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21 Sep 2019, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2018-05-24, 15:20   #41
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Default Re: Battlefield V

Originally Posted by Matrox View Post
Fuck Battlefield being a COD killer, its a PR killer with deployable "foxholes and machine guns". They steal the best ideas from our devs.

IB4 they announce rallypoints and Bunkers
Yea, but remember, Battlefield's idea of a machine gun is a big weapon on a pivot with a bullet shield you cannot duck behind and a turning arc of about 2 degrees

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Old 2018-05-24, 15:41   #42
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Default Re: Battlefield V

Hm. Looks a lot better than "1" at least. And the setting is just more fitting now for (new)BF gameplay with a lot more vehicles and weapons to choose from.

Trailer actually captured just how crazy BF games can get.

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Old 2018-05-25, 07:09   #43
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Default Re: Battlefield V

Originally Posted by Matrox View Post
I wouldn't get too excited about that. I mean, look what happened to Battlefront. Watch, the "DLCs" are going to be such shit quality, no one is going to even care. AND, this means that they found another way to make up for that income somewhere else, let's just wait and see.

It's a corporation owned by an even bigger corporation, they see success in $$$ not what we(the playerbase) want, hence the injection of political correctness, as seen in the trailer: A disabled British cyborg lady, braveheart facepaint and a dude sporting a Katana with a token black guy on the side in the middle of Europe fighting natsis, who might actually be African females with afros later on in the game!

As for the trailer. Nothing about this trailer felt like WW2, even with supposed SHHH German in there. Nothing they portrayed fits in the representation of WW2. Everything in that trailer looks like forced diversity, it so bad. The SJWs can't even leave the video games alone, everything has to be fucking inclusive nowdays.

Other than the PC issue. The trailer just looks bad, a mess. Raining jeeps and airplanes, spastic scenes. It's almost like it's intended for ADHD kids. People resort to BF over COD for a reason.

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Old 2018-05-25, 10:27   #44
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Default Re: Battlefield V

I remember them saying not repeating the mistakes of Battlefront when working on Battlefront 2, EA's word is worth shit.

Don't trust big corporations, they only care about making revenue. Just take it with a grain of salt.

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Old 2018-05-25, 12:19   #45
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Default Re: Battlefield V

Trailer directed by Michael Bay.

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Old 2018-05-25, 13:54   #46

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Default Re: Battlefield V

at least everything is getting a battle royal mode and zombies......

...cuz thats what i asked for.

Edit: I still play bf4 for the record, i still find it fun. word of advice though, make sure you put "votekick" in the browser filters or you will get hackers every time.
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Old 2018-05-26, 01:22   #47

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Default Re: Battlefield V

Need my akimbo mg42s.
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Old 2018-05-27, 17:30   #48
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Default Re: Battlefield V

I love how the gamergates kids flip their shit out the second they see a woman in the trailer, dispite not been less realistic than regen healt, stg44 in 1940, tactical V1s and stukas cannons firing at 1200 rpms.

You want to play something good? play PS or HLL
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Old 2018-05-27, 17:37   #49

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Default Re: Battlefield V

Or if you have a potato for a PC, Forgotten Hope and PR, but really, Forgotten Hope 2 has more content than all BF games combined.

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Old 2018-05-27, 23:45   #50
Default Re: Battlefield V

I've not been excited for a BF game since BF2, but all the gameplay changes they are making sound extremely good. I really like the guys that are making the gameplay decisions for movement and shooting mechanics, seems like they let them do some cool stuff. More movement options might seems silly and unrealistic to you, but a modern BF gets extremely bland with vanilla movement - no skill ceiling at all. More movement options + less random weapons with predictable recoil = higher skill ceiling and I like that. BF has never been realistic and it never felt immersive so historical accuracy doesn't mean jack shit.
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