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22 Oct 2021, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2021-10-18, 18:49   #31
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Default Re: Recoil has destroyed gunplay

Originally Posted by dcm View Post
I notice. It's my job to notice little things like that.
What job?! Who is paying you?!

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Old 2021-10-19, 10:09   #32
Default Re: Recoil has destroyed gunplay

After getting used to the recoil update l think l have a clearer opinion about it.

First the positives aspects:

- You cant lazer beam people anymore with high RPM weapons
- Semi-auto is actually a viable in CQB (not even going to mention Close-Medium range because it was already a viable option in the past alongside full auto).

Negative aspects:

Semi auto was intended to be a alternative to full auto by being able to precisely hit your shots like you guys said multiple times, as it stands players just simply spam the fuck out of single mode without being accurate and get a kill (its the META)
-Full auto a scoped weapon its almost a death sentence, this freaking sucks to people that suffer from FPS issues like myself due to the game engine the scope was the only way to make the game playable inside urban areas and some woodland maps
- The hipfire is so unreliable due to the new recoil, going around the corner and missing my shots on someone laying down 1-2m away from me and dying because of it
- Burst fire is completely destroyed, l feel more secured going on Semi-auto into buildings than burst mode, the recoil is all over the place
- Semi auto is too strong and full auto is almost unriable in CQB like 5-10m distances you will get yourself killed for using full auto, this has happened multiple times not only to me but other players which leads to my other complain semi auto is too strong and it almost on the same level as full auto at distances which it shouldn't even be the case
- Might be me but handguns feel worse now, and l have been SL a lot could just be me didnt saw anyone else mention it.

I still hate this update but l see its point but it still needs tweaking as it stands sometimes it makes no sense. Reduce semi auto effectiveness in CQB l shouldn't be killing someone in full auto cause lm spamming the fuck auto of single, slightly reduce the recoil so people dont get killed in CQB using full auto and so that hipfire doesnt miss as well, but no so you cant fill auto at Close-Medium distance - this video illustrates the current situation of the recoil in extreme CQB (1-2m), burst mode and hip fire, it shows the dude missing almost all shots even though he had to compensate for the other player going down the wall he landed 1 shot on the ground and all the others missed
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Old 2021-10-19, 22:06   #33
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Thumbs up Re: Recoil has destroyed gunplay

I finally had time to play a couple of rounds since the update and I have to say that I really like the changes.

Shooting semi on short-mid ranges, esp. with guns like the G36, is way more satisfying now and finally the better option (again). Also spraying a full mag at very short ranges still works fine.

I wasn't able to test all of the main rifles, but I'm enjoying the recoil update so far.

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Old 2021-10-20, 01:46   #34
Default Re: Recoil has destroyed gunplay

I cant get used to these new changes. And I dont think it's muscle memory related. Yes you may have evened out the performance gap between low and high rof weapons. But, semi auto and burst fire feel worse, objectively worse. Doesn't matter what range. The guns somehow feel less controllable in single fire. I could not hit an insurgent sapper 5m from me who was prone and facing away planting an ied. He got up to ran and pulled out his pistol and turned around and got me. This shouldn't happen at all!

On Basrah; I was about 20m from another insurgent sapper who was walking, not running in an open field in the desert. I was using ironsight l85a2 and I could not hit him for shit. I'm a pretty good shot with ironsights, but all my shots were missing. I wasn't even actively compensating for recoil at that time, I was letting the gun ride the recoil and only repositioning the sights after the gun had stopped recoiling visually. I ran up to him and we had a semi auto duel. We both had to reload and I swapped to full auto. I only won because I had full auto. His pistol got me black and white.

On Bamyan; I was taliban medic with SKS. I chased an american sniper on the big hill. He turned around and shot at me with his pistol. I dumped a whole mag in his direction. Only when I had to reload did he get me.

Just recently like 15-20 minutes ago. I was USMC combat engineer on fallujah. I had M4 with the Eotech. I saw an insurgent like 15m away from planting an ied. I opened fire and hit him once. He ran behind cover, I moved up and was still on single fire. I could not hit him. He got me good. No time to drop patch. Reload and swap to burst fire. We both rounded the same corner and I got him on the 4th or 5th burst. I was actively compensating for recoil that time. Same round, I spawn on fob and there's a civi. I move into arrest him with cuffs, he picks up a usmc kit and demolishes me in semi auto, while my gun is still doing the long ass draw animation.

Look I'm not saying to revert the changes wholesale. I'm saying you gotta do something to balance out single shot performance. Because semi auto and burst fire is especially weak. Full auto is somehow more powerful. Full auto rifle users have never had it easier but everyone else who relies on aimed rapid fire is horribly screwed.
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Old 2021-10-20, 21:22   #35

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Default Re: Recoil has destroyed gunplay

I really like the new changes overall.

Machine Guns are a little weird, but its something that can be trained around.

"It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog."
-Mark Twain

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