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16 Dec 2019, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2012-05-07, 22:55   #1
Cool PFC/BG42: Mappack 4 Release/Download/Event/Movie

-=PFC=- Mappack 4 addon

Welcome dear FH 1 Fan !

Each tuesday & saturday 19gmt +1 we play our Mappacks 1-4.
You need ALL mappacks to join us these days (3.2GB)

Server Name: FH/RANKED
Server IP:---
Forgotten Hope 0.7 - WW2 Realism, One of the best famous Mods! All 3 parts one after the next install! Request for the FHSW Mod! (2.7.2007)

Forgotten Hope 0.7 Teil 1 von 3 ? Download ?

Forgotten Hope 0.7 Teil 2 von 3 ? Download ?

Forgotten Hope 0.7 Teil 3 von 3 ? Download ?

-=PFC=- 1-4 Mappack EXE Installer for each SAT and TUE

Part 1of2<. (1.45GB)

Part 2of2: (1.75GB)

Mappack 6 for each SUN:
Password: nobmojic

Movie about the included maps, which not release at this time.

Hi, All FH-fans !

Here comes the, The Force of The iron Fist Part 2.

SUNDAY 13/5 19.00 GMT+1



Ein Video zum FH Mappack 4 Inhalt ist erschienen:

-=PFC=- Mappack 4 addon - YouTube

Es ist heute der "Tag der Befreiung", an dem das Ende des zweiten Weltkriegs gefeiert wird. Das Datum Mai 5, erinnert die Niederlande, an den Tag als die deutsche Wehrmacht am 5. Mai 1945 kapituliert haben.

BATTLEGROUP 42 1.8beta (5 parts, one after the next install! (27.01.2012)

[BETA] BattleGroup42 - v1.8 Client Teil 1 von 5 ? Download ?

[BETA] BattleGroup42 - v1.8 Client Teil 2 von 5 ? Download ?

[BETA] BattleGroup42 - v1.8 Client Teil 3 von 5 ? Download ?

[BETA] BattleGroup42 - v1.8 Client Teil 4 von 5 ? Download ?

[BETA] BattleGroup42 - v1.8 Client Teil 5 von 5 ? Download ?

Battlegroup42 - v1.8 Hotfix after then the game works perfect! (63 MB) (29.01.2012)

Server Name:
[MOB] Server BG42 1.8beta

Server IP:

FPS klub - BattleGroup42 - Battle of Ortona (the movie)

Battlegroup42 1.8: Panzer VIII ,,Maus

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