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Default The Long Project Reality Tournaments Chronicle

The Long Project Reality Tournaments Chronicle

A Foreword by Yrkidding:
The Official Project Reality Tournament ran in three phases, C1-5, C6-9, & C10-13, from 2006 to 2018. My involvement began in C10 as an EMF NCO for Rezza’s infantry squad, to an SL & HCO for Cossack’s MRF in C11, SCO for APN in C12, and finally as a tournament admin building & running C13 with Senshi and help from a number of others whom also began preparations for C14 that would ultimately never come to pass.

The PRT was a really interesting “institution”, technically falling under the PR Dev Team who exercised varying levels of control throughout the tournament’s history, and competing with other tournaments hosted by the community. The admin/management team tried different structures and rules, adapting to new strategies, metas, & versions of PR, and tried our best to deliver a balanced experience. Teams were varied, including the legendary NATO - CATA rivalry and all that came with that, and in the C10+ era a variety of teams pulling from different factions and maps.

There are some people on these forums & discord servers that participated in campaigns earlier than I did and could tell you more about how those earlier NATO vs. CATA campaigns went, and perhaps there’s a dinosaur out there who could tell you why the tournament was created in the first place and with what goals, but I can at least speak to the last iterations of the tournament from C10 through C14 and share a bit of insight into the development of these campaigns and my greatest times in PR.

From a practical standpoint, we did our best to create fair and balanced tournaments. It was important that the players felt their team began the tournament with a chance to win it. This wasn’t always the easiest of tasks but it was always worth pursuing to the best of our abilities. We experimented and thought through different structures and point systems. We often assembled a working group before each campaign who could add voices and ideas to those discussions. The role of these PRT vets were greatly appreciated in designing each campaign and picking up some of the workload to make them happen. I’d like to think that structurally, we created the closest thing to balance that we could come up with.

The battles were often intense. Each time a tank or two were destroyed, it was suddenly an opportunity for the other team. Commanders trying to gather that information, then move assets and squads to take advantage of it. Each push was a risky endeavour that could make or break a battle. Each battle was a fight to break ahead, or to tie it up, or a desperate endeavour to catch-up late in a campaign. Before the battle even began, COs, SLs and battle planners were working to figure out the initial deployments, testing timings, assets, and other factors. On other occasions, a defending squad might find themselves humming the Jurassic Park theme song, unoccupied but nonetheless doing necessary work.

Maybe the biggest philosophy was always to mix the community. Unlike some other tournaments or organized clan battles, we didn’t want there to be clan squads or a clan team. Each team was allowed a few SLs from the same clan or group and each squad was allowed a few members from the same clan or group. The remainder had to be composed of other community members. We also accepted almost anyone who applied as long as their application was legitimate and they weren’t on our ban list. There was no prerequisite of experience and if there was a spot available on a team then it was first come, first serve to fill it. What this meant in an ideal situation was that each squad was mixed between a core of veterans and new or inexperienced players, where these newer players could learn and grow as a PR player. It was always our goal to mix the community and share that experience around. You could debate whether or not we succeeded in the goal of creating healthier public play as a result, and I know a few people who ended up playing with questionable characters too, but I know plenty more who found themselves playing with a group of people they’d never forget, connecting with players they might never have met, and welcomed new PR friends for years to come because of the PRT. If nothing else, that may have been the tourney’s greatest legacy, and I’m glad to have been a small part of organizing some of those lasting friendships.

Once again, a thanks goes out to the pre-tourney task forces for contributing your thoughts & ideas, to the admin team including Senshi & Onil who worked to make the C10-era campaigns successful, to the COs, SCOs, officers & battle planners who spent countless mundane hours planning, teaching, & organizing, and to the players who fought through the months of each PRT campaign. A final thanks to Deviro for compiling this brief history of the PRT, it was my hope that the legacy of the tournament might be captured in some way for the community and the PRT vets still kicking around the forums and elsewhere. I saw some of the finest, highest-stakes PR rounds I’ve ever seen through the course of my time with the PRT and I hope you all found enjoyment in the depths of a firefight with everything on the line, in a victory cheer blasting over mumble at the end of a round, or in a casual conversation on Teamspeak with a new brother.

How this project happened:
I've done it again guys: I saw a thread about the history of Project Reality, in this case the tournaments and decided to make something out of it.

But in all seriousness, this isn't my fault. Yrkidding asked me if I wanted to create a project like "Today in PR History" for the PRT and I said why not. I did not expect to find much, that there would be lots of missing data and not be able to even form a chronology of all battles, but I was wrong.

To my surprise the PRT staff doesn't delete anything from their records, only archive them in giant piles that somebody was going to have to go through one day.

All of that info is only available to PRT staff with some serious access privileges, which Yrkidding was gracious enough to lend me. So not everything is verifiable through shenanigans. Which also means you are free to doubt my findings and go look through thousands of threads.

I could've been smart and just used the search function but I wanted to be as thorough as possible. Without manual search, the records presented upon you would've been much less complete.

With all that said, this still won't be as thorough as some might've wished but compromises had to be made. I could've compiled rosters for all teams but I didn't want to stare at lists of names that changed every battle with people resigning and LOA-ing or whatever. Don't get me started on the NATO vs CATA period of tournaments with their 4 team structures.

Some other minor details are missing from some battles, like which sub-team was on which battle or ticket counts but there's only so much I can do and chase after before the scope of the project balloons out of control. Though I managed to include the Contact tournaments because they are an unofficial community effort and the information was very easy to obtain.

Lastly, I wanted to say that this project would not be the same without this thread right here, which was created by Curry and maintained by Onil. And finally - thank you Yrkidding for being the last piece of the domino line that pushed me gently into sitting down and doing this.

I hope my aim of compiling all of this info in one place satisfies some and has a future utility.

  • A single question mark after a detail [X?] means the info is not verified up to my standards: either an official source or 2 different pieces of conversations leading up to the same conclusion;
  • Double question marks after a detail [X??] mean it's an info equivalent to a claim made in a passing conversation. The info is not challenged and therefore remains as a speculation;
  • Just a question mark [?] means I couldn't find the info in question, very rare, but it happened. Some cells are left blank because of similar reasons (or laziness);
  • On rare occasions battles/events were never held for various reasons and are marked with a hyphen [-];
  • For some battles it's very murky whether an event was cancelled, ended up in a draw or something else happened - check the interesting facts section of each tournament for further information - sometimes you will get a good answer, sometimes not. This type of ambiguity applies especially for cases from point 3 and 4 above;
  • I know some of the map names aren't as obvious at they should be but some of them are too long, so I decided to use short hands for all of them to make things look neater and organized.

You have questions or concerns? You think I missed something?
I'm willing to add more tournaments to this spreadsheet if there's interest and reliable sources. I'm also looking for more videos to add to each playlist - if you know of any missing videos related to earlier PRT campaigns feel free to message them to me.

Communication channels are as follows:
Email: [email protected]
My discord: Deviro#8506
Yrkidding: Yrkidding#9049

The clicking game is non existant with this one and this forum doesn't support tables, so the results below are best viewed by downloading the .pdf version:
1) View the .pdf
2) Download .zip (with the extra Tourney Times)(v1.0)

(Thank you Woxbel for helping with the tables!)

This chronology was last edited on 9th of December 2021.

If you've enjoyed this post, feel free to check out the Project Reality Timeline, which is more about PR's long and varied history. In it I've done my best to archive all important events and some minor things that I hope will interest you.

Have fun looking at numbers and dates!

Interesting details in general:
  • The C1-5 tournaments were hosted on Gloryhoundz' servers (trainings and battles)
  • In the early tournaments: While TS was used mainly for comms while playing and forums used mainly to organize and keep track of the tournament, it was encouraged to share other external ways to keep in touch, especially within squads (MSN, email and Xfire)
  • Early on: Even though PR was still very arcadey and closer to BF2 than ever, some people were still sharing and trying RL tactics and formations, using military lingo and the NATO alphabet
  • There were lots of battles in the early tournaments that ended in draws after both commanders agreed to it because of lag or crashes. PR/BF2 was not very stable
  • In early tournaments battle plans were called "strats"
  • "HALO jump/drop" (parachute deployment?) was a term used in early tournaments
  • Up until Mumble came into existence, SLs had to use TS key binds for each squad while playing
  • In the early tournaments trainings and drills were a lot stricter by the looks of it, as opposed to what I saw with the last few PRTs and Contact
  • In a lot of the tournaments one team would do something so unexpected and sometimes egregious that the admins would have to change the rules after the other team started complaining. Some tournaments were landslide for one alliance, another one for the other and in both cases people would accuse the admin team of being biased towards the side that was winning. From what I've seen, rule changes were done to really enforce the tournament ethos and fairness. The admins were constantly trying to keep up with the shenanigans of players who wanted to simply win in a game that was constantly evolving.
  • With all that being said there were still moments of sweetness between the players and admins. Even if a disliked admin left, players would still be sad because of the amount of work and dedication those who ran the tournaments demonstrated.
  • I saw my share of controversies when I played PRT12-C3 but man were there problems like every battle in the earlier ones (PRT1-. Admins had to deal with all sorts of problems and somebody would always find a reason to hate them.
  • In the early tournaments and even around C9 it was a common desire to start the next tournament as soon as possible. Sometimes a new version of PR:BF2 impeded that but players wanted a fresh start ASAP.
  • Looking at the scores it really becomes apparent why there were so many campaign landslides victories for CATA. It was the same people on the same sides almost every tournament. There was a team/tribe mentality to it. NATO always played Blufor factions and CATA always the Opfor side. Something the latter campaigns (post C9 and Contact) would abolish. The theme of East vs West, Good vs Evil or however you want to see it, would be gone with the mixed factions but it was so much more balanced and dynamic, instead of losing or winning every battlecycle.


Players were assigned to their squads on 21st Feb 2006

Interesting details:
  • C1 was a trial/beta
  • It was debated which maps on each battle night should be played multiple times like Kark 2 and some just once
  • Battles every 2 weeks after Kark2
  • UK_Force was the head of the tournament
  • requiem, rhino, eggman and other devs played in it
  • 10 planned battles, gamemodes: AAS, CQ
  • This tournament is perhaps the most poorly documented one out there. For example, B3 (Oman) was deemed as a draw after the server lagged out. But according to some, after the campaign ended, it was awarded to ARRC and that's how the tourney ended in a draw. I've seen claims that the last played battle (Drg Vlly) was won by each side but ultimately decided a null because of EJOD shenanigans. It's just a mess, I wish I could've understood it myself.

 Map        ARRC    EJOD   Date    Notes  
 Kark1      L?      W?     11/03   prep
 Kark1      0       4      18/03
 Kark2      4       0      25/03
 Oman       W?      draw   08/04   lag
 Dalian     L       211?   22/04
 Stl Thn    draw    draw   13/05   crash
 Drg Vlly   8xx??   0?     27/05   drama
 -          -       -      03/06   caned
End Result:
ARRC [2] - [2] EJOD


Sign-ups in 7th June 2006

Interesting details:
  • Teams: NODFOR - US&UK; ASOG - MEC
  • There was a vote to extend C2 by 2 or 4 more battles and most people agreed to it but it was eventually decided to make a mini campaign before C3. But because of v0.4 the idea was dropped
  • This early on there was a "Tourney Times" newspaper/comics made by Fullforce, little community efforts like this continued for quite a few tournaments

 Map       NODF       ASOG     Date
 Mutrah    325?       L        01/07
 Mashtr    0          412      15/07
 Jabal     0          111      29/07
 KarkN     344        0        12/08
 Zatar     336        0        26/08
End Result:
NODFOR [3] - [2] ASOG


Commander sign ups started 3rd Oct 2006

Interesting details:
  • Originally planned as an 8-week minimum campaign with 2-week BCs
  • Because of v0.4s release in Nov, C3 was going to be an experiment. Multiple maps/matches played every Saturday, less planning and training
  • The teams were planned to roll into C4 directly when v0.4 came out, same names and same squad compositions
  • Battle night 1 (14th Oct 2006) was delayed because of how unready the teams and the admins were at the time
  • Battle night 2 results are shrouded in mystery as the only info I could find on it was a vague AAR that didn't use absolute terms
  • Battle night 3 (4th Nov 2006) was canned after low turnout from both teams
  • This was one of the quickest tournaments, battles lasted for 4 weeks, only 2 nights being played and the whole thing lasted less than 6 weeks
  • The "BC" (battlecylce) abbreviation is used for the lack of a better term

 BC        Map        NARF     PELA     Date
 1         Dalian     264      0        21/10
           Kyong      354      0                        
           Hongsh     61       0
 2         Jungle     ?        L?       28/10           
           Zhanji     W?       ?                        
           Songhua    ?        L??                     
 3         Mao Vall   -        -        04/11           
           Steel Th   -        -                        
           Dragon     -        -
End Result:
NARFOR [6?] - [0] PELA


Sign-ups opened on 13th Nov 2006

Interesting details:
  • ARRC - US&UK, RFAD - MEC&Ins
  • 5 battles with an option to increase it to 7
  • Bunnyhopping/dolphin diving was a thing

 Map       ARRC       RFAD     Date
 Oman      45         514      02/12                    
 Mullet    190        0        16/12                    
 EJOD      0          208      06/01                    
 Jabal     0          297      20/01                    
 Falujah   W          L        03/02
End Result:
ARRC [2] - [3] RFAD


Commander sign ups on 17th March
Announced on 29th March
Sign-ups started on 1st April 2007

Interesting details:
  • Team abbreviations stand for:
    • BCST - British Combined Services Taskforce
    • USEF - United States Expeditiary Force
    • PELA - People's Elite Liberation Army
    • MEDI - Middle East Defense Initiative
  • First tournament with 4 teams, each one corresponding to GB, US, PLA, MEC (respectively)
  • After BC3 ended a pause was initiated due to lack of players and rumours of PR v0.6 release. Sign-ups were to open when the admins figured out how many players each team needed
  • Sign-ups opened again on 27th of June, signalling the start of PHASE II, remaining battles would be on the upcoming v0.6 (Jul 17)
  • A real (or most likely a practice) battle was to happen on the 30th Jun using v0.6 beta but due to logistical errors it seems to have been cancelled
  • Pause and signups for Phase II ended on 22nd Jul
  • Scrim battle with mixed teams on 25/08 was held as a way to close the tournament

 BC        Map        Team 1   Team 2   Date    Result  
 1         Ghost      BCST     PELA     12/05   T1      
           Phoenix    USEF     MEDI     13/05   0-280   
 2         Qwai       USEF     PELA     26/05   0-65    
           Helmand    BCST     MEDI             0-171? 
 3         Hamyong    BCST     PELA     09/06   0-220   
           EJOD       USEF     MEDI             0-128   
 4         Mestia     BCST     MEDI     04/08   0-642   
           Kyong      USEF     PELA             T1    
 5         7 Gates    BCST     PELA     18/08   0-478   
           Kashan     USEF     MEDI             0-322

End Results:
 Side      Team       Points                            
 Blufor    BCST       1                                 
           USEF       1              
 Opfor     PELA       3                                 
           MEDI       5
Opfor (best team: MEDI)

Playlist of a few videos.

NATO 1, 2 vs CATA 1, 2

Soldier sign ups 10th Nov 2007

Interesting details:
  • C5 teams transitioned into: USEF->NATO1, BCST->NATO2; MEDI->CATA1, PELA->CATA2
  • Both alliances started with a pool of points and territories
  • (?)This tournament's objective was to retain as many points as possible at the end of the campaign. Commanders could invest the points as tickets into different battles and hedge their bets
  • When PR:BF2 v0.7 was released on 31st Dec the BCs started
  • Opening Ceremony battle (on Fools R and Qinling) was organized for the 5th of Jan, but it didn't count towards final score
  • On 12/05 the campaign was put on a 2 week pause (until 24th) due to issues that occurred in the original BC7 matches (10/05), BR was to be put to monitor and resolve future post-match disputes. Kufrah was to be replayed on the 24th and Qinling was deemed void and then reinstated
  • 07/06 was not held because admins didn't show up, scrims were played instead on Qwai (N2vC1) and Oman (N1vC2)
  • On 04/07 ticket pools of both alliances were cut by half to expedite the end of the tournament, also amount of tickets that could be invested per battle was increased from 900 to 1200, a lot of players were unhappy (NATO = 4349, CATA = 4640).
  • On 12/07 it was announced BC10 would be last, to make way for C7 and a fresh start

 BC        Map        NATO     CATA     Date    Teams   
 1         Basrah     0        5c       16/02   N1-C1   
           Kyong      81       324              N2-C2   
 2         Fools R    82       0        01/03   N1-C1   
           Sunset     0        82               N2-C2  
 3         Jabal      138      0        15/03   N1-C1   
           Ghost      0        217              N2-C2   
 4         EJOD       0        101      29/03   N1-C1   
           Ming       0        45               N2-C2  
 5         Zatar      0        35       12/04   N1-C1   
           Qinling    0        193              N2-C2   
 6         Fools R    135      0        26/04   N1-C2   
           Fools R    74       0                N2-C1   
 7         Kufrah     0        186      10/05   N2-C1   
           Qinling    266      0        24/05   N1-C2   
 8         Kyong      172      0        21/06   N1-C2   
           EJOD       0        165?             N2-C1   
 9         Kashan     267      0        05/07   N1-C2   
           Kufrah     draw     draw     crash   N2-C1   
 10        Ghost      0        333      19/07   N1-C2   
           Kashan     0        358              N2-C1
End Results:
 Side      Team       Wins                              
 NATO      1          6                                 
           2          1                          
 CATA      1          6                                
           2          6

Playlist of a few videos.

NATO 1, 2 vs CATA 1/3, 2

Commanders announced 2nd Aug 2008
Sign-ups: 12th Oct 2008

Interesting details:
  • Both teams start with 7500 tickets and 11 territories, max inv of 700 per BC
  • Can generate tickets every BC with remaining tickets from battle, plus 25 per country it's still holding and mainbase gives 100, campaign map
  • On BC2 there was no BR on battle servers and complaints couldn't be investigated, it was promised all future C7 battles would have BR files
  • "The C7 Crisis" - this is a very big and elaborate topic that is hard to talk about. I've done my best to give you a summary of it here and name as few people as possible. This is my interpretation of what happened based on what I've read. On the 10th of January 2009, Alex L. - the new tourney lead, posted a report regarding the recently ongoing problems (since mid Nov). The report outlines various conflicts between the admins, the previous tourney lead and the players. Some people wanted the tourney lead to be removed and brought it up to R-DEV UK_Force, eventually also created a petition. The tourney lead read the PMs of players wanting him to be removed. Another admin brought that up to UK_Force but also leaked it to a commander, which made the info spread even more. Things got so bad that UK_Force had to intervene and in the end a bunch of changes were made on how the tournament functions:
    • A notification must be given when reading other users PMs or logging in as them
    • A new route to send complaints against tournament leads was established
    • An NDA was signed by the admins to prevent future leaks
    • The two admins in question were kept but their roles and powers diminished
    • Several players involved in the background shenanigans, including the commander the admin leaked the info to, were suspended from the next 3 battles
  • Because of the abovementioned events a lot of CATA1 members resigned and caused drama. CATA1 was dissolved on the 15th of Jan and CATA 3 took its place. Sign-ups were opened later that month to fill up the vacancies

 BC   Map       NATO   CATA   Date    Teams  
 1    Tad Sae   266    0      15/11   N1-C2  
      Kufrah    111    0              N2-C1  
 2    7 Gates   251    0      29/11   N1-C2  
      Mutrah    0      71             N2-C1  
 3    Brcda     86     0      13/12   N1-C2  
      Jabal     0      211            N2-C1  
 4    Qinling   1      0      21/02   N1-C2  
      EJOD      0      1              N2-C3  
 5    Mutrah    0      78     07/03   N1-C2  
      Tad Sae   246    0      14/03   N2-C3  
 6    Sunset    0      152    28/03   N1-C2  
      Ming      30     0              N2-C3  
 7    Ming      0      98     11/04   N1-C2  
      Ghost     0      112            N2-C3  
 8    Qwai      0      200    25/04   N1-C2  
      Kashan    126    0              N2-C3
End Results:
 Side   Team   Wins   Points  
 NATO   1      4      5802    
        2      4              
 CATA   1/3    3      3973    
        2      5

Playlist of a few videos.

Unified NATO (Alpha & Bravo) vs CATA 2, 3

Supreme commanders announced 8th Aug 2009
Sign-ups: 22nd Aug 2009

Interesting details:
  • Format similar to C7
  • Featured a campaign map with a new timeline functionality to keep track of things
  • The map pre and post BC1, orange areas are neutral
  • This tournament solidified the of the use the term "battle plans"
  • On BC2 Ramiel a single area attack strike from NATO destroyed 3 caches
  • There was lots of drama around BC3 Op. Archer. The tactics used by the Opfor side really showed how unsuitable the Ins gamemode is for the PRT and why it was eventually never played again in later tournaments
  • In multiple battles there was discussion to switch over to Mumble completely and ditch TS, in BC6 (and maybe beyond) it was mandatory
  • It was deemed unnecessary for grunts from different squads to talk to each other locally trough Mumble, does this mean Mumble was already used for local chat in PR by some servers at least?
  • Even before BC7 everybody was talking about C9
  • Even with so many defeats NATO kept playing and never capitulated, props to that

 BC   Map       NATO   CATA   Date    Teams  
 1    Mutrah    0      245    19/09   NA-C3  
      Kozelsk   0      233            NB-C2  
 2    Fools R   8      164    03/10   NA-C2  
      Ramiel    38     0              NB-C3  
 3    Archer    0?     2c?    17/10   NB-C3  
      Mestia    0      158    31/10   NA-C2  
 4    Kashan    0      369    14/11   NA-C3  
      Asad      0      355            NB-C2  
 5    Kufrah    0      416?   12/12   NA-C3  
      Falujah   0      1c??           NB-C2  
 6    EJOD      0      329    16/01   NA-C2  
      Jabal     0      270            NB-C3  
 7    Qwai      0      234    30/01   NA-C2  
      Ghost     0      220            NB-C3
End Results:
Side Team Wins
 NATO   A      0?    
        B      1     
 CATA   3      5?    
        2      7

Playlist of a few videos.

PRT C8.5

"Coming soon" 8th March 2010
Sign-ups around 22nd March 2010

Interesting details:
  • In the downtime between C8 and C9 there were supposed to be monthly events to keep the playerbase engaged around the 27th of Feb the idea evolved into a mini campaign format, the downtime was because the website was being updated
  • 8 planned battles every Sunday; winner decided by amounts of victories, not tickets
  • A partial aim of the admins was to test maps but the players disliked Qinling (CNC) and Ochamicira to the point where the admins thought it was better to end the tourney before battle 8.

 Map       NATO   CATA   Date   
 Yamalia   12     271    28/03  
 Qwai      0      142    04/04  
 Beirut    0      66     11/04  
 Qinling   0      266    18/04  
 Fools R   0      60     25/04  
 Mutrah    0      259    02/05  
 Ocham     ?      ?      09/05
End Result:
NATO [0?] - [6?] CATA


Playlist with videos.

NATO Alpha & Bravo/Charlie vs Unified CATA

Commander sign-ups, 1 Aug 2010
Commander presentation, 3 Sept 2010
Scoring and format, 9 Sept 2010
Teams announced, 13 Sept 2010
Sign ups announced, 22 Sept 2010
Sign ups reopen pending, 25 Sept 2010
New Sign up date, 26 Sept 2010
Sign ups are open, 2 Oct 2010
BC1 announcer, 30 Oct 2010

Interesting details:
  • Around mid-March 2011 there were plans to make a mini campaign after C9 - a 6-week tournament called "PRT Deathmatch".
  • New forums around New Year's or shortly after (2010/2011)
  • Around this tournament the admins were fighting spam accounts advertising random products. Seems like the bane of every 2010 forum
  • [??]In a thread about NATOs history somebody claims the origin of NATO Charlie is Bravo and it happened around 1st of Jan 2011
  • BC4 Yamalia (18th of Dec) was played on Vehicle Warfare gamemode
  • In a goodbye thread a CATA member claims BC10 Kokan crashed with NATO [90] - [3c] CATA and Ramiel was called off due to forfeit by NATO

 BC   Map       NATO   CATA   Date    Teams  
 1    Dragon    draw   draw   06/11   NB     
      Karbala   0      50             NA     
 2    Qwai      0      133    20/11   NA     
      Iron R    0      260            NB     
 3    Jabal     107    0      04/12   NA     
      Beirut    0      100            NB     
 4    Yamalia   200    0      18/12   NA     
      Qinling   0      297            NB     
 5    Bracda    0      104    15/01   NA     
      Mutrah    178    0              NC     
 6    Kozelsk   0      115    29/01   NA     
      Kozelsk   0      288            NC     
 7    Kashan    0      165    12/02   N?     
      Fools     ?      ?              N?     
 8    Falujah   L      W      26/02   N?     
      Gaza      0      60             N?     
 9    Asad      0      390?   12/03   N?     
      Dragon    0      14?            N?     
 10   Kokan     draw   draw   26/03   N?     
      Ramiel    draw   draw           N?
End of campaign (tally), 30 Mar 2011

End Result:
NATO [8] - [32] CATA

Playlist of a few videos.


First announcement (aka CX), indefinite delay and cancelation, 20 Sept 2011
Second announcement and return of PRT, 31 Aug 2014
SCO/CO's announced, 8 Sept 2014
Timeline, Mapboard and more info, 21 Sept 2014
Teams assigned, 24 Sept 2014
  • PAC: SCO - Spook; CO - Cruzmissile
  • EMF: SCO - Norby; CO - Snipd

Interesting details:
  • The CX version of this tournament in 2011 was cancelled due to unpreparedness from the admin team and some behind the scenes drama
  • What would many consider to be the first modern PRT, with a revised admin, website and team structures. Which lead to some of the best and most balanced campaigns in PR's history
  • There was a survey held mid tournament to gauge players opinions on how well the tournament was functioning.

Recaps and sitreps:
  • PB 1, PB 2, B 1, B 2, B 3, B 4, B 5, B 6, B 7, B 8, B 9, B 10 - draw, B 11 and end

Map        PAC   EMF   Date   
 Jabal      50    0     11/10  
 Beirut     130   0     25/10  
 Ia Drang   0     42    08/11  
 Marlin     451   0     22/11  
 Mutrah     275   0     06/12  
 Kozelsk    0     270   10/01  
 Kashan     0     87    24/01  
 Iron R     0     139   07/02  
 Xiang      287   0     21/02  
 Burning    32    0     07/03  
 Dovre W    0     62    21/03  
 Khami      341   0     04/04  
 Sarema     0     19    25/04
End result:
PAC [5] - [6] EMF

Playlist of videos.


Announcement and looking for more staff, 17, Aug 2015
SCO/COs announced. Officer Sign ups open, 9 Sept 2015
Soldier sign-ups, 21 Sept 2015
Teams assigned, 22 Sept 2015

Interesting details:
  • B5 on Dragon Fly (12/12) is regarded as one of the most memorable battles in the modern PRT era. It was a 4 hour (max time limit in a round) stalemate and the final ticket difference was by 1.

  • PB 1, 2; KaB's minimod test
  • B 1, B 2, B 3, B 4, B 5, B 6, B 7, B 8, B 9, B 10 and end

 Map         PDI   MRF   Date   
 Marlin      42    0     03/10  
 Burning     76    0     17/10  
 Yamalia     126   0     31/10  
 Xiang       0     129   14/11  
 Wanda       0     69    28/11  
 Dragon      87    88    12/12  
 Grozny      0     36    16/01  
 Kozelsk     40    0     30/01  
 Dovre       50    0     27/02   
 Blck Gold   129   0     12/03  
 Nuijama     243   0     26/03  
 Khami       229   0     16/04
End result:
PDI [15] - [9] MRF

Thread with videos of all trackers.
Playlist of videos.


Announcement and looking for more staff, 29 Aug 2016
SCO/CO sign-ups open, 3 Sept 2016
SCO/CO announced, 12 Sept 2016
Officer sign-ups, 1 Oct 2016
Teams assigned, 17 Oct 2016
SITREP #3.5, signature winners, 2 Jan 2017
Page with links to replays of each battle, 12 Apr 2020

Propaganda threads for APN, EMC.

 Map       APN   EMC   Date   
 Marlin    0     38    05/11  
 Burning   139   0     19/11  
 Xiang     107   0     03/12  
 Wanda     0     35    17/12  
 Fools R   0     187   14/01  
 Grozny    201   0     28/01  
 Sarema    0     102   11/02  
 Vadso     0     92    25/02
End result:
APN [2] - [8] EMC

Playlist of videos.


Announcement SCO/CO sign ups, 18 Aug 2017
SCO/CO announced, 28 Aug 2017
Officer sign-ups, 9 Sept 2017
Grunt sign-ups, 16 Sept 2017
Battlecycles, Operations and Scoring, 24 Sept 2017
Page with links to replays of each battle, 12 Apr 2020

Interesting details:
  • Last official PRT campaign.

  • PB 1, PB 2, B 1, B 2, B 3, B 4, B 5, B 6, B 7, B 8, B 9 and end

 Map       VOG   RPX   Date   
 Dovre W   0     182   07/10  
 Xiang     0     10    21/10  
 Yamalia   0     25    04/11  
 Nuijama   58    0     18/11  
 Sarema    85    0     02/12  
 Sbeneh    0     15    16/12  
 Khami     125   0     13/01  
 Yamalia   0     137   27/01  
 Nuijama   8     0     10/02  
 Sarema    55    0     24/02  
 Sbeneh    64    0     24/03
End result:
VOG [805] - [650] RPX

Playlist of videos.


Announcement, 6th Jan 2019
Rules and format, 5th Apr 2019

Interesting details:
  • Work on PRT C14 started but due to staffing and playerbase reasons it never reached a state where it would've met the standards of the PRT to be run.
  • Due to the absence of the PRT and the PR community wanting a tournament experience PRTA decided to organize its own event and make it as similar to PRT as possible. The Contact tournaments are regarded as an unofficial community continuation of the PRT.
  • B1 on Thunder (23/02) features one of the most bizarre teamkills I've ever seen in PR, period. If you go to 2:57:10 in the tracker file you can see an injured tank rolling over a friendly rally (south of 2nd flag for US) which damages it enough to set it on fire, resulting in its death and the 2-man crew. Because the game doesn't know what a damage from a rally collision looks like, this teamkill is not even on the kill feed.

Info and recaps:
 Map       BGB   RIF   Date   
 Dovre W   0     63    26/01  
 Marlin    172   0     09/02  
 Thunder   14    0     23/02  
 Fools R   0     67    09/03  
 Ulya      0     32    23/03  
 Khami     0     64    06/04  
 Sbeneh    87    0     04/05  
 Falcon    0     70    18/05
End result:
BGB [41] - [55] RIF

Playlist of videos.


Announcement, 30th Nov 2019

Sign-ups and schedule, 7th Dec 2019

  • PB 1, PB 2, B 1, B 2

Interesting details:
  • The format twist with this tournament was modified factions for all maps. For example Route 109 was played with FR vs GER instead of the vanilla NL vs RUS.

Map        GSI   PRF   Date   
 Marlin     0     30    18/01  
 Wanda      0     335   02/02  
 Route      0     274   15/02  
 Sarema     0     267   29/02  
 Blck Gld   -     -
Premature end, 15th Mar 2020


Playlist of videos.

PR Boomers, Zero Hoots, Carebears, DUPA, United, 82nd

Prep-meeting announcement, 20th Oct 2020
Task Force sign-ups, 12th Nov 2020
Announcement thread, 1st Dec 2020
Sign-ups, 15th Dec 2020
Mid tournament call for more platoons, 26th Mar 2021

Interesting details:
  • This was a ladder type of tournament where platoons comprised teams and had to work with and against each other every battle or so. The plan was to play enough amount of battles to create a ranking and eventually a clear winner would emerge.
  • B4 on Saaremaa (27/02) was deemed void after the admins found evidence of cheating by members of the Zero Hoots platoon

Map       Blufor         Redfor         Winner   Date   
 Yamalia   DP, PRB, UTD   82, CB, ZH     B        16/01  
 Grozny    CB, DP, ZH     82, PRB, UTD   B        30/01  
 Ulya      82, PRB, ZH    CB, DP, UTD    B        13/02  
 Sarema    82, UTD, ZH    CB, DP, PRB    draw     27/02  
 Beirut    82, DP, ZH     CB, PRB, UTD   R        13/03  
 Dovre W   82, DP, PRB    CB, UTD, ZH    R        10/04  
 Route     DP, PRB, ZH    82, CB, UTD    B        24/04  
 Shijia    82, PRB, ZH    CB, DP, UTD    B        08/05
End results:
 Team   W/L  
 PRB    5-2  
 ZH     5-2  
 CB     3-4  
 DP     3-4  
 UTD    3-4  
 82     2-5
No end post was made despite the promise.
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Default Re: The Long Project Reality Tournaments Chronicle

I only played the last PR contact tournament, but those rounds were some of the most fun PR rounds I ever played. Very nicely balanced and great teamwork all around.

"We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight! We're going to live on, we're going to survive.' Today we celebrate our independence day!"
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Default Re: The Long Project Reality Tournaments Chronicle

Great list you compiled here

You might have forgotten TART And the FH tournament?

Teamwork and Reality Tournament:

Xact Wicca is The Joker. That is all.
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Default Re: The Long Project Reality Tournaments Chronicle

Originally Posted by BigBigMonkeyMan View Post
I only played the last PR contact tournament, but those rounds were some of the most fun PR rounds I ever played. Very nicely balanced and great teamwork all around.

Any Youtbe Link of any of the Tournaments (the post is too long still haven't read it), l never participated in those events due to the perceived toxicity and post trash talks
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Default Re: The Long Project Reality Tournaments Chronicle

Originally Posted by Brotherscompany View Post
Any Youtbe Link of any of the Tournaments (the post is too long still haven't read it), l never participated in those events due to the perceived toxicity and post trash talks

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Default Re: The Long Project Reality Tournaments Chronicle

Cool project, gonna have to look through it more closely at a later point.

To add to your findings, here's what I've archived after hosting the servers for C12 and C13. It's demos, trackers, kill logs and some scoreboard screenshots.

I did host some for C11 as well, but I didn't organize those files at the time. I do probably have those demos somewhere as well. Also chat logs etc are probably collecting dust in some backup.
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Default Re: The Long Project Reality Tournaments Chronicle

Not important to the overall history of the PRT, but it would be nice to see it noted. Back in C10/C11 I wanna say, Wicca, myself and accouple others helped the PRT teams by organizing simultaneous scrims against the PRT teams

And if you wanted to extend it further to the general tournament/competitive play of Project Reality, we also had the SEA vs OCE stuff.

ANZAC vs Japan 1
ANZAC vs Korea
ANZAC vs China
ANZAC vs Japan 2

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Default Re: The Long Project Reality Tournaments Chronicle

Some great people were met during these tournaments, I started in C9.

Here's some of my thoughts:
- Look at the CATA streak in C8 and C8.5 going into C9. CATA is dominating but then in C9 for like over 10 maps NATO A won a map. That was a special moment for me, I wasn't a veteran from the previous tournaments at that point I still felt how much it ment to those guys. Operation Hammer of God

- I'm not sure if it actually was the case but it felt like NATO were losing players and replacing them while CATA generally had 2 really coherent teams. I'm sure adding to the lopsidedness of it.

- Those pre- C10 tournaments seemed to be even more full of useless drama, and the rules were pretty dumb too. The WINNER chose map which makes fuck all sense. And of course there were rules like no shooting into other mainbases, and the zones were defined on the rules. So NATO picked VW after Jabal and won, picked Barracuda after that. The plan there was to drop into the mainbase of the Chinese and hope they fired at us from within the no-fire zone and therefore NATO would win due to rulebreak.

- The tournaments really expose the maps and how they are not balanced for any organized play. So much back and forth were had over infantry weapons over asset advantage.

- Post C9 tournaments much came down to the team that attacked the other one lost too many tickets and lost out in the end.

- My personal favorite is in C10 Marlin were the round was over in something like 30 minutes. Everyone was shocked. The Lithuanians roleplaying sunflowers...Perfect...

What would be really great is if someone still has all the round end scoreboards for the older tournaments before the beauty of tracker.

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Default Re: The Long Project Reality Tournaments Chronicle

Appreciate the work you guys did on this!

I remember I was only 14 when I started on these tournaments. I'm 26 now and always look back on how those were the best gaming experiences I had as a kid. Communication, Teamwork, 64 players, it was insane. Met a lot of phenomenal guys from all over the world, some of them are absolute legends in these tournaments!

Hey! Anyone remember that miserable Battle of Fallujah, C9? When a special player (you know who you are), as an insurgent, picked up a US MG kit and butchered the entire NATO team with it! He had to have racked up almost 100 kills with it. It was crazy haha

So many great memories. Thank you for this!
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Default Re: The Long Project Reality Tournaments Chronicle

Found one from my archives C12 EMC rollout on Marlin
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