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31 Mar 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2015-06-20, 14:34   #1
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Default Final Fantasy VII (remake)

This was my first single player game that I got emotionally attached so it's a very special one for me. Back then, a friend of mine told me to ignore the polygon based characters and just let myself be immersed by the story. Eventually I got to buy a 2nd hand platinum version for PS1 (that was expensive as hell). Needless to say that I fell in love with it.
I was never a big fan of JRPGs due to a lot of elements that I find over the top. However, I did played FF VI, IX, X and a little bit of XII. I never finished the latter because it was getting painfully obvious to me that since X that they were going astray with what made the series interesting. The worlds have always been fun to explore, but partly due to stagnation the character development has been pretty weak. Plot wise it's like they never left the 90s and I'm not very keen in controlling much more obvious metrossexual characters and anime cliches that make nerdy teens jizz all over. There was a tiny bit of that in FF VII (e.g.: Tifa), but it was very tolerable.

I think Sony made a smart move to help revive the FF franchise (and their finances). Hopefully they will also learn something by trying to cater the game to players that want something different than a drag queen party themed game. According to numbers pulled out from FF VII in wiki, they have sold 10.9 million copies since its release time. This is really a lot considering there was no digital market for at least 90% of these sales and a Playstation exclusive on top of it. Skyrim is set at 20 million copies, so it's fair to say that a game like this being released in all platforms might turn out to be the most sold game in that year.

As for the game itself, I'm eager to revive the experience under some different terms. I'm not expecting some things to stay the same and I'm ok with that. I do want a slightly different experience after having played the game 3 times in my lifetime. However, I do wonder how they're going to handle the Aerith spoiler. The only way I ever see her being useful is either by forcing the player to use her in a party in certain events or reward the player somewhat via materia or anything else she leaves behind.
I'm also eager to see some locations in HD such as the Golden Saucer, Midgar, Cosmo Canyon, etc. And let's include a much better ending cutscene while we're at it.

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Old 2015-06-20, 14:37   #2
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Default Re: Final Fantasy VII (remake)

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Old 2015-06-20, 22:55   #3

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Default Re: Final Fantasy VII (remake)

I have no idea how much Sony paid Square to get this exclusive, and to be able to show it off on their press conference, but I know for a fact it was worth every single cent.
Easily the biggest announcement of E3 this year, and this year was FILLED with awesome stuff. Dark Souls 3 was announced, they showed a new game where you hunt robot dinosaurs, and Mirror's Edge 2 was shown off, and those were just glossed over by the crazy shit that went down at the Sony conference.

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Old 2015-06-20, 23:13   #4

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Default Re: Final Fantasy VII (remake)

I only played PC games back in the late 90s, FF7 looked kind of neat at the time but I never got to play it. The game hasn't aged particulary well (like most PS1 titles) so it's kind of hard to go back to it.

I'm interested in this but I seriously doubt this game will be out before 2020.

Versus has been in development for how long? almost 10 years now?
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Old 2015-06-20, 23:45   #5
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Default Re: Final Fantasy VII (remake)

They said 2017.

And Versus is XV now.

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Default Re: Final Fantasy VII (remake)

Will there be a lotion edition so I can rub it all over?

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fantasy, final, remake, vii
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