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24 Jan 2021, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2018-03-25, 17:44   #1
Default .tweak inconsistencies

I am quite new to this. Still I found problems in .tweak files of several vehicles. Here is one.

Why do these vehicles have these weight and gravitymodifier when their weight in real life varies greatly?

BMP3 combat weight real life: 18.7-20 tons

ObjectTemplate.mass 9000
ObjectTemplate.gravityModifier 1.7
Type 95 SPAAA combat weight real life: 22+ tons

ObjectTemplate.mass 12000
ObjectTemplate.gravityModifier 1.5
Tunguska 9K22 combat weight real life: 35 tons

ObjectTemplate.mass 12000
ObjectTemplate.gravityModifier 1.5
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Default Re: .tweak inconsistencies

Mass is used for collision interaction(tank 1000 vs truck 10000, truck pushing tank), not as "actual mass", which is gravityModifier it is.
G in bf2 is something around 11 m\s^2, dice world is weird one

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