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24 Feb 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 Support Help and support regarding PR:BF2 installation and in-game issues

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Default PR Noise-Problem Solution

UPDATED FOR PR 1.3.1 !!! The only thing that needs to be changed is the PRLauncher.exe path with an additional path to the bin folder (see 4.1). If you moved your nircmd files folder somewhere else, these need to be adjusted too!

UPDATE By Senshi:

Originally Posted by Senshi View Post
Took the liberty to overhaul the script.

What changed?
  • No more need to manually compile: Necessary paths are set in a separate settings.ini file
  • ts3_win64 supported
  • Automatically detects if ts3_win32 or ts3_win64 is running
  • Automatically detects if you don't have admin permissions and will request them.
    Without admin rights the tool cannot manipulate the volumes at all (at least on Win8+, probably Win7 as well)

How to install:
  1. Extract the folder wherever you want.
  2. Open the settings.ini inside
  3. Adjust the GamePath and nircmdPath to fit your setup.
  4. Run the PRVolumeStd.exe. This should launch the PRLauncher. You can test if it is working by using the hotkeys now and checking if volume levels of TS3/Game/Mumble change in Window's volume mixer.
  5. Profit

If you want to customize the hotkeys or volume profiles, you currently still need to recompile the script, that's why the .ahk file is included.

The compiled .exe offers 6 presets, reachable by pressing
LWin and 1 (up to LWin and 6).

I'm currently looking into ways to move these to the settings.ini as well to make it more flexible .


So this is a quick tutorial I did for the hotkey settings and tools I am using to solve the problem with the Ingame noise.

Like getting forced to ALT+TAB and lower the game sound while driving a vehicle to be able to understand other people in mumble or Teamspeak....and then being forced to alt+tab and increase the sound again when you are in a situation with enemies closeby, but not being able to hear their footsteps and what not because you lowered the game sound when you were in the truck/chopper before.

Thanks to Prevtzer for initially coming up with the tools and giving me the idea for this.

It may look like a lot of stuff to do, but it is actually really easy and done in a couple of minutes and it is worth it. I just wrote it very detailed so people will not have that much questions.


First of all you need to have Win7. I do not know if it works with Vista, I think it should, I am not sure though.
Will not work with XP!

EDIT: A user who used this, just reported me that the autohotkey tool does not work with the 64bit version of Teamspeak 3. It just will not change the volume of TS if its x64. So if you want to use this tutorial, please make sure that you got TS3 x32 installed! Just start TS and take a look in the Task Manager, you will see ts3client_win32.exe if you got the 32 bit installed and ts3client_win64.exe if its 64.

Download and extract this file:

Put the PRVolume folder anywhere you like. I prefer the BF2 folder so I know where to find it later.

The nircmd.exe inside of it is a utility that allows us to perform windows commands and actions
without using the user interfaces.

Install AutoHotkey by using the AutoHotkey_L_Install.exe
(if you don't trust me go and download it from AutoHotkey)

This tool allows us to bind the nircmd commands to any hotkey we want.

If you are playing on "High" or lower audio settings in PR, go to 4.1
If you are using a X-Fi Soundcard and play on "very high" audiosettings in PR, jump to 5.1

Open the PRVolumeStd.ahk in the folder "PRVolume", by right-clicking it and choosing "Edit Script"
What you now see is the autohotkey script.

First edit
Run, D:\Games\PR\mods\pr\bin\PRLauncher.exe, D:\Games\PR\mods\pr\bin
Put in the directory which leads to your PRLauncher.exe. The one you see there is my
personal path to the PRLauncher.exe, you need to put in yours. Also edit the second path which simply leads to the bin folder, where the PRLauncher.exe is in. This is needed since PR 1.3.1

Ok what we now did, was setting up the launch of PR so it starts up as soon as you execute the script.
You will not have to first open the script and then start PR. You will just need to execute the script
and PR will start. Also when you close the game, the script will automatically close itself.
If you do not want it to launch PR automatically, remove

; Only launch PR if not already running, good when reloading
Process, Exist, PRLauncher.exe
if ErrorLevel = 0
Run, D:\Games\PR\mods\pr\bin\PRLauncher.exe, D:\Games\PR\mods\pr\bin

; Wait for the Launcher to close, basically same as waiting for Window to close
Process, WaitClose, PRLauncher.exe
; ErrorLevel = 0, when all matching processes terminated
if ErrorLevel = 0

Now edit the paths to your nircmd.exe, so change all
into the correct path to your own nircmd.exe, which is inside the PrVolume folder,
which you placed somewhere you like in step 1.

Then check the processes! Are they all right? Some people use 64bit TS3 so you will have
to change ts3client_win32.exe into ts3client_win64.exe . If you are not sure, just take a look
into your taskmanager. (edit: Teamspeak X64 does not work with this script! Take a look at the beginning of the tutorial)

If everything is changed, save it. Then execute the script by double-left-clicking it.

Start up Mumble and TS. PR will launch on its own, depending on if you kept the auto-launch or not.
Change Volume in the Mumble settings to 70%. Teamspeak to +0.0dB in its settings. Set it higher if needed. I have it at +8dB.
Change PR volume settings ingame to 100%.

Now press Left-Windows Button + 1 or 2 or 3 or 4. If you Alt+Tab and watch at your Volume Mixer in Windows,
you will see the volume bars change their position to your configuration.

Try it out and look if you like my settings. I use

LWin+1 for normal combat.
LWin+2 for normal combat with vehicles closeby (increased TS and Mumble volume).
LWin+3 for travelling in vehicles (low game volume, high TS and Mumble volume)
LWin+4 for "Danger Close" (very low TS and Mumble volume so you can fully focus on your surrounding
sounds when enemies are very close to you.)

If you like my settings, keep them. But you can change it anyway you like. If you do not use TS
for example, remove the commands for TS:
Run D:\Games\PR\PRVolume\nircmd.exe setappvolume ts3client_win32.exe 0.05
I mainly use TS for communication and Mumble only when necessary. Thats why TS is a little louder
than Mumble in my settings. You can simply change that by editing the numbers at the end of the
applications by right clicking on the AutohotKey tray icon and choosing "Edit This Script"

1.0 means 100% of the master volume. Means that if you put your master volume to
80%, the application will be at 80% aswell. 0.5 would make the application go to 40%. If you put
Master volume to 100%, 0.5 would make it go to 50% of course.

So simply play around with the settings. Save the script before closing it and right click
on the tray icon again and choose "Reload This script", to apply the new saved changes.

If not satisfied, open up again and change it again.

You can also add more hotkeys for more modes, or reduce them. Just copy and paste one of your modes
in the script and edit the values and the hotkeys.

The hotkeys can be changed aswell. They are defined at the beginning of every "mode", in this case: "#1::"
# is the left windows key, and 1 stands for the numberkey. Just look up the other key commands
up here List of Keys and Mouse/Joystick Buttons for Hotkeys and Macros and do your own hotkeys if you do not like mine.

If you use a X-Fi card you probably now the issue that the BF2 process will not show up in the
volume mixer, so that you cannot adjust its sound in windows. This makes it impossible to adjust the
sound of BF2 with the commands used in the PRVolumeStd.Ahk

But you can do another trick here. Instead of using the BF2 sound as major output and adjust the rest to it.
You simply use the master volume itself as the major output and make the other applications adapt to it.
Because BF2 will be always at 100% of the master volume. You cannot change that as said above.

So the only difference to the method in 4.1 is that this line:
; 1. Game volume:
    Run D:\Games\PR\PRVolume\nircmd.exe setappvolume PRBF2.exe 1.0
is changed into this:

; 1. Master volume:
    Run D:\Games\PR\PRVolume\nircmd.exe setsysvolume 52428
It is all already replaced in the PRVolumeAlt.ahk

So what you want to do is to follow everything in step 4.1
Just be aware to use the PRVolumeAlt.ahk instead of the PRVolumeStd.ahk

The rest can be adjusted just as explained in 4.1

The only thing you need to know is that the max master volume is 65535.

If you want it to be 50% you use 32767 (since 65535/2 = 32767) if master volume is set to 32767 and teamspeak at 0.5
BF2 will be at 50% and TS at 25% of the master volume. Pretty simple.

You may notice that my master volume in my predefined script is not on 100% but on 52428 which is about 80%.
It does not really have a reason, you can do 100% if you want, I just like it at 80%, I never really go higher than that. Just a habit of me.

So this tutorial should be very useful for all X-Fi users since it does not only fixes the noise problems
in PR but also solves the problem with not being able to adjust BF2 sound at all.

To finish this up, create a shortcut of the PRVolumeStd.ahk or PRVolumeAlt.ahk script to your desktop.
Now everytime run the Script Shortcut instead of the PR shortcut and enjoy the game.
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Default Re: PR Noise-Problem Solution

Awesome! This hopefully will change my ongoing deafness when being in a helo or APC!
Thanks for making this tutorial

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Default Re: PR Noise-Problem Solution

Excellent idea.

I remember 1 guy screaming at everyone to shut up in squad-mumble because he was in a close encounter and it disturbed him, although this is more for being around vehicles, i wonder if there is a way to customize mumble in a way that incoming squad-voice can be changed individually from incoming proximity voice. In a real life situation you would be able to turn up or down your radio so if this feature doesn't exist it would be nice if someone could "fix" it.

A "filter" added onto "Squad-leader" chat that makes it sound like a radio so you could tell that it isn't local would be even more epicness.
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Default Re: PR Noise-Problem Solution

Thank you very much! Will test/setup tomorrow and see how it goes in-game.

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Default Re: PR Noise-Problem Solution

Did you test it in punkbuster enabled servers ??!
Important AutoHotkey note: Games utilizing PunkBuster as an anti-cheat measure may mistakenly interpret AutoHotkey as illegal and as such will automatically kick you from any respective servers. Battlefield 3 is the most notable example.
Does it work now ??!

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Default Re: PR Noise-Problem Solution

Originally Posted by SAM609 View Post
Did you test it in punkbuster enabled servers ??!

Does it work now ??!
It's a setting server admin can choose to activate. I can't name one PR server that has this PB setting activated. At least I am not getting kicked with my G15 makro software running.

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Default Re: PR Noise-Problem Solution

No, PB is not kicking for that in PR.

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Default Re: PR Noise-Problem Solution

Perfectly explained, works like a charm and is very easy to setup and use. Thanks again!

p.s. it also works to start any other PR-related software with this script, so only 1 double click for me in the future - YAY!

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Default Re: PR Noise-Problem Solution

I'm going to have to try this. I see this being especially helpful inside loud vehicles and while playing the night version of Normandy. Those U.S. troop planes are ridiculously loud.

PR player since 0.5 (Feb 2007)
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Default Re: PR Noise-Problem Solution

have you ever thought of also creating a vst host and using a plugin to duck? thats what I do.

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