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22 Oct 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2010-12-06, 19:00   #1
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Arrow C9-3 Signups Open!

C9-3 Signups are now open!

You can sign up in this thread here.
Good luck to all!

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Old 2010-12-08, 13:54   #2
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Default Re: C9-3 Signups Open!

Sign-ups are still open!

Get in while you still can. CATA still has 4 spots to fill.

Discipline, Dedication, Honor and the Ultimate PR Experience!

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Old 2010-12-10, 16:04   #3
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Default Re: C9-3 Signups Open!

I would sign up if I could...

don't miss out on this chance people!

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Old 2010-12-13, 15:35   #4
Default Re: C9-3 Signups Open!

I wish to sign up to this but cant find the details part where i have to copy and paste... could you send pls
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Old 2010-12-13, 15:40   #5
Default Re: C9-3 Signups Open!

Ingame Name: =BB=Wez2007
Location:Swindon, England
Officer Y/N:N
Squad Leader Experience Y/N:Y

Preferred Army: NATO Alpha/NATO Bravo/CATA

Date Registered on PR Forum:09-28-2009
Previous Clan/Tournament Experience:None

Available for most practices & Battles:Yes
Activity on forums: (Times per week)10+

Tell us something about yourself: I'm a veteran at pr now after playing it for a few years... My favourable Assets are Medic,Sniper,Squad Leader, Trans Huey, All Apc's...I'm just an all round player who thrives on working as a team and is tactically minded in game.
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Old 2010-12-13, 15:57   #6

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Default Re: C9-3 Signups Open!

=BB=Wez2007, I'm sorry to disappoint you but the sign ups were closed yesterday..

To sign up you need to create an account on the tournament forums and wait for sign-ups to open again:
Project Reality Tournament Forums

I suggest you check this thread ("How Do I Sign Up?"):
How Do I Sign Up? - Project Reality Tournament Forums

In there they explain how to sign up but if you got more questions you might find the answers in the FAQ or by using the search option on the tournament forums. If you still can't the answers after trying the above you can always create a thread or post on the tournament forums.

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Old 2010-12-13, 17:04   #7
Default Re: C9-3 Signups Open!

cheers dude.. done now... wasnt there something about reservation sign up so incase some dont bother playing etc
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Old 2010-12-13, 17:38   #8

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Default Re: C9-3 Signups Open!

Originally Posted by =BB=Wez2007 View Post
cheers dude.. done now... wasnt there something about reservation sign up so incase some dont bother playing etc
Yes, the sign-ups you missed now was number 3.. It's likely that there will be some more when teams run out of players due to inactivity and/or resignations. We are currently preparing for the 4th battlecycle of C9 and there will be 10 battlecycles before they reveal the winning team.

As far as I know, the admins will also post a heads-up on the tournament forums before the opening of the sign-ups but that heads-up can be anywhere from a week to a few hours in advance. However the sign-ups may be open for a few days depending on the amount of spots and players signing up.

The time will be given in PRT, the clock can be found at the top of the PR tournament website. Important events will also be on the countdown clock, like Battle 4 is atm so it's possible/likely that the next sign-ups will be on as well..

My best guess right now is that there will be new sign-ups early 2011 after the holidays since that's usually the case.

I hope that answers your question, I'm actually pretty sure it will.

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