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15 May 2021, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 Tales from the Front Share your in-game experiences playing PR:BF2.

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Default Re: PR kidnapping, how many times have we been in this situation?

Originally Posted by _Gabo View Post
but sometimes it’s really fun the screams asking you to stop as you approach the cache
But you ruin other peoples experiences that way just because you happen to be the driver. People might want to try something new before approaching the cache or objective having a plan then you ruin that. They might forget what they thought to do never getting the chance again, get so angry with you ruining it they give up cause you just cost another full attempt of ticket cost, it might never get the opportunity to go down the way it would have that particular time. Please learn tactical driving, its concepts in words and what it means in skills then apply it with a sense of pride to keep others alive with that skill. You will be more respected and trusted.
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Default TMW

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Default Re: TMW

Originally Posted by SemlerPDX View Post

The guy driving reminds me of Swatius Pilot, only the guy in the video is depicted as dumber.. Take care of your passengers folks, they are taking time to play a video game with a 40 seconds spawn timer plus travel time. Dont waste your teams tickets in stupid attempts of things where cooler things could be done, like everyone dis-mounting and spreading out so enemy can crap themselves how many targets are spread out. I imagine that south east hospital cache on Karbala

Did I mention I'm a deadly SOB? Life is like a box of chocolates fool, you never know if its me till you break down that psychological warfare that done happened to you or your friendlies. Get to know me on the Squad v12 and Project Reality 1.5 teamwork playlist on YouTube for 20+ skills
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