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24 Jan 2022, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 General Discussion General discussion of the Project Reality: BF2 modification.

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Old 2017-07-27, 17:38   #151
Default Re: To All the Veteran Players and Server Admins, Be Kind to New Players!

seriously what happened to veteran players? Last week playing has been pretty much painful cause of their attitude. For minimum errors i have been insulted and even kicked from squads from no discernable reason. I'm staying because i now have the guts to fight back that kind of childish behaviour, but i'm telling you, new players are going to get bored pretty fast and ragequit the game for good. And we need more servers active, not one /two of them full and others empty because of this problem.


thank u in advance
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Old 2017-07-27, 18:34   #152
Heavy Death

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Default Re: To All the Veteran Players and Server Admins, Be Kind to New Players!

I always welcome and support new players. But when someone barges into the squad and takes/asks for a sniper kit, doesnt stick to the squad and ignores orders... that isnt a mistake, that is ineptitude to play this game and not putting any effort towards being a good squadmember.

At the last hotfix, i had 4 total newbies in my squad of 8, ranging from 1-14 days experience. If they didnt tell me, i would never know. Only when it came to some advanced game-related stuff, i sensed they might be new. This is the type of newb we want.

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Old 2017-07-27, 20:36   #153

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Default Re: To All the Veteran Players and Server Admins, Be Kind to New Players!

I try to guide the newcomers on the server, I even have a YouTube channel for tips on Project Reality.

But what really bothers me in the mod is that it allows any type of player to have a lot of freedom inside the server. Only the server rules are not enough to maintain teamwork.

The mod could have scripts that automatically moderate special kits, heavy vehicles and especially the "GIVE UP" button.

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Old 2017-07-28, 13:58   #154
Project Reality Beta Tester
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Default Re: To All the Veteran Players and Server Admins, Be Kind to New Players!

Every newbies must know that sniper kit is for special purposes , not for "because i want to snipe someone for a kill" or "because it is a cool weapon and i want to use it" things. I've encountered players like that and all they do was to waste it because they got killed a few moments from getting the kits , they wont event give infos when they see bunch of enemies and they are also lonewolfing.. and one thing, some also has no mic. It is also an insult when they just join a squad just to get a sniper kit then leave , I wonder why some veterans treat some newbies like that because of their behaviour.

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Old 2017-07-28, 14:06   #155
Default Re: To All the Veteran Players and Server Admins, Be Kind to New Players!

Noob here, some of you might have seen me the last 2 days in game. I'm mostly just playing medic, AT, or Breacher right now and supporting what my squad leaders need.

This MOD is truly a breath of fresh Air, I wish I would have tried it a long time ago. I'm coming over from the BF2 Revive project and it's just an absolute clusterfuck over there. Any remnants of any kind of teamwork that ever existed in BF2 are long gone. So actually being able to find real teamwork and dependable team mates is absolutely a God send.I'm a beast pilot and tanker in BF2 and would like to move into roles like that in PR eventually but I'm not trying to piss any vets off here because I know you guys take this shit seriously.

Anyway, that's my preface. If you see me in-game just let me know what you need and I'm Johnny on the mothafucking spot!

(Oh and much fucking respect to the Devs both past and present for blessing us with this fucking masterpiece!)
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Old 2017-12-10, 11:36   #156
Default Re: To All the Veteran Players and Server Admins, Be Kind to New Players!

a new player who was vanill bf2 player and was new to the game joined my squad.he was really good for a starter always followed orders and glad to see new player in the game.
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Old 2020-05-04, 07:00   #157
Default Re: To All the Veteran Players and Server Admins, Be Kind to New Players!

Originally Posted by Jafar Ironclad View Post
I know several folks who are game industry professionals who are going to be playing 1.0 on launch. Not just game reviewers for online magazines, but members of game companies. Valve. DICE. A lot of what makes the game great is teamwork, and we have a fantastic opportunity to visibly demonstrate to the industry that there exists a sizable, positive, and constructive community with vested demand in the sort of experience PR offers.

If a major developer looks at our work and the resulting gamer experience it offers, and sees marketable potential, that's a win for ALL of us. Remember the
bara Desert Combat mod for Battlefield 1942? See where that pushed the industry? Remember Day Z and the sales of ARMA II it created?

If you are the veteran Project Reality player, who has lamented the teamwork experience when it has been lacking, and forged unforgettable memories when teamwork was at its best, and all many times over, take charge of the opportunity that is laid before you. Make 1.0's launch the BEST time to arrive as a new player. The level of coordination required in Project Reality can be intimidating, but the reason players stick to PR are their follow comrades, just as I'm sure many on the true battlefield stick to their mission for the sake of those beside them.

Mentor. Teach. Suppress the feelings of frustration and impatience that will come. You will lose games because of new players. So will your opponents. Accept this and focus instead on the experience of your comrades. Ensure that the intense retreat is as thrilling and powerful as the crushing advance. Be kind. Empathize. Victory within the game is temporary. Victory OF the game is eternal.

It falls on you. Go forth, and make this our finest hour.
I think people who would teaching new players should change Tag/Prefix on his own name to "PR_Teacher" or something. Not only named squad "training" but in personal way. Should be good then. I will change the Tag to something like this. This thread should be sticked or be on highlights so more players from PR community will look at it.
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Old 2020-10-21, 06:14   #158
Default Re: To All the Veteran Players and Server Admins, Be Kind to New Players!

Originally Posted by Orford View Post
Can the devs include a splash screen when first loading game where, logging into account server would be. Explaining about the built in VOIP and the default keys to use.

the number of times I have to type out or say to some one in my when players asked how do we speak or voip isn't working. Due to
nelo knowing about mumble.

I know it's a suggestion but it goes along way into the meaning of this thread to help new players.
There's alot of people who are very hostile towards new players in this game. I've been playing PR for 4 years but it has always been a pain in the ass to introduce friends in the game. When people make a mistake you often get smug reactions by 'veterans' that are just cringe inducing and angering.

Only just today I got banned from that "[NEW] New Era Warfare" server. I was playing with 2 irl friends who were new to the game in an APC squad but the admin warned them and forbid them to take another APC because they had died twice within 45 minutes and "didn't have any kills".

They were playing just fine! We were moving in with infantry squads and we took 2 cap points. But along comes this admin who apparently thinks that everyone should be able to play this game perfectly from the first minute. I finally just blew up and told the admin he was being anal and I got banned.

I'm glad this issue is being adressed but people, be instructive to people not restrictive.
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admins, kind, mentors, players, server, veteran
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