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26 Jan 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Thumbs up Kashan Desert - To keep that BMP-3 alive

When asked which is the best vehicle (and most awesomeish) in PR, thou shall respond (in chorus) THE BMP-3!


Since our favorite vehicle is the BMP-3 here is a plan of how to use it for maximum efficiency:

The BMP-3 is wihtout a doubt the most heavly armed APC in PR (and as far as I know in the world?). It can unleash a torrent of firepower, each weapon specifically designed to kill its targets.

A walktrough of the weapons:

100mm HEAT: This is your most potent weaponsystem. More powerfull than the HEAT rounds from any battletank this is your favourite weapon to deal with infantry in cover and in general. It has (in PR) a 30m kill-radius. Use this for hammering destructable objects and to clear bunkers. It has a somewhat slow reload time, so plan ahead when to use it.

Btw, we dont ever need to mention ammunition. The bmp has so much it could do with half.

Next is your secondary weaponsystem:
a 30mm cannon with an incredible rate of fire.
The HEAT and AP rounds are the equivelant of all other apcs.
What really make it devastating is the rate of fire, it will kill any other apc, FAST, and will clear out infantry more effectively. However, the system quickly overheats and has a long cool-down time, so when fireing for extended periods, you will have to fire in controlled bursts.
Further more, when any other weaponsystem is active you can switch to your 30mm cannon without having to wait a second for the weapon to get online, fx you can fire a 100mm HEAT round, and instead of waiting for the vehicle to reload, you switch to your cannon which can then fire close to 30 HEAT-rounds before overheating at which point you can switch back to the 100mm HEAT rounds. And throughout the entire time your co-axial will be online to surpress that hat until you get some serious weapons at him.

Btw, the bmp's angle of fire is also remarkable, you will easily shoot down static helicopters almost directly above you! Switch to your 30mm AP and it will be gone very very fast.

The 3rd main weapon system is the guided AT missiles of which you have 7 (LOL).
This is the least funky weapon but also the one that should be online at all times if no infantry threat is found. The AT missile will destroy all vehicles with one shot, with the notable exeption of main battletanks to the front armor. Due to the pressence of armor on Kashan, you wont last 5 minutes from leaving main if you dont have your AT missiles on-line. Its the hardest to use but also the most devastating against vehicles, you can destroy a battle tank in one shot if you hit between turret and body on the rear armor, and for sometimes, on the side, NOT THE FRONT. Lets be clear on that point, if you meet a battletank head on, you pop smoke and run, you have nothing he is afraid of and it only takes 1 AP round to get you in flames.

Btw, the traverse of the bmp is so slow infantry walk faster (almost), nomatter the situation, if speed is the key, turn the vehcle around and then flee.

4th weapon system on the bmp-3 is the 7.62 MGs, of which it has 3:
1 co-axial
2 bowmounted passenger opperated.
These are infantry surpresion weapons and their effect on infantry should not be underestimated.

As you can understand, the bmp carries more weaponry than any other vehicle, so why isnt this baby winning match after match for the glorious MEC?

Its easy to forget it, but the bmp is still an APC, or rather an IFV.
It is vulnerable to LATs, HATs, any sort of AP round, mines, TOWs, Hellfires, Hydras, cannons galore etc. a word of mention though, the front armor of the bmp3 is MUCH better than that of any other apc, and is the equivelant of the side armor on a tank.

Btw, its main counterpart, the Bradley, is nowhere NEAR as good as the bmp3. It has a higher profile leaving it more vulnerable, and fewer less powerfull weapons, and not as good frontal armor. BUT it has 1 trick that makes it dangerous. The bradley fires TOW missiles, these are not as powerfull as that on the TOW-humvv but the real trickster is the rate of fire it has with the TOWs. The Bradley can fire a TOW at a target, and sequel to hitting the target it can immediately fire a new one. This means that the bradley can destroy tanks in considerably shorter time than the bmp3. Also, it means that youre not safe just because youre in formation with another Bmp3. The Bradley has better AT capability but the BMP3 has MUCH better anti-fantry and AA

Now that we are getting used to our beloved vehicle, there is a feint or two to keep it alive.

1. Hide. The patient hunter gets his prey. Now the trouble is where? A perfect spot is in the southern most bunker of the bunker complex. From there you can survei part of the ridge of doom, and if US infantry think they can kill you in there, they are wrong. Furthermore, youre not goin got get nuked by an Apache.

2. Teamwork is essential. It gives them other people to shoot at. Try to move with other vehicles, tanks preferably, and always some 200-300 meters away from them. If you position yourself smartly, you can make sure the tanks run into the enemy before you do, and since the BMP i adequate at providing AA, its a win win situation.

3. Stick with the infantry. A bit further into the match (30-40 minutes min), the initial clash of arms have cooled a bit. Now its time to use the bmp in it's role of Ifantry Fighting Vehicle. Mount infantry and attack obejctives. Always make sure you dismount the infantry minimum 300m from the objective. They can set a rally near you and you can support them. Since they can get kits of you, and you have ammo for them, its a perfect match. In other words, you support them, and they screen you. Its a good idea to just have one of their riflemen in the apc manning the bow mgs, he can relay the enemy position via mumble from his squadleader and supress infantry you might not have spotted. Always stay WELL CLEAR of the objectives themselves (Bunkers are exeption), there is always going to be someone just waiting for a target to stroll into their sights.
This way, if there is someone camping the objective, its the infantry who pay the price, and your bmp lives to fight on and the team conserves tickets.

Btw, make sure you always have a HATkit in the infantry squad with you. He can guard you from armor while you make sure the enemy infantry on the objective do not lase you. As previously mentioned, your bmp3 really have the tools for the job. Use that 100mm HEAT to clear compounds, not buildings

4. Y-O-U A-R-E N-O-T A T-A-N-K, dont think like one.

Now, I have only once lived through a match of kashan in a bmp3. You are going to blow up a couple of times, but with this guide, you will always say "WTF was that?!" when you die, instead of arguing with your gunner/driver as to who's fault it was

Random mumble talk between maps
Dude1-Ive heard that people, through gaming, satisfy their need for social life.
Dude3-Thats why I play, to make friends.
Dude4- I play for the chicks.
Dude5- Bourgh-bourgh-bourgh-booorghurK?
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