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30 Nov 2022, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 Support Help and support regarding PR:BF2 installation and in-game issues

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Old 2009-07-30, 08:29   #1
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Default Mumble?

How to get PR mumble server (murmur) for Linux? I searched, but found only windows version.

Well, as far as I know, Mumble is GNU licensed, which means that PR mumble, based on the original mumble, must have sources? So why PR Mumble doesn't have it?
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Old 2009-07-30, 11:09   #2
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Default Re: Mumble?

PRmumble is relatively new, I'm sure som1 will clarify the situation for you. But afaik no1 with linux has demonstrated interest before so it has never come up

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Old 2010-02-13, 19:34   #3
Default Re: Mumble?

Yeah, need linux server too.
If there are no precompiled linux murmur versions, we need source. As fenriz said - Mumble is GPL licensed, so we can get sources of modification, no?
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Old 2010-02-13, 22:30   #4

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Default Re: Mumble?

If you want to repackage and rebrand the client without also distributing its source code, the Mumble source code is BSD licensed, which allows you to do this.
not sure if this applies to murmur server code too
but if PRmurmur uses that BSD license it seems not mendatory to give out the source code but still appears neccessary to give out at least some precompiled linux versions
i would think giving out the source code is a security issue as of that PRmumble does not allow certain custom configurations which would infact be somewhat like cheating
having an inside look into the src would probably open doors for someone to build a regular mumble client which poses as PRmumble

clearification from the devs would be really nice

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Old 2010-02-13, 22:55   #5
Default Re: Mumble?

I just dont see any reasons to provide _win_ PRmurmur but not linux version. Overwhelming majority of servers based on *nix systems. And for home using win server is useless too, coz for typical user it's much easier to join public server instead of create own.
I can tell much more facts, but its hot air without any dev reaction.
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Old 2010-02-16, 21:22   #6
Default Re: Mumble?

I wrote pms to R-DEV and still no reaction. Cmon, how about some explanaition?
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Old 2010-02-18, 03:03   #7
Twisted Helix
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Default Re: Mumble?

Someone with Linux would have to spend a great deal of time downloading all the libraries , setting it all up and compiling a version.

We have asked someone, but as its not really something in great demand, and as the a new version of mumble is going to be out soon ... I wouldn't like to say that it will happen.

You do realize that you can of course just download a vanilla linux version of the mumble server and just use that (but not with a PR mumble client).

PR mumble was built for the use of the official PR mumble server really ... it was never really intended that the server version would become public release ... it just sort of did (as its with the installer).
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Old 2010-02-18, 10:44   #8
Default Re: Mumble?

Someone with linux ALWAYS spend time downloading libraries, setting it all up. Its not so hard, and dont forget about packet managers like yum, apt-get etc. I'm linux user, so?

Yeah, I can install original mumble, but there are few things like unchangable max.distance and voice input method, which mumble user can change.

ofc, I already use my QT SDK and change some forms (AudioOutput/Input/Wizard) in mumble's source.
ofc, I can write own client/server build with own client check. But for what? Re-invent wheel?

I suppouse, if R-DEV's really want mumble to be actively used with PR, mumble need to "settle down" in every PR community.

It's like a TeamSpeak. Who will need only TS client to join only to one server? TS/Ventrillo became so popular only because of everyone could download server for own using, for own server, for own settings.

Let's imagine: DICE never did ds for linux. Only windows. Hm? IW did the same with COD4:MW2.

I can exaggerate now, but for what u provide serverside of mod? Lets make 10-20 official PR servers with own settings, admins and blah blah blah. May be you didnt do it already only because users can make own servers using client side? It's BF2 injustice, yeah. ofk, in Bad Company 2 it'll be fixed. What's a sense of license, if serverside provided withot any digital signatures, without any DEV backdoor to shutdown? oh..
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