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13 Apr 2021, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Default [WIP] G2 Elite Sidearm

Previously main thread on :

On 14 February 2021 (can look into link main thread above) update on designplan we decided to bring 2 sidearm variant to PR, G2 Elite and G2 Combat. The difference between both of them G2 Elite used only Officer kit (IRL too, only used by high ranking) and G2 Combat used for Sniper and Pilot kit (IRL used for regular army).

Uses 9 x 19 mm parabellum, with magazine capacity of 15. Data from official website PT Pindad

Current status:

Not final model
Triangles 3.1 K
Vertices: 1.6k

Model by PRID Maxcore / ANW1173

And more inspect detail model showcase

Feedback always welcomed cheers
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Default Re: [WIP] G2 Elite Sidearm

Update texture by PRID Maxcore / ANW1173

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