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25 Jan 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Default Android PRSpy

PRSPY is an android application, based on the original web app, that allows you to see all game servers running Project Reality.
This app allows you to see server information,current map, online players and a map gallery with detailed description of the assets presents in every layout.

Besides this, you can enable notifications that will inform you when a server is playing your favorite map or game mode.

Current Version: 1.2.7 [Released]

Google Store: Link

Current main Features:
  • PR Tournament Integration
  • Server Browser: it lists all servers and players (K|D and Score)
  • Friend Highlight: set a group of friends or a clan tag and the app will quicly Highlight the players and servers
  • Map Gallery: You can see a list of every Map
  • Asset information: per each map/Layout you can see a list of availble assets and their respawn time
  • Map image: you'll be able to tell were the DODs are
  • Notifications: Notifications saying when a server is changing maps.
Spoiler for Maybe/Eventual main Features:
  • Custom information: you'll be able to chose if you want to see the player list with score, kills or deaths
  • Big screen layouts: Currently the app is being made with small screens in mind

Spoiler for Interest in helping?:
By downloading the app and giving feedback you're already helping.

But if you want to help, code wise, then this projects consists in two areas, the app itself and the PR parser that creates all the information that the app displays.

Currently I have a very dirty parser that handles well enough but I could use a better parser that creates, in JSON, information about the maps, layouts and assets, this would mean proper asset's names, proper factions's names, etc...
Maybe even kits and weapons information..

Original Post
Spoiler for Original Post:
Hey everyone, being tired of my main PR's project, link, I decided to give my self a side side's project.

So PRSpy for android was created, although another member claimed to be doing, link, it seems it has stopped.

My current version allows the user to see the servers and their current players and which map is being played, without images.

The friend tool is also working but it lacks a proper menu to see who's online and remove/add offline players.

And finally it will (near future) allow to see the current map with the name of the assets and their spawn/re-spawn times. This will be, hopefully, what differentiates my app from PRSpy.

Showcase #1:

Showcase #2: (Newest)

Before releasing I would like some User Interface feedback, like "is the score/kills required?" or "the text needs to be green with yellow background?".
Also the third tab is yet to be made, so although a plan was made, suggestions are still acceptable.

Hope you'll like it and feedback is always welcome.

Edit 1

Currently the App is stable enough to launch a Beta and get feedback on the UI (User interface) especially from smaller screens but to prevent any conflicts I need clarification in these subjects from the Dev team:
  • Can I publish the app with the name PRSPY?
  • Can I use this image as Icon, link, most bottom right corner?
  • Any problems in using the PRSPY jsonData?
  • Any problems in using the MapGallery jsonData?
  • Any problems in using the images from the MapGallery?

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