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PR:BF2 Support Help and support regarding PR:BF2 installation and in-game issues

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Old 2010-10-24, 17:25   #151

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Default Re: Windows Vista Users - Troubleshooting Guide for PR

Originally Posted by guru951 View Post
My issue is this,

I'm having problems at

1. Map switch-while switching maps from one round to the next it crashes to desktop 95% of the time.

2. during game play-gets a loud error ding sound, crashes and gives me a memory error, it reads "memory.dll.all alloc attempts failed for size 262602"

I'm running PR, xfire, ventrilo and mumble in admin mode, Vista Home Premium
hi man you might want to lower your setting a lill bit like it crashes for me 2 on high but on medium i have no problems try it and let us know what happens than

i am using the same exact system

As my name shows....... I will kill y'all if you are screwing with me

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Old 2010-10-31, 17:18   #152

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Default Re: Windows Vista Users - Troubleshooting Guide for PR

I'm having a bugger of a time getting PR to run when it does I have about 10 to 20 minutes of game play and then I get Amemory.dll.all alloc attempts failed for size 262602 (The other one is PR just CTD's with no consistency what so ever and it get kind of annoying any help would be appreciable.

Went through and lowered graphic settings no more memory crash but still randomly CTD's

System Specs

Processor AMD Phenom X4 955 Processor

RAM 500GB installed 3.25 Usable

Windows 7 32-bit

2TB memory.
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Old 2010-12-05, 23:57   #153
Default Re: Windows Vista Users - Troubleshooting Guide for PR

I've been playing Project Reality for almost 2 years now.
Got this issue today, when I uptaded my videocard drivers.
I also switched to using my 32" tv instead of my old monitor, so I have to play at a different resolution
Old resolution was 1366*768
New res is 1920*1080
When I start the game, by either shortcut or whatever, it crashes. So i ran it in windowed mode to see what is causing my problems. This happens:

Edit: fixed this. Apparently had some conflicting resolution settings in the Video.con file. Finding the conflict and rooting it out worked like a charm. Now enjoying glorious PR in glorious HD, on a bigger screen

In-game: molcandr
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Old 2010-12-29, 12:15   #154

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Default Re: Windows Vista Users - Troubleshooting Guide for PR

Im running Vista on my computer and i get kicked out on the second map load. The first map loads fine. In the middle of the second on i get kicked out to the desktop. I need some help!!!!!
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Old 2011-01-25, 16:57   #155
Default Re: Windows Vista Users - Troubleshooting Guide for PR

Ive been reading throw this thread and i still have found nothing that fixed my problem. I just got battlefield 2 and it still works but when i try PR it shows the start up pic then goes to a black screen and back to my desktop. I have windows vista 32bit. i tried running it on administrator nothing ive tried this

WARNING! You must run Project Reality by running PR.exe, not BF2.exe.
Press ALT+F4 and update your shortcuts!

I have a solution to this that will most likely work. I recently got a new PC that has windows vista and had to struggle with this problem for long. Here's what you should do.

1. Move your pr.exe (text file and launcher) to Program files (x86) --> EA Games --> Battlefield 2 - folder (or wherever your BF2 is installed)

2. Then right click on the pr.exe game launcher and choose properties. Then click on compatibility from the upper bar. Click a check mark on the box that says something like "Run in a compatibility mode" (Don't know the exact words as my vista is in Finnish) and choose windows XP service pack 2.

3. Just to be sure, do the step 2 to any pr.exe launchers you have.

4. Also don't forget to check that your PR shortcut's path is to ""C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\mods\pr\pr.exe" +modPath mods/pr +menu 1 +fullscreen 1"

and still nothing can anyone help
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Old 2011-03-29, 06:28   #156
Talking Re: Windows Vista Users - Troubleshooting Guide for PR

I have figured out the problem....... (even though i am the creator of this post) it turns out that certain version of PR doesent like Vista..... and some maps are to large of a scale for the vista computers motherboard to load(ex. ramauel and the one with the chinooks its Canadian army VS talibian i think) anyways the motherboards programing is to old (ex. 32 bit has a harder time loading maps than a 64bit) there for a computer like my inspiron 530(with out extra power running to grafics card) could not work on certain versions of PR(versions under .957 are more likly to not work so i suggest getting a better grafics card or more energy going to your current one if you wanna play under Version .957 or PR)
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Old 2011-05-06, 15:46   #157
Unhappy Re: Windows Vista Users - Troubleshooting Guide for PR

Originally Posted by Battle360 View Post
"Every problem is just another gatway to the solution."
Not the place for intro's but never mind......This is the only post i've found that is remotely close to my issue, that being said i've yet (unless i'm corrected on this) to find anyone who uses STEAM to play BF2....Many years ago i had all the disc's and stuff (but we wont go there), so anyway i now use STEAM...the line of code/path is nearly the same except for the STEAM bit instead of EA Games... I've tried altering things and moving things and that went completely pear shaped!! so ended up deleting BF2 and re-D/L it..
After being told about PR and how good it is, and was looking forward to having a go, but i'm not clever with figuring probs out despite my age.....

Any help spelt out in a kind of idiots guide would be very much appreciated...
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Old 2011-05-09, 02:03   #158
Default Re: Windows Vista Users - Troubleshooting Guide for PR

i used to play alot of PR i stopped playing for about a year now so im using a different PC i downloaded 1.41 patch updated BF2 then done same with 1.5 patch then downloaded the PR files installed them i try to open and it just has a small window saying PR then screen goes black then back to desktop no error window or anything and BF2 just doesnt want to open what so ever help anyone?
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Old 2011-06-11, 13:04   #159
Default Re: Windows Vista Users - Troubleshooting Guide for PR

Hi guys, can anyone help me. I have finally solved my problem with ctd. But now i face another problem. To acces the game u must create an account an when i do that it shows the message "creating account" and doesnt proceed. What am i doing wrong ???
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Old 2011-07-05, 01:47   #160
Default Re: Windows Vista Users - Troubleshooting Guide for PR

Installed BF2 via Steam. All up to date.
Installed PR.
Launch from desktop.
.exe starts running.
PR logo graphic appears on screen for 10-30 seconds.
.exe terminates, graphic disappears.

Any solution to this?
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guide, troubleshooting, users, vista, windows
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