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25 Jan 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2009-09-26, 17:55   #1

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Default Firearms references

Some guy named DeicideNBF in STALKER forums posted these references, it seems that these are all collected by himself, so great props to that guy- Personal photo album gallery of DeicideNBF

I thought these might come in handy for modelling some weapons, I hope DeicideNBF won't mind if PR devs use these as references for their future models
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Old 2009-09-26, 18:55   #2
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Default Re: Firearms references

By looking at the variety in backgrounds in photos, various watermarks, and some other tell-tale signs I would have to say that these are not owned by one person. I am pretty sure that the person hosting those images actually got them from other sources.

I'm also not sure where the host is from, but several of those weapons are restricted under NFA rules, and as such you'd need to be one rich bastard to afford ownership of even half those in the gallery. Not to mention that some of those weapons are unavailable in most countries. Yes, there is the rare chance that one person owns or manages those firearms. This DeicideNBF person might actually be Donald Trump or some other tycoon. Doubtful though. The most likely answer is this is someone who has found a good selection of images from many sources, and has combined them all into one big collection.

If you meant that one person collected all of the IMAGES, my bad.

I do see some weapons systems that are in use in PR or might be put to use in later versions, so I'll let the artists comment on if those images would be useful in that aspect. It's not a bad find, even if just for fun reference or nostalgia. Reminds me how much I actually miss the M60.

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Old 2009-09-26, 19:00   #3
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Default Re: Firearms references

I'm pretty sure he didn't think that person owned all these guns^^
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Old 2009-09-26, 19:07   #4
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Default Re: Firearms references
Originally Posted by Deicide View Post
Hi all,
Don't forget my site: Personal photo album gallery of DeicideNBF
More firearms and accessories incoming, stay tunned

[R-DEV]Z-trooper: you damn russian bear spy ;P - WWJND?
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Default Re: Firearms references



The key to modernising any weapon is covering them in glue and tossing them in a barrel of M1913 rails until they look "Modern" enough.

Many thanks to [R-DEV]Adriaan for the sig!
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Closed Thread

firearms, references
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