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21 Feb 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Default CAS the gunner seat explained.

All full size Attack helicopters and some fixed wing aircraft feature the gunner seat. Getting the most out of cas other than being a potential 10 tickets loss heavily depends on a reliable gunner.

Firstly the HUD if you press Q Thermal vision is available, which helps a bunch.

The main armament of the gunner are laser equipped bombs and/or rockets. They come in 2 flavours.

Each firing modus has its own weapon slot. I believe on the F-15 you select laser targeted with 2 and TV guided with 3. 1 is usually free look and if it is available 2 is the board cannon, which puts the rockets in 3 for laser targeted and 4 for laser guided. Some jets carry both, laser guided bombs and rockets which each have again 2 weapon slots assigned to them for laser targeted and laser guided firing mode. To make matters worse, while in most aircraft the first slot is assigned to the laser targeted mode and the successive slot is assigned to the laser guided mode it is not true for every aircraft. I believe in some aircraft the first slot of a weapon has been assigned to the laser guided firing mode and the second slot to the laser targeted firing mode.

If you do not have experience with a particular jet (I believe in all the helicopters the order is the same), you should either ask your pilot or let him know that you need to figure out what is what.

Now on to what it all means

Laser targeted and laser guided.

Laser targeted means the weapon locks unto a laser provided by ground troops. Aim with your display at the laser. The laser should be a square. Fire when it says targeted or locked underneath the square, fire done. If you are the gunner in a jet and your bombs dont go off your pilot is simply coming in too fast. The bombs need like 3 sec. to arm, if the jet comes in too fast the bomb does not have 3 sec. to arm and wont detonate.

In TV mode the bomb or the missile goes where you click with the mouse. If you fire again while the bomb or the missile is in-flight it will move towards the updated marker. So if you want to guide in a bomb towards a target keep the mouse over the target and keep clicking although it is probably a better idea to try and lead the target by aiming for a spot where the target is going to be.

Sometimes you just want to spam TV guided weapons. However you have to get around the fact that you can not release a second weapons while the first is in flight.

Lets assume your TV guided bomb is 3 and your laser targeted weapon is 2. Press 3 release a bomb on your target by pressing fire, press 2 then 3 again and press fire. Now instead of the weapon inflight going for an updated marker a second weapon will be released on the point you clicked despite the first still being in flight.

Therefore to spam TV guided weapons with 3 being TV 3guided and 2 laser targeted while the first weapon is in flight you go like
3, fire, 2, 3, fire, 2, 3, fire etc. in quick succession.

In a helicopter it enables you to carpet an area in front of the helicopter. While diving for a target that is not lazed for a jet you might want to prefer to release several weapons too instead of hoping that the one bomb hits.

Additionally in a jet you have the possibility to carpet bomb an area together with the pilot. This requires some communication between the gunner and the pilot.

How to do a bombing raid with TV guided bombs in a jet.

You can easily look straight down with the laser cursor of a jet. Looking down at 90 degrees it is locked in the way that you can't turn it left and right. As the gunner keep looking straight down like that with your TV guided weapon selected.

Now the pilot has to fly the jet over the target area perfectly level to the horizon high enough to be out of reach of the AA at low speeds. Just before the pilot sees the jet entering the target area on the map the pilot says "Target area" or the like to let the gunner know to start bombing.

Then the gunner starts releasing all his TV guided weapons in quick succession as described above. When he is out, the pilot says "bombs away" to let the pilot know that he is out and he can hit that afterburner to get the jet back to speed. If you have 2 sets of weapons on your jet, bombs and air to ground missile you might want to release them all in a single raid. Of course that means that once your are done with your bombs you need to switch to the appropriate buttons to operate your air to ground missiles.

Obviously carpet bombing does not work over an large area of 4 square grids and up. However if the flag area is not a large sprawling compound or the approximate area of a target is known there is a good chance for some hits. Also with no jets in the air bombing raids can be executed with impunity and in quick succession and if the position of that fixed AA battery is known there is a good chance a few of the 8 bombs will get close enough.

If there are jets in the air they will have an eye on areas you raided repetitively of course, the pilot needs to have an eye out for that.

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Default Re: CAS the gunner seat explained.

on YouTube search for Project Reality Tutorial CAS APache

Videos i found as 21.2.2017
"Project Reality Tutorial #7 - Flying Transport Choppers (Huey) "

Project Reality Tutorial #8 - CAS Choppers (Apache/Havoc)

YouTube channel with tutorials
user " slorgs"
user "Serfma"
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Default Re: CAS the gunner seat explained.

Its important to know that Jet bombs and missiles aren't effected by physics once they lock onto lazes.

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