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Old 2006-08-09, 06:38   #1
Lightbulb AAS gameplay too limiting?

I've been playing for a few months now on the one Aussie server (Gamearena) and just lately on GloryHoundz, which is actually pretty good during the daytime for me... Anyway, one thing is starting to bug me, and that's the lack of variety inherent in this AAS gamplay mode.
Most of these maps, time and time again will bog down into a battle over the same flag. In Karkand it's the Market, in Karkand 2 it's the two riverside flags, etc... Nearly every map has a common bottleneck, and it's only the occasional round which will see the fighting take place in another part of the play area.

What's the point of having big maps if the battles are only ever going to occur in these few tiny areas? As it stands there is absolutely no value in circling around behind the enemy unless you're a US sniper (with that annoying suppressed rifle). In any other role you pretty much just throw yourself at the same bottlenecks over and over and hope to break them.

I don't have any solid suggestions yet, but there's got to be some kind of middle ground between vanilla's complete anarchy and PRMM's total linearity. Maybe allow teams to neutralise but not capture rear flags, forcing the enemy to restore them before pushing their attack again... Or, I guess ideally I'd like to see a variety of different possible orders for flags to get captured, and have it random at the start of a round as to which order gets played. I'm just not sure that's possible though.

Anyway, I thought maybe we could brainstorm some other ways to get more areas of the maps into play.

[Whoops... I had the suggestions forum open in another window and posted in the wrong one. Sorry.]

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Old 2006-08-09, 06:50   #2
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i wanna comment on this one as i have similar feelings...but at work now so ill get back to you..

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Old 2006-08-09, 07:00   #3

What about haveing 2-3 flags that the teams can capture? Geting the teams a little more spaced out and puting more teamwork into the round.

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Old 2006-08-09, 07:28   #4

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i think AAS is just what some of the maps needed. Karkand is now (more) interesting because the US cant just drive to the rear and perform the armor pincer of doom tactic. Other maps it is indeed frustrating. Maps with CPs parralell to eachother when compared to the battle lines should both be capturable at the same time when their order comes up. If it could branch off into 2 (maybe 3) parrallel CPs and then branch back in to 1 that would be cool, especially if a side had to control ALL 2 or 3 to advance down the line.
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Old 2006-08-09, 07:51   #5
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moved to suggestions

vBF2 conquest is a hideous gaming experience imo. And yeah.. in vBF2 I was one of those pricks that went for the flag waaaaaaaaay at the back.. because I could. It's a cluster fu*k that does NOT promote teamwork, because guys decide to wander off on their own to cap / re-cap flags taken way out of order.

Any changes to AAS will likely be very incremental in nature. We know we need to create options on larger populated servers to "soften" an enemy's defenses. But we need to make this difficult to achieve and require significant teamwork, otherwise we end up with vBF2 conquest. So those changes will take some time to think through and text exteisively.

With 0.4 we are introducing a totally revamped XTRACT and a completely new game mode called SCENARIO. We have a lot of work cut out for us there already.

I'd much rather we spent our time on those game modes than on changing and testing AAS. I personally dislike the "capture the flag" mentality and would really like to see if we can move the player base into a different game mode / mind set... something that's more reflective of real conflict situations and missions than the traditional BF2 capture the flag stuff, be they linked or free for all.

ty for taking the time to make a constructive post Cptn.


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Old 2006-08-09, 08:09   #6

Ah, Scenario as in what Quake Wars plans to do? That would be cool mission one to blow the gates or get to an area and activate something, like Unreal Tournament as well.
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Old 2006-08-09, 10:13   #7
.:iGi:. Greg

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I think AAS is great. Much more preferable to vBF2 where any flag can be taken. I have had some amazing firefights on PRMM lately, especially on Sharqi which apart from the the two, miles apart MEC flags, seems to work well on PRMM.

Also, I don't find AAS linear at all. When the round starts some guys go to the next flag, others go to a flag to stop the next team get it etc. If the game is flowing well it's not often you see everyone at one flag.
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Old 2006-08-09, 10:33   #8

I would be interesting if the Mosque could be taken as well as the warhouse. Leaving pockets of MEc and US troops, with MEc spwn at the part, creating a barrier between the 2 forces.
The fighting would truely become cayotic.

The US would be fighting on 2 fronts and if they did not get there squads organized, and they all Spwn at the Mosque, the warehouse would fall quickly leaving the rest completely trapped and surround - forced back in to the see - lol.

A simple change like this, could transform a semi stalemate map into an all out tactical city fight, and the winner would be the team that organizes there squads.

IF that does not enhance PR, i will cut off my PR mouse gaming hand!!!
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Old 2006-08-09, 10:54   #9

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I agree, AAS can be very linear at times and the fighting does tend to bottleneck at particular flags on the maps.

I think the ability to go to any flag with a squad an neutralize it would provide a bit of variety. A squad slips in behind enemy lines and holds a flag (in neutral state). This would cause the OpFor to lose a spawn point and at least a portion of the fighting would shift to this flag possibly opening up the front line for the main force to push up.

I believe that would make players think a bit more than the current "kill as many of them as possible so we can get the flag" mindset.

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Old 2006-08-09, 13:50   #10

THat is a very interesting idea - could mean the difference between a stale mate level and not.

ANOTHER IDEA: multiple stages. Each flag is marked with a colour. Each colour responds to a stage eg. orange - stage 1, blue -stage 2 ext.
Stage one must be taken first and 2 and so on.
THe number of flags that are the same stage will vary from map to map. Large ones with 2/3 in certain stages.

THIS SYSTEM ALONE could have massive implacations, whole battles could be turned up side down. For expample, the number of flag in each stage effects how each team plays. IF there was 3 falgs in stage 1, it will be easier for the enemies to take but harder to defend, while 1 or 2 falgs in a stage makes for tough attacting and defending - similar to present situation.

The order then makes a difference e.g 3 flags - stage 1, 1 falg - stage 2, 2-flags stage 3.
THis means it starts off faily easy, become diffuclt then easier again.

WITH CAREFULL THOUGHt and planning off maps and flags locations and finaly flag positions with in stages - the whole game experience can be fine tuned and adjusted using a simple but highly efffective systems. Allowing DEV;s to have alot of control over how battle play out in many respects.

I also feel flag must gradualy become less of random areas but actual defensive positions offering supplies.

THerefore they are more of a tactical advantage. WIth players staying alive longer, increased firefight and higher account of players running out of ammo - supplies become more of an importance.

Supply points, possibly even replacing ammo bags.
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aas, gameplay, limiting
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