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08 Dec 2021, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2021-10-20, 22:37   #1

Default [Map] Alvsborg (1km) [WIP]

  • Name: Alvsborg
  • Location: Hökerum, Västra Götaland, Sweden
  • Size: 1km
  • Factions: USvRUS? - GERvRUS? - FRvRUS?
  • Game Play Type: Infantry

  • Goal: The goal with this map is to get to know the editor and the entire process of creating a map from start to finish. I reckon I've gotten the layout down (except for the main bases) and what remains now is detailing and fixing the problems that I have listed down below. When I'm done with the map, I'll update the minimap. I understand that it looks like hot garbage at the moment.

  • Problem 1: The fields look like absolute sh*t. I'm guessing a big part of that is because I don't have a proper lightmap yet. Part of the fields are pitch black. I painted something over the minimap so that you'd get the idea that they're supposed to be fields. (SEE: the minimap)
  • Problem 2: I keep going back and forth on how I'm going to work with detailed textures. Sometimes I get patchy blocks in my textures. (SEE: PICTURE #1) Sometimes I get textures where the tiles are blatant and it looks ugly. (SEE: PICTURE #2) Suggestions?
  • Problem 3: The f**king roads. They look like garbo. What's going on here? When I build final roads, this is how my roads look (SEE: PICTURE #3), and some others look like this (SEE: PICTURE #4) no matter what I do.





  • Field problem: So, I deleted all lightmaps and without any, this is what the field looks like. I don't want the other half to be black. Is it fixable? It's the nuijamaa wheatfields. I'll just delete it for now... If anyone knows how to make it look good, please let me know.


The problem was that my TreeAmbientColor in my Lightsettings was too dark. I ended up re-doing all of my lightsettings and now it looks much better.

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Old 2021-10-21, 09:31   #2
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Default Re: [Map] Alvsborg (1km) [WIP]

Looks pretty good for a first try at getting to know the editor!

1. You can make a separate layer (without any gamemode or size boxes checked) and put the field in that layer, then hide it when doing terrain lightmaps. You can then paint the ground in the color of the fields before doing lightmaps (then closing editor without saving) or fix it in photoshop after.

2. Make sure you have lowdetail 1 on the terrain textures in the tweakbar and then in the texture box on the right you press "set low detail texture" pick the texture in that list hit ok and then hit the generate low detail.

when it comes to close range view you can set TopTiling in tweakbar to a value between 30-60 to change the scale of the detail texture.

You can also set ColorTiling to higher or lower values, to fix the tiling in minimap and long range views. You have to repaint terrain to see the difference on this.

3. I also had this problem on reichswald, in the end i had to go over every road manually with the modify terrain tool and even all those bumps one by one ...

However i first suggest you do the usual steps of deleting everything in yourmap\roads folder, start editor, apply spline on all roads and then hit build all final roads, save.

Selecting and raising the entire spline into the air after applying spline and before building all final roads might also help.

It might also help to change compatability mode of editor to windows 98/me for this thing only. I'm not sure it will help but i had some other problems with roads that 98/me compatability solved.

It seems to happen only on 1km maps though.

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Old 2021-10-21, 10:25   #3
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Default Re: [Map] Alvsborg (1km) [WIP]

For the roads you can also tweak

renderer.roadDepthBias float -> float
e.g. on Kashan
renderer.roadDepthBias -0.0000025
in tmp.con. A higher negative value will make the road render higher above terrain. Dont increase it too high or players can prone below roads

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Old 2021-10-21, 12:46   #4

Default Re: [Map] Alvsborg (1km) [WIP]

Thank you both for the helpful replies. I'll take your tips and try to make the best use of them. Off to wrestle with the editor again...
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Old 2021-10-21, 13:43   #5

Default Re: [Map] Alvsborg (1km) [WIP]

Updated main post. Problem with my wheatfield persists.

EDITED: Fixed.
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