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Campaign 9:

P*Funk completed C9 as the SCO of NATO. He probably also had CO responsibilities for NATO Charlie during C9, and I believe he was promoted to SCO/CO at some point during C8, but I'm less clear on those last two points.
Right, we need more info then, before we deploy him on the list.

Originally Posted by Web_cole View Post
No, not really. The XO is to the SCO and/or CO, what the NCO is to the Squad Leader. And like how every tournament squad has a different dynamic in how they operate, I'm sure the same can said for the "top three" in any team.
Oh, I think you already explained that to me in another thread, sorry. thanks again, getting older here, so if I ask you again in a week or so, please dont mention it

Campaign 11:

We also have PDI, Commanding Officer (CO): Fnixer, he is posted from the SCO/CO announcement of the campaign, so I assume he partly completed the campaign, or did he leave before the campaign started

What about NiGHTWoLF? was he the one leading the BCST team?

Okay, found this from Alex L, the great dictator, for those of us who remember his reign. he was in fact quite successful as a CO, should I recall correctly. Won all his battles, did he not?
Arrow New Tournament Lead
Hello everyone,

The first battle cycle has been completed. Months and months of hard work has finally paid off. Unfortunately, not completely without problems but hey, what else is new in the tournament. I haven???t had a single campaign yet where everything was perfect. This time we had some server problems surrounding the Basra map. Though there is an elaborate way around the problem, we have decided to remove Al Basra from the battle map until the problem is resolved by the developers.

Under my guidance, the tournament has quadrupled in capacity, become much more professional and streamlined. The appearance of the tournament has been modernized and standardized, with our very own house style, custom icons, etc. New modes have been introduced, including the very recent continuous battle cycle with interactive battle map. After some experimenting in C5, we have even introduced the ???SoldierCP???, which includes a comprehensive rank system and much more features especially designed for the tournament. Features that will be expanded upon by the tournament staff. Conclusively, I???m proud to say that our tournament is up to par with most commercial alternatives.

However, for the tournament to grow further, new ???fresh blood??? is required. Although it was not publically announced, I have been on LOA for a few weeks now, pending my graduation from university. I am pleased to inform you all that I have successfully graduated. Subsequently, I have accepted a job in line with my studies. For this reason, and because I feel the tournament can no longer expand and evolve under my guidance, I have decided to retire my position as Tournament Lead.

Naturally, I will not leave you all to squander away. The tournament needs a Great Dictator! For a while now, I have been very impressed with the work of my commanders and completely in line with the tradition of selecting Tournament Leads from the commander pool, I have offered the position to one of the allied commanders. He has graciously accepted. As such, I am honored and thrilled to announce that the fourth Tournament Lead will be: Grayeknight. Congratulations!

During the next few weeks I will not disappear completely. I will remain on the staff as a consultant (like previous TL???s) and I will also be guiding Grayeknight in his new function so that the transition progresses as fluenty as possible.

Obviously, with Grayeknights moving up in the world, the position of Allied Supreme Commander has become vacant. In my last act on active duty, I have decided that CasualtyUR is promoted to General and will be in command of NATO. It will be up to him and grayeknight to find a suitable commander for NATO 1.

But wait, there???s still more to tell: due to his persistent health problems, my friend and esteemed colleague Pipodeluxe has too announced his retirement. I wish him all the best in his revalidation and thank him for his yearlong contribution to the admin team. For those who don???t know, he???s been our main guy responsible for the tournament house-style, including the forum Icons and the flash header. You shall be missed!

Alright. That???s it for the big announcements. It???s been great fun these last two years. First as chopper pilot for Echo (I was Echo-5, lol) and then on to HCO and eventually Commander and Tournament Lead. I???ve had successful times, and we???ve had troubled times. Overall, I???m glad to say that I???ve never had the urge to resign or quit based on the sometimes emotional attacks on the administration and that the good times have dominated. I thank everyone for that. Though, If I may add something, please give your new Lead a while to adjust, lol. It takes some time to develop elephant-skin and a group of angry tournament-players can be crude as hell! So be nice and behave.

Good luck everyone! Seeya!
So grayeknight was a partly SCO in campaign what?
And CasualtyUR, CO and or SCO too, help?

Was Pipodeluxe ever in command? He was btw, the one taking care of me back in 2006, as new team CO. Very good guy!

Question: Which teams did Alex L command?


[R-DEV]Mineral, thanks, my apology deployed.


Okay, so I finally found a video from campaign 1. Apparently both Gaz and Deg played here, so I am gonna contact Gaz now, already contacted Deg.

Check it out, this is old PR:


Another thread with potential, is the one Requim, The Founder of Project Reality, created back in September 2005, where he asked the community if it found the idea of a tournament appealing?

So here is the Link to the very thread, that maybe became the formal public start, of this enterprise, the Project Reality Tournament, we or us, the following two to three thousand players, has participated in.

As you can read 89 people reply in the poll, and out of those 49 would love to be a part of it!

Now, I went through those 49 players, to see if their last activity, somehow could show a pattern? Not sure if it does, but until now, here their last activity is deployed:

2005 (AWG)HorrorShow; Anomaly; Brentos; Bullet; Dukemen; GABBA; Kodiak; StormRavn; Toy; {GD}Dr_Mucus;
2006 Airborne; BoB; DAWG; dcheng7475; Dre; ECale3; JakSpd89; Kozuka; R.Johnson_USMC; Sandman_USMC; Serpentine; TaZ; TweedleDee; Xeres;
2007 muk; Tactical Advantage;
2008 Abel; Agent556; Ahkileez; Comanche; Lifetaker; Psycho_Sam; Super62;
2009 Hickman; LeatherFace; {GD}ODIE3;
2010 acadiancrusader; Beckwith; Evil Koala;
2013 Hailo;
2014 Artnez;
2016 Corey Darling; Cpl.Small; requiem; Wolfmaster;
Four out of those 45 (poll says 49?) first-responding PR players, are still active in the forums. I will contact them all.

Define irony. A bunch of guys playing PR year after year. A game teaching initiative as the prime mover.
However, in regard to EA, these guys never took the initiative.
We who play these kinds of games are the first generation of war robot pilots.Today we pilot a camera in 3D heaven,Tomorrow...
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