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Old 2007-11-09, 01:14   #1
Exclamation LOWER MY PING

plz, can someone tell me how to lower my ping a litle bit. I play pr and most of the time during the game i will lag and it is really annoying. I usually have a ping of around 145-180.

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Old 2007-11-09, 05:17   #2

- Get a better internet company.
- Move? lol
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Old 2007-11-09, 05:38   #3
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1) what line have you got?
2) What ethernet option do you have in your machine? onboard/pci (what chipset? what mobo?)
3) How long has your OS been on that machine and what OS you using?
4) What can you tell us about the wire you use to go from pc to router (well, you never said if using a laptop or wifi) length, make, age.
5) you are playing on servers within your region aren't you? What region are you from?

Fill in your profile with some basic stuff when asking a question and put some particulars down in your post please or you'll get the usual answer "how long is a piece of string" as you aren't using a console with fixed specs.

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Old 2007-11-09, 19:09   #4
PR:BF2 Developer

Don't listen to these noobs. Ping is caused by friction in the internet tube going to your house. Getting sufficient subatomic boosters placed on the line will accelerate the particles past "c" and thus negate this friction (also referred to as "attenuation" by laymen) and in turn, lower your ping. If there are no boosters available at your local hardware store, there is an alternate way that is somewhat less glamorous: lubricant.

Lubricate that ethernet connection, the DSL line and if possible, the line to your pit. This lubricant helps electron flow (as you would have probably guessed) and those lubed up particles FLY! Expect pings of 20 to -2ms using either of these methods.
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Old 2007-11-10, 00:40   #5

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Just get some vix and rub it on your chest and you won't lag.

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Old 2007-11-10, 01:51   #6

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Come on guys, don't post crap if you aren't going to help.

Go to this site and use the tests. It helped me lower my ping quite a bit back when I was on XP, and plan to do it again soon on my new Vista rig.

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Old 2007-11-10, 02:06   #7

I was being pretty serious. I mean if there's nothing wrong with your internet or computer, then you can't do anything about getting better pings either than changing ISPs or moving. Anything else is obvious... make sure you aren't running other apps that are using all your bandwidth.. make sure you aren't on a crappy wireless connection, obvious stuff like that.
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Old 2007-11-10, 04:09   #8

yeah i have comcast high speed cable,and is running on windows xp. Im in albuquerque, New Mexico, I dont know which region thats in but that is where i am located. I am not using wireless. Does this kind of clear up things?
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Old 2007-11-10, 06:16   #9

It might. What server are you getting these bad pings on? If it's servers in europe then there is your problem.
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Old 2007-11-10, 16:20   #10
PR:BF2 Developer

Ok well in all seriousness... try this:

Google-earth the distance (in meters) between where you live and where the server is. Take this number and divide it by the speed of light (299,792,458 m/s) and that is your absolute lowest ping, assuming no impedance and a perfectly straight line. Multiply this result by 1000 to see how many milliseconds it takes... double that value [round trip], and that value (-- ms) is your perfect ping... aka it can't get any better than that.

Then multiply that result by anywhere between 1.25 and 1.5 to account for imperfections in the route taken by packets... and you should have the ping that you're aspiring towards.

Hope that helps you understand how the ping comes about.
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lower, ping
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