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25 Jan 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Default [Operation Barracuda] US Tactics for 0.9

Just thought I would share my thoughts on this, in my opinion, superb map. The USMC force on this map is exceptionally powerful in terms of available assets, yet with this power comes the potential for it all to go very, very wrong. Assets for each side are as follows:

  • 4 Transport Hueys
  • 2 Attack Hueys
  • 2 LAV-25s

  • 3 Transport Trucks
  • 2 Logistic Trucks
  • 2 VN-3s
  • 3 FAVs
  • 2 Unarmed Transport Jeeps

As is obvious, the US have significant heavy assets available, but conversely this can actually make it far more difficult for them to achieve any progress due to the large ticket loss if the helicopters start to go down. On this map (as in Muttrah) the US is highly reliant on pilots initially to get the troops on the ground and the potential on public servers for poor pilots is huge. For this reason, until decent pilots are established in the transport roles or unless you know the pilot I would always recommend taking the LAVs as your initial route to land.

I say this for two reasons, firstly it is essential for the US to get on dry land and established quickly, to avoid loss of assets. Therefore due to the high risk of failure the LAV is a far safer (if slightly slower option) and in addition having the LAVs on land will help massively in the initial engagements when the enemy will find it difficult to have fixed AT around the shore.

My suggestion for safe LZs and the Chinese spawn points is below:

Suggested Safe Helicopter Landing Zones
Suggested Safe LAV Landing Zones
Chinese Spawn (deleted after 5 minutes)

Round Start

The above indicated drop points apply to round start only. After this point the battlefield will evolve and each individual pilot will have to base their LZ decisions on available intel and the requests of the squads they are transporting, however at no point should a pilot be flying directly over the island, especially if there are known fixed AA positions up.

On to the supposed objective of the map; capping flags. The Airfield Objective is fixed and is always the first flag for the US in 0.9 whilst the remaining flags are variable. However the best advice that I can give for this map is that at least whilst gaining a foothold the US must ignore the flags. Attempting an assault too early will likely result in sporadic forces dripping onto the first flag, so it is essential that sufficient strength is built up on the island before any attack is attempted.

To accomplish this, set up an FOB at any of the LZs indicated, particularly on the Airfield side of the map, and ensure that these are well defended. Ideally you should not deploy in a helicopter without getting a firebase down as soon as you land. Deploying the entire US force together is a major strength. As stated an FOB could be deployed at any of the drop points, the US does not need to take the first flag throughout the game and can therefore afford to set up in any advantageous position. Set your own objective position that you feel can be defended effectively and assault hard and fast at the round start, securing a solid position on the mainland.

A single squad attacking the Airfield will generally fail due to the open field of fire, hard cover for the defensive force and the fact that there is a spawn there at the round start, not to mention trucks capable of getting there in less than 1 minute 30 seconds. You must therefore attempt to work with other squads as much as possible when you come to assault this position. Beware of enemy FOBs deployed towards the rear of the island at the southern end of the runway.

General Strategies

As stated above, landing the whole US force is essential, with moving together equally important and a lone squad moving across the island will generally have very little success. Of great importance is hunting and killing the Chinese AA - by doing so you will save the US a vast number of tickets from shot down hueys and at the same time will be denying the Chinese their supply routes by attacking their FOBs.

For me the ultimate objective should generally be the storage area in the island center, regardless of whether it is an active flag or not. Controlling the center of the map allows you to control much of the rest of the land area and you can easily disrupt Chinese supply movements going to the Western flags, making them much easier to control. In addition it is an ideal location for Chinese AA (indeed there is already a mapper placed AA there at round start). Ideally I would be looking for most of the team going to the Airfield, with one and a half squads ideally forming an assault on the Supply area as indicated below. This should only be attempted by an extremely confident/experienced squad.

As the US you have the power to assault anywhere on the map and from virtually any direction. Use this crucial advantage and surprise your enemy as often as you can. Flank attacks are very effective here given the open terrain and using this will allow you to control your firefights and gain the advantage.

Utilising the Assets

With such a huge asset advantage it is truly important for these to be used effectively. For more information on Mechanised Infantry squads read my guide, their effectiveness here can be far above that of some maps and used well the LAVs and infantry combined can rip the Chinese apart. Beware of hidden Chinese AT weapons, particularly as the dense terrain means flank attacks are very easy and use the APC for covering fire at range whilst infantry push in.

At any one time there should not be more than two transport Hueys up, any more is a waste whilst any less will mean supplies and deployments can be delayed. The Attack Hueys should be up from the start and must be used against known Chinese emplacements prior to infantry assaults. Again try to use them at range by marking the target with a laze or target marker and firing from beyond visual range. If you are an SL outside the CAS squad and do not have direct comms with them then mark the area using the SL radio and a laze and type it out in team-chat.

Hope that is of interest, if anyone has any suggestions please speak up

"I love the smell of napalm in the morning. You know, one time we had a hill bombed, for 12 hours. When it was all over, I walked up. We didn't find one of 'em, not one stinkin' dink body. The smell, you know that gasoline smell, the whole hill. Smelled like... victory. Someday this war's gonna end... "
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Default Re: [Operation Barracuda] US Tactics for 0.9

there is a very good landing zone around at the back beach good for US to bulid a FB

Check out my Project Reaity gamplay here

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Default Re: [Operation Barracuda] US Tactics for 0.9

It is also a very common LZ to land at the southern beaches. for China, build a Firebase along the H column beaches, and you can cut off flanking helicopters. Build another firebase on the runway and you cut off the other direction. Then intersperse some FBs into the middle with AA, or along the other beaches, and you have a choke point on the northern beaches.
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Old 2010-03-14, 09:35   #4
Default Re: [Operation Barracuda] US Tactics for 0.9

It is possible to more or less cut off US resupplying by placing AA at the docks and the rocky tip of the island north of the airfield.
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Old 2010-03-16, 21:58   #5

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Default Re: [Operation Barracuda] US Tactics for 0.9

This is very interesting. It would be interesting if you were a CO explaining this, though (it's hard to get a whole team working on an objective like this (as in, without unnecessary ticket loss))

Guys, when a new player comes, just answer his question and go on your merry way, instead of going berserk! It's THAT simple!

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barracuda, operation, tactics
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