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25 Jan 2021, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 Community Factions Discussion on PR:BF2 community factions.

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Old 2019-06-02, 09:58   #1
Post (North) Korean People's Army

This thread exists to inform about and to suggest armed forces of North Korea for Project Reality, though Wikipedia has information which in part many were edits by me 2017 and onward.

Often ridiculed and underestimated by common foolks, the intelligence agencies and armed forces of the South Korea and the United States of America are aware of actual destruction capabilities and competence of North Korean forces.

Will make several posts over time and listen to this when reading this.


Type-66 - standard officers handgun, Makarov PM clone

Type 68 - standard handgun in KPA, based upon Tokarev T-33 with some features of it replaced with one of Browning's designs

Type 70 - chambered in .32acp and can be suppressed, officers and special forces(?)

BaekDuSan - CZ-75 clone/derivative for officers, pilots and special forces

CZ-82 - exclusive to senior officers

Browning Hi-Power - used by special forces infiltrators/spies

KS-23 is only known shotgun in NK military service, no images. Source

Submachine Guns

Type-49 - PPSH-41 clone


Just watch one of the parades and you're going to see it.


Vz.61 Scorpion/Škorpion

Assault Rifles

Type 58/68 - AK-47/AKM

Type-68-1 & Type-88 variants - AKM & AK-74 derivative

Type-88-2 - often seen with 100-150 round helical magazines

Type-88-2 carbine

Type-?? - Type-88 with 23 or 30mm grenade launcher, OICW role

M16 and K2 assault rifle clones - source 1 source 2 source 3

Sniper Rifles

Chogyok-Pochong - Yugoslav M76 sniper rifle design

PSL and Dragunov SVD - Images of them in NK service are rare and hard to find on the web, didn't bookmark it.

Machine Guns

Type-62 - RP46/DPM, video showing parts of NK one.

Type-64 - RPK clone

Type-73 GPMG - 7.62x54R, dual feed capability, magazine and belt fed, extensively used in middle east such as Iraq against ISIS + bonus

Type-?? - 7.62x54R minigun

Type-82 - Based on PK GPMG

Type-?? - RPK-74 clone

Type-?? - LMG based on Type-88-1, thicker and longer barrel with casket magazine

Heavy Machinegun

Type-?? - Dshk

Type-?? - KPV

Type-?? - 14.5x114mm 6 barrel gas/recoil-operated minigun/gatling + bonus

Grenade Launcher

Type-?? - GP-25/30

Type-?? - AGS-17

Type-?? - AGS-30


Type-?? - RPG-7 clone, this one pictured with tandem warhead
Type-65/Type-65-1 - B-10 clone

Bulsae-1 - Malyutka clone

Bulsae-2 - Clone of complex that can fire both Fagot and Konkurs, pictured is further NK development possibly utilizing technology of Bulsae-3.

Bulsae-3 - Clone of Kornet

Type-?? - Indigenous 152mm 68 caliber towed anti-tank gun
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Default Re: (North) Korean People's Army

I mean I don't want to sound like a douche.
But if you really want it, you can start working on it...
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