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24 Feb 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Military Technology Discussion on military hardware.

Closed Thread
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Old 2008-01-06, 17:54   #1
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Default Reputable Sources

Dear "Military Technology" Reader,

The moderating team have had a little discussion, and have struck upon the following brilliant idea, first suggested by Guns Guru(tm) Bob Marley.

Due to several discussions in recent months where forum members have made claims about "this calibre" or "that weapon", we will now be adding a need for reputable sources to any claims made in the MilTech section of the forum.

Posts made that give any kind of statistic or factual evidence (as opposed to opinion or personal experience) i.e.: "No, the maximum range for a SA-7 is THIS far..." should be backed up by evidence.

Wikipedia in itself does not consitute reputable.

Where this is need is completely overlooked, posts may be deleted without warning. Repeat offenders may be slapped with wet fish, or possibly warned depending just how bad a mood the moderators are in that day

In short, no more e-penis waving contests about your favourite piece of hardware without some proof that your e-penis really is that large, please.

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Old 2008-01-06, 18:41   #2
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B...B...But I have a full armoury in my back garden! I own an M16 and G3 AND I drive a T-90 to work... *swings E-penis*

Seriously though, this has been needing to be said for a while :P hoorah Masaq.
If I'm ever going to post any info on something I make sure that I'll read up on it as much as poss, gather as much data from as many different sources and then I'll post my rendition of various findings, posting the links up also

It's good I now know about shtora and arena defence systems, Predator and javelin ATs and bunker busters

Should stop all this crap of "weapon deviation suxorz, and I know 'cos I've REALLLLY shot someone at 500m with my piss! it's all in the arc... "

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Old 2008-01-09, 13:56   #3
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Closed Thread

reputable, sources
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