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Old 2012-04-22, 11:05   #1
Cool FHSW 0.5 News update: Light Tanks and Light Arms

Light Tanks and Light Arms

Stuart light tank and improved machine gun technique


The main armament of the M2A1 is a cal .50 machine gun which is strong enough to deal with light armored vehicles. Tank combat should obviously be avoided. The armor is only 15 mm thick but the low weight also allows this tank to go over 70 km/h! 10 units of this type were produced but were used for training only.

This improved variant of the M2 is equipped with the 37 mm gun and thicker armor for the cost of speed. The overall combat value is comparable with the M3 Stuart, the armor is a bit thinner though.

M5A1 "Stuart"
The M5 was the successor of the M3 and featured a redesigned hull with sloped glacis plate and driver's hatches moved to the top. Although the main criticism from the units using it was that the Stuarts lacked firepower, the improved M5 series kept the same 37 mm gun.

M8 HMC "Scott"
The M8 Scott was a self-propelled howitzer vehicle and saw action in the Italian Campaign, the Western Front, and in the Pacific. It was largely replaced by the adaption of the M4 Sherman to use the 105 mm howitzer.

The turret isn?t enclosed so you better watch your back while driving through enemy territory. You can also load HEAT shells to fight tanks although the "Scott" is not really made for this.

This variant of the M8 is simply a rearmed M5 with the M3 75 mm gun which gives him a lot more firepower. Because of the open turret and the thin armor it?s recommended to use this tank mainly for ambushes.

Movie about new and improved MG deploy kits
[flash width=250 height=250][/flash]

One problem with the current deployable machine guns is that they?re only useful in very few situations. You couldn?t place them behind an obstacle because the gun would be too low and it always glitched through the ground when placed on top of statics. In the upcoming release these bugs are fixed and you'll also have the choice between different types of tripods to adjust the height. This gives you the opportunity to place a machine gun behind walls or sandbags and even inside of houses!

Another notable change is that you can now take cover behind almost every mounted machine gun. You do so by simply holding the "S" key.

Improved bipod system
The bipod feature for machine guns and anti-tank rifles was implemented with FHSW 0.42. There was one engine related problem though, where you could abuse the fact that in Battlefield 1942 each weapon slot has its own crosshair accuracy. You could quickly switch to the bipod and have a very accurate crosshair right away.

With the new system the weapon?s crosshair will always be imprecisely for a few seconds when you switch to the bipod. This feature is shown in the video above @0:39 seconds.

New sight for the 81 mm mortars
Until now it was almost impsossible to calculate the range on mortars if no one spotted a target for you. With the new sight things will become a lot easier as you now can estimate and possibly recalculate the distance to your designated target a lot better.

FHSW dev blog

FHSW Europe Community

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