or is this topic just for sharing them and reminiscing how ''we got hit by an IED in the good old days'' ?
-If you've tried, have you found these tactics useful?

I myself have read a lot of map specific tac's and I have to say i'm satisfied with the ones there are, but disappointed, because there aren't enough. For example, I haven't found any tacs on playing Lashkar and Kokan.

Hope you share a bit more general INS tacs too? They are very sophisticating
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Old 2012-06-13, 22:04   #2

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Default Re: Is there anything good about these startegies?

Yes some players are trying out the tactics posted, and if not, then at least try to be inspired by them.

Personally I never really used any of the map specific tactics posted, however, I have used them for inspiration.

There are many ways to perspective the battle, thus reading or glancing through these tips can always be recommended. Especially when you want to create a winning team.

Define irony. A bunch of guys playing PR year after year. A game teaching initiative as the prime mover.
However, in regard to EA, these guys never took the initiative.
We who play these kinds of games are the first generation of war robot pilots.Today we pilot a camera in 3D heaven,Tomorrow...
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Old 2013-08-09, 19:25   #3
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Default Re: Is there anything good about these strategies?

There is just soo much stuff in here. Even if you read one, the next guy likes something different and you cant apply any of it without some knowledge on the side of your teammates. So I would argue few of it finds its way ingame.

What we need is a PDF similiar to the manual that contains some tactics and strategies for infantery armor and CO, so that everyone has a basic knowledge, tactics you can actually use ingame, because chances are somebody else read the strategy guide too.

It would also give newbies a handle on how to approach the game.

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Old 2018-01-19, 22:57   #4

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Default Re: Is there anything good about these strategies?

I know this is 3 years late, but I have also wondered about this. Although I've only squadleaded 3/4 times during the time I've been playing PR, I've never really seen any tactics applied, mostly because players would pretty much have to learn the tactics to apply them, and most players aren't willing to do so..
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Old 2018-01-20, 06:58   #5

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Default Re: Is there anything good about these strategies?

It's a matter of trying. All of the tactics are valid, but their success can be good at times and bad at times. Some of them require coordination between leaders and that needs one stepping up to take charge.

Like having one squad secure a drop zone so other squads can land there or having one squad overwatch while other squads combine together and attack as a platoon. Sometimes the leader won't tell you why you're doing something, and you might be apart of an intersquad strategy that you're not even aware of.

Squads usually work alone in public games, and the strategies are either stay at the objective or move to the objective. You won't always see advanced techniques like sneaking into the objective, splitting the squad into two and attack from opposite flanks at the same time, or being a quick reaction force that takes a Jeep and immediately head to an objective that is suddenly available and maybe undefended.
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