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10 Dec 2019, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2013-04-21, 12:15   #1

=-=kittykiller's Avatar
Default overclock acer aspire 5250 laptop

hi guys i play at like 25fps on my acer aspire 5250

6gb ddr3 ram
intergrated ati hd 6320 (honestly not a bad chip)
dual core /e450 (total shit 1.65ghz)

the model is from 2012
win 7

i cant acess advanced setting in bios and i have tried looking for simple windows based tools to acess the chip the ??AMD one isnt supported by the laptop

so what can i do visa vi overclocking this bitch ?
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Old 2013-04-23, 01:02   #2
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Default Re: overclock acer aspire 5250 laptop

You have to void your warranty and find a custom BIOS that had the advanced options re-enabled.

I can't really hepl you with this, you can look at places like this:
Insyde bios mod requests. - Page 1091
you search here
Acer motherboard BIOS updates downloads

I have no idea if the site is legit. Again, you're on your own to find a modded unlocked bios.

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Old 2013-04-24, 17:17   #3

=-=kittykiller's Avatar
Default Re: overclock acer aspire 5250 laptop

thanks for that very useful sites seems like a major hassle to me and probably not worth the effort.

was hoping maybe a fellow acer user knew of a overclock program that would work on the win7 generation of laptops.

oh, well
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Old 2013-04-24, 23:32   #4
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Default Re: overclock acer aspire 5250 laptop

you could easily brick your laptop during the BIOS update. Don't do it unless you feel very confident you can do it.

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Old 2013-06-03, 01:20   #5

smgunsftw's Avatar
Default Re: overclock acer aspire 5250 laptop

Hey mate, I own a similar laptop, the Acer Aspire 5750 Laptop, and let me tell you, these laptops are terrible for gaming in general, and will not see a major improvement through overclocking. Your best chances of improving performance in PR would be to purchased a low-end gaming desktop, but if you're short on cash, these are ways you can improve the performance of your laptop.

1. Turn all of your settings to low or medium/low, except for view distance, which is critical in PR.
2. Delete your BF2 Cache
3. Download and Run CCleaner. CCleaner - PC Optimization and Cleaning - Free Download
4. Defrag your harddrive
5. Download MzRAMBooster, run it every time you load a new map to get rid of the previous statistics still using up your video run.
6. Download Process Lasso and set pr.exe & bf2.exe as a game/multimedia process
7. Scan your computer for viruses. I'd suggest Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
8. Close all other programs while playing PR

By following the steps shown above, I was able to raise my average FPS in PR from around 25 to 40. However, if you're still getting a terrible FPS in PR (<25fps), then proceed with either the following

9.a) Turn your view distance down to around 75%, avoid operating assets or taking on roles which require long-distance spotting. Acting as a medic will be a great alternative.
9. b) Keep current video settings, but adopting a slower-paced gameplay strategy in PR. Such as sniping, scouting, commander, etc.
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5250, acer, aspire, laptop, overclock
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