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PR:BF2 Community Modding Making or wanting help making your own asset? Check in here

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Default [Important] Requesting & Trading Assets with other Mod Teams

Community Modders and Mappers.

If you wish to use assets from other mod teams out there such as OPK, USI, FH2, etc, in your community faction, map or whatever, you need to go through an official requesting process through the Project Reality Team in order to have any chance of getting the request you want and for it to be used in Project Reality when/if your faction/map/mod gets integrated into Project Reality. This also applies when you only want to test something and want to have it publicly available, for others to see.

Official Requesting Process
In order to make things as clear as possible here's a step-by-step guide to what we expect you to follow when requesting an asset from anouther mod team.

1. First, your Community Faction or Mod Lead will need to deal with any asset request(s) unless he's unavailable for some reason, then it's down to whoever is next in charge to handle the asset request(s). If it is for a custom map (outside of a community mod/faction) then it is for the mapper to request it.

2. Whoever is dealing with the asset request as per step 1, will need to type up a request for that mod team with info regarding what asset(s) you wish for with basic info on how you would like to use the asset(s) etc.
For example, if a community faction wants to use a pirate ship static from the Battlefield Pirates 2 (BFP2) mod, here is what I would expect them to type out;

Dear Battlefield Pirates 2 team,

My Community Faction *bla bla*, being created for the Project Reality Mod would like to use one of your static pirate ships, to be exact your ship_wreck01 located in Objects\staticobjects\island\ship_wreck01\ to be used on one of our maps called *bla bla* which is based on a tropical island.

This asset will only be released to the public with only being part of the Project Reality mod and full credit will be given.

If there's any chance we would be able to use this static please let me know.

Cheers, *bla bla*, *bla bla* Faction Lead.
3. This message will need to then be posted in the Community Mod Leads Private Chat / Asset Requests Topic or if you do not have access to that part of the forum, send a PM to [R-DEV]AfterDune along with any additional information we may need to know about.

4. We will then send the message off to the respected mod team and then will get back to you in the topic you posted or via PM, if your asset request was accepted or denied.

The Project Reality team will be enforcing any new asset requests along these lines from now on since there has been a huge amount of problems come out of community mods/factions/mappers from the Project Reality community requesting assets from other mod teams in completely the wrong way and have been spoiling our relationship with other mods and making it almost impossible for any mod to get any asset from these mods, while it should be a fairly simple process. Most of these mods see the Community Factions as 3rd party teams from PR and as such, do not want to deal with them. So if you wish to get your asset requests and keep things smooth between all the mod teams you will stick to these guide lines from now on. Like stated before, any new asset requests done behind the Project Reality team will be discarded.

Moving onto the next point on trading, if any other mod team out there wishes to trade an asset with you, ie, asks if they can use any of your assets or wishes to do a straight swap for one of there assets with one of yours, please inform us (the Project Reality team) about this trade before it happens. Recently a trade was made with one of the community factions which will remain nameless, with another BF2 mod which will also remain nameless, and traded an asset which they did not make and in fact belonged to the Project Reality team. This has all been sorted out, but unfortunately the credit went to the wrong people, which slightly upset the people who worked countless hours on making the asset.

All asset requests done before this message will be overlooked for now, but for all future asset requests please go though the proper channels.


The Project Reality Team

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Default Re: [Important] Requesting & Trading Assets with other Mod Teams

Statement updated.

This also applies when you only want to test something and want to have it publicly available, for others to see.

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