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25 Jun 2022, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 General Discussion General discussion of the Project Reality: BF2 modification.

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Old 2010-02-04, 19:37   #1

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Default harrier

what happened to the harrier?
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Old 2010-02-04, 19:43   #2

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Default Re: harrier

I miss the harrier so much
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Old 2010-02-04, 19:46   #3

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Default Re: harrier

i heard it was glitchy so they took it out
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Old 2010-02-04, 19:48   #4

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Default Re: harrier

wasnt the harrier only in trainnig it was never really in the game

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Old 2010-02-04, 19:51   #5
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Default Re: harrier

iirc the harrier is destined for Sangin when that is completed, I assume its on the backburner until Sangin gets to wards finished

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Old 2010-02-04, 19:52   #6

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Default Re: harrier

i thought they removed it because only 10 percent of PR players could actually fly it properly

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Old 2010-02-04, 19:56   #7

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Default Re: harrier

i wish they would add it back lol atleast in singleplayer
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Old 2010-02-04, 20:02   #8
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Default Re: harrier

Guys your all wrong for why you think it isn't in the mod.

The fact is that it mainly isn't in the mod because there is no real map that can use it other than possibly Qinling but the Tornado is already on there which is a better counterpart for the SU-30mkk the PLA have.

The harrier isn't "buggy" as such, it simply has not be coded with good flight physics yet, mainly because there is no need to as we do not have a map for it yet and because we dont have anyone who can really spare any time on it. Give it the vBF2 JSF engine code etc and it flys pretty much perfectly, just very slow and arcadey like, like all vBF2 aircraft physics...

Once we have a large enough map for it where it can be used on well and realistically which the first one coming to hand will most likley be Sangin as stated above, then we will code it up and have it ingame for you guys to play with.

The Harrier was only on the older versions of Kashan training because it was put on there by mistake and shouldn't have never been on there in the first place.


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Default Re: harrier

okay good enough reason lol
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Old 2010-02-04, 20:27   #10

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Default Re: harrier

As I recall, there once was an ospery as well, which was quite fun to fly around. Back before training was integrated into the mod.
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