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25 Jul 2024, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Great idea! Your style looks very suitable. 298 68.82%
Great idea! The two done are not good for X reason though. 21 4.85%
Decent idea but I don't really think it will add much. 31 7.16%
I prefer the satillite map style currently used. 65 15.01%
I'm only voting because I have OCD where I need to vote in every poll. 18 4.16%
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Old 2020-06-23, 21:38   #211
Default Re: [HUD] Topographical minimaps

Hi guys! Did that idea die?
If so, do these maps still exist and how would I get them?
I was wondering because the links are reporting the error "not founded page".
If possible I wanted to understand how it was possible to do these maps.
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Old 2020-06-26, 06:03   #212
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Default Re: [HUD] Topographical minimaps

It's a thread from 2007, it would be a miracle if hosted files were still up.

If you want to do it, there's tutorials such as this:

and I would guess rest was hand painted on.

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Old 2020-07-30, 19:58   #213
Default Re: [HUD] Topographical minimaps

It's a good idea...but Atleast if we're ever going to implement this into the main game... Give us an option to switch between them, and make them more...accurate or what not...Squad has a good map mechanic... (Well at least last I checked not sure about now.) or we can do one similar to Arma 3's
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