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25 May 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Project Reality Beta Tester
Default Re: PR:WW2 Status Update June 2018

Originally Posted by VTRaptor View Post
IMO US paratrooper should get thompson or grease gun as ALT AR similiar to Fallschirmjager AR that has FG42/MP40.
I'm fairly certain I've discussed it with AD to have it set up like that but he probably forgot it among all other changes.

Originally Posted by LimitJK View Post
kind of miss the mp40 for german breacher, gewehr 43 seems to be overrepresented. i know that the devs wanted to lower the amount of automatic weapons per squad, but i think one of the main problems of the beta was to give grenadier alt automatic weapons. so might be be a little too much in the other direction now?
We certainly have to see how it plays out balance-wise, but imho it wouldn't hurt if people were forced to utilize the Kar98k more. The BETA setup had Germany better equipped than the ME Insurgents, the kicker of course being that WW2 US doesn't have the gear or asset advantage over Ger that the modern US Army has.

On the same note, what's the point of going back in time if you allow for up to 3 out 4 players or 4 out of 6 players to field automatic weapons anyways? Everybody who doesn't have an automatic weapon is a pushover comparatively speaking, and the only way to address the imbalance between them is to reduce the amount of automatic weaponry, to make sure that you can have some Kar98k v Garand/Carbine battles still.

The G43 is perhaps overrepresented but sometimes we figure a faction may need a buff to compensate for a lack in other areas.

also why was the trench gun removed?
Wasn't used in Normandy IIRC.

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