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25 Jan 2021, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Arrow PR:ARMA 2 - Highlights Reel #5

Welcome to the fifth edition of the PR: ArmA2 Highlights Reel!

Although this newsreel has been a while in coming, there has been a significant reason for this, the main one being there really was not too much to update on and also a large rethink of our priorities for v0.1. The team have continued however to work away in the background on a new Map, and as always constant improvements to the gameplay. Point to note, everything mentioned in this and any future news posts will now only relate to PR: ArmA2 v0.1 only.

- What Will be in the first release - v0.1

A lot of speculation has been thrown around recently as to what we will actually be releasing in our first version of PR: ArmA2. With a lot of updates over the last 12 months, talking about different concepts and models - like any new Mod, we have now prioritized what we will be releasing in v0.1. to that end the following will be released in PR: ArmA2 v0.1:
  • Unique PR Models
  • PR Jackal
  • PR Panther
  • PR MAN Truck
  • PR Warrior
  • PR Static Objects - Various
  • PR Terrain
  • PR Afghan Village
  • PR textures (Placeholders)
  • PR British Soldiers
  • PR Merlin
  • PR Chinook
  • PR Apache
These will all be packaged together with over 20+ initial Missions all using the unique PR PvP Gameplay. We also wanted to take full advantage of the Arrowhead engine in this update and show you how Stunning PR: ArmA2 is currently looking in this engine

- PR Terrain

Project Reality currently have 4 Terrains in production, Wardak, Afghanistan, A woodland Map (yet to be named), and PR Afghan Village, a remake of an old Favorite. Wardak is still in production and will not make the first release. Afghanistan is a huge map, which is an ongoing project and at a lower priority therefore it is at least 6 months away. Our Woodland Map project has only just started and work will take some time on this. To that end we are releasing Afghan Village within v0.1, and so far testing has proved it is indeed a great terrain for some intense firefights ....... and it looks stunning too.

- British Army Soldier

Official Statement

Project Reality over the last few months have been in discussions with BI, and a joint agreement has been made, that gives Project Reality Exclusive rights for the use of the Original BAF Files within its Modification. I have personally signed this agreement with Maruk, and ensured all my Developers who need access to these files have signed a Project Reality Agreement. Therefore we now have the original BAF Files, to allow us to rework the Models, updating as required, and adding further detail to what is already a great DLC.

Project Reality are very proud and grateful for the working relationship they have with BI, and hope that we can ensure to do the game justice in the MP environment in the near future.

This now allows the texture artists greater freedom, and professionalism to enhance the Models even further, and the whole team to concentrate on the gameplay.

What does it mean to the Community?

1. No change at all, PR: ArmA2 will be a free to download Modification, which will still NOT require BAF to run.
2. The community get a highly detailed British Faction available to use, and will be our base standard for a whole PR British Faction, to include future UOR vehicles.
3. It allows optimized models for our MP - to ensure we keep poor server performance down to a minimum, and ensure smooth online play.
3. The PR Models however will NOT be available to rework in other Community add-ons in any way at all, as they will be electronically watermarked (Traceable) and have hidden PR Layers - as per the agreement with BI. (PR EULA, will clearly state this).

As you can see, we are working hard to ensure we have a firm and detailed base for our first release, and by having this agreement in place it ensures we have the perfect start point, for the team and the whole of the MP Online players.

- PR Helicopters

As per the British Soldiers, we also have the same agreement and files required from Bohemia to be able to carry out a full and professional re-texture. This will be for the BAF Merlin, Chinook and Apache. To that end all 3 Helicopters will be available in our first release. We hope to provide some screen shots in a near future Mini Update as and when they are in a decent state to be able to show you.

- Main Menu and HUDS

Our Interaction Menu and Squad HUD's continue to be a success within testing, and allow ease of management in all areas required for PR Gameplay, along with that we will be releasing a PR Quick Start Keyboard Layout, covering specific PR controls, and some of the relevant ArmA2 controls that will help people in the MP environment.

- Other Work for v0.1

CCTV CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) is a new feature for PR which allows the possibility for remotely observing specific points, very similar to the British Army Cortez Teams currently in Afghanistan. This allows the placement of Cameras into tactical positions that can then be remotely controlled using a Data Terminal. This allows the team to retain situational awareness, and also provide good FOB Defense. It also encourages teamwork, and a command structure requirement to get the best from its capability.

PR: FX We will be releasing our own FX Pack within PR, which will cover some basic effects initially, with impacts, back-blasts explosions and a few others. This is something we will continue to build on in future releases.

Medic System PR has it's own medic and wounds system. The system is now fully working, from light wounds which you can now heal your self using your First Field Dressings, or by your Squad Medic for the more serious wounds.

Cargo Loading, Defenses, FOB's Using several unique PR systems and combining these together has now created a realistic feel of where to establish a Tactical Forward Outpost. You will need to transport the FO Stores first to the desired destination by using the PR Cargo system provided on land vehicles and air. Once the FO is built you then have the possibility with our PR Construction system to turn a simple FO bunker in to a highly defended fortress, its your call how much defence stores you need for the mission.

Ambient Sounds Over the last few months, we have created a unique PR Sound Pack to enhance the ambiance you will find on the PR Missions. No longer will you hear a crow squawking in Afghanistan, what you will find though is a new subtle set of sounds, ranging from Prayer calls, new desert ambiance, night ambiance and lots of other unique sounds to create the perfect atmosphere. Do not expect to hear any generic firefight sounds within PR though. This is something we do not intend to add into PR, as it will confuse the PvP environment by using fake gunshot/explosion sounds. Therefore if you hear a gunshot or explosion in PR: ArmA2, it will only be a "Player initiated" sound, and as such will help you with your situational awareness and your tactical decisions.

- PR Testing

We have a roster of over 80 dedicated PR:Arma2 testers. Testing continues on a weekly basis, along with occasional sessions involving the entire Project Reality team. As issues are found, they're logged in our reporting tool and assigned to the team member responsible. Once an issue is resolved it's passed back for testing. This process ensures timely resolution of issues so that development can progress.

The primary focus at the moment is on gameplay, with all those involved confirming that this mod 'feels' like PR.
More recently we ran our first initial Large Scale Pre-Release Testing session with around 80 players - "Operation Bind" which involved ArmA2 Testers, BF2 Testers, BF2 & ArmA2 Developers etc, etc. The session was a huge success and was enjoyed by most who assisted us, a lot of great feedback fell out of this, most of it being good.

- Become a PR Developer or Contributor

The Project Reality Team are still recruiting talent, and we are always on the look out for anyone with a passion for development on a complete British Faction. If you would like to be a part of an established development team, with some experienced developers and many more contributors, or you have a skillset within ArmA2 and would like to help out, please don't hesitate to contact any of the team, or email [R-DEV]UK_Force. Whatever your skill, let us know. We are always recruiting. Our main area at present is for Importers & Configgers to assist with our PR Models we need to bring into the game, and decent Texture Artists to help out our PR: ArmA2 - Lead Texture Artist.

I would also like to take this opportunity to once again thank Bohemia, for their fantastic cooperation to date, as a team we all appreciate this, and I am sure the community will too.

So finally, we are now in a good position and remain on track to release in July.
All of our other work, is still ongoing but at a lower priority, and will be available in future updates/releases, ie, Mastiff, CR2, Scimitar 2 and lots more.
Please remember once we have the initial release out it will take time for players to get used to the new style of gameplay and establish a player base, leaving us to then listen to the community during the feedback phase and make any changes we approve for the betterment of the Mod. We usually allow 2-3 weeks before we even open up for feedback, that way people have the chance to "learn" the gameplay and adjust to it. Thanks once again for showing interest in our Highlights Reel and supporting Project Reality as a community. Until the next time.....

The Project Reality Team
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Default Re: PR:ArmA2 - Highlights Reel #5

Fantastic stuff, can't wait! Props to Bis for sharing the love around, although I'm sure the pr dev's work was fantastic in its own right
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Default Re: PR:ArmA2 - Highlights Reel #5

Really nice to see how BIS works with their community.
Something we never have seen from EA/Dice.

Awesome progress, Im really looking forward to july.
It looks like you really managed to make the shitty default Arma2 interface easy to use.

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Default Re: PR:ArmA2 - Highlights Reel #5

Wow, these pictures look awesome
Loving PR and loving ArmA2, so I can't wait to play PR:ArmA2

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Old 2011-05-17, 06:44   #5
Default Re: PR:ArmA2 - Highlights Reel #5

This is fantastic, the interface looks better than anything done in ArmA2 so far, and I'm happy to hear about the BIS co-operation. Are we getting custom firing and explosion sounds eventually?

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Old 2011-05-17, 07:07   #6
Default Re: PR:ArmA2 - Highlights Reel #5

This looks absolutely great! Really looking forward to it. And props to BI's co-operation!

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Old 2011-05-17, 07:35   #7
Default Re: PR:ArmA2 - Highlights Reel #5

Wohoo! This seems to be the mod of mods!
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Old 2011-05-17, 07:56   #8

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Default Re: PR:ArmA2 - Highlights Reel #5

Really great to see BIS working with their community !

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Old 2011-05-17, 08:09   #9
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Default Re: PR:ArmA2 - Highlights Reel #5

Not sure if I understand this right, is Afghan Village a remake of the Arma 1 terrain with the same name by Opteryx?

The Cargo/static weapon system looks very intuitive. Glad Bohemia gave you access to the BAF stuff,they must be eager to see PR in Arma as well.
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Old 2011-05-17, 08:41   #10

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Default Re: PR:ArmA2 - Highlights Reel #5

Originally Posted by sparks50 View Post
Not sure if I understand this right, is Afghan Village a remake of the Arma 1 terrain with the same name by Opteryx?

The Cargo/static weapon system looks very intuitive. Glad Bohemia gave you access to the BAF stuff,they must be eager to see PR in Arma as well.
I would say no, I believe its a PR map made from scratch.

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