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Old 2018-12-04, 16:15   #1
Default How to choose a car?

I believe that you need to look at the options in online stores. There you can see all the features very quickly, choose a price. How do you like this car option? Or do you want something more elegant?
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Default Re: How to choose a car?

Buy it from Rural, non-municipal car dealers to get a better deal than inner-city dealerships.

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Default Re: How to choose a car?

Simple. What you need is the H3, aka the Barbie Dream Humvee.

As an add-on, to protect your family, you could up-armor it, and add a .50 cal M2 for little Suzy to lay down suppressing fire as you peel out of the parking lot at the local grocery store.

...all joking aside, tho -
I disagree with the "dealership" suggestion - go straight Craigslist, buy from a person and not a salesman - the markup is insane at dealerships, but Craigslist could have mechanical problems even the seller does not know about - so do your research (ie. and have any potential candidates checked out at a mechanic of your choice. A dealer adds extreme charges to the bluebook value of any car, and can be found to use mechanic tricks to get something "saleable" even if it would be unsafe.

Trust yourself only, buy used from another person selling their car, or brand new direct from the factory or factory outlet. Do your research, or pay the price.

Also, used M2's can have hidden problems so be sure you completely tear it down and reassemble it before test firing, and only buy it if it passes your tests.

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Old 2018-12-05, 07:03   #4

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Default Re: How to choose a car?

It really depends on your budget and how much you intend to travel. I would always recommend a 4motion Passat or an A6 Quattro and if that's in your budget, you can't go wrong with these cars, but there's a lot of other options if you want to spend less, or more.

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Old 2018-12-06, 13:49   #5
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Default Re: How to choose a car?

Good experience with Subaru, I own Legacy 2002, my friend has Outback 2014, great cars. I suggest Levorg for city and main roads or Outback, if you want to go on gravel. All cars come default with All wheel drive, so snow and icy roads are not an issue. Forester is a nice choice as well.

That is my experience, sadly VW, BMW and Audi, are nice but only when new.

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Default Re: How to choose a car?

I drive a 2015 Toyota Hilux, does the job well and is really comfortable.

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Default Re: How to choose a car?

Scoda Octavia? Affordable.
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