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Old 2007-08-23, 21:13   #11
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Sweet, I get the weekend off
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Old 2007-08-23, 21:33   #12
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Massive Games are always fast and furious in MP. I think it represents the constant confusion and need to adapt of combat very well, however the problem you guys have is that you start close together and so forces smash into each other very quickly with little room for manuver before had. If the maps were a larger it would have much more "depth" as you put it. Also, the fact that you as an individual only control 1 part of the force, and that role is restricted means you will always have limited depth for the individual. If the team works together it requires a lot of tactics and teamwork. If they increased map size

You would however, I suspect, absolutely love what I suspect the single player will be like. It'll be slow paced as you will have to keep your force going on only what you start with (at most, very minimal reinforcement), control the whole battle group (similar to the low number game play in the MP mode) rather than a portion of it and work over much larger maps where you wont be running into a continual flow of enemy forces, but rather will be dealing with fortified positions and patrols on the offensive or performing the same actions for yourself on the defense. Things like formations, keeping tanks facing the enemy, supression fire and avoiding freindly fire are VERY important

If you want a sample of that (or simply want to play an utterly fantastic game ) you can download Ground Control (an earlier game from Massive) for free from Fileplanet

It may be old and set in the future, but damn, it can be realistic. Especially on harder settings where your tactics become even more important!

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Old 2007-08-23, 21:44   #13

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That trailer looks epic, man the beta was pretty good, if the demo is good I may have to get it
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Old 2007-08-23, 22:22   #14

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I hope it isnt like Joint Task Force 2. That game looked great but was a massive epic fail!

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Old 2007-08-24, 03:55   #15

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Company of Heroes.

Now that is an RTS.
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Old 2007-08-24, 08:55   #16
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I hated the MP beta, but like Bob Marley said, hopefully the SP turns out to be decent and slower-paced, because I still really, really want to like this game :\
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Old 2007-08-24, 08:59   #17
Rambo Hunter

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Hm, i may have to get this. I didn;t get the beta, but since this has SP i think i'll give it a go

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Old 2007-08-24, 09:12   #18

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Yea SP might be fun. The MP got really really old for me fast though.

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Old 2007-08-24, 14:20   #19

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Demo available high noon (E.S.T.)

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Old 2007-08-24, 14:28   #20

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Originally Posted by JohnnyPissoff View Post
Demo available high noon (E.S.T.)
So, in about 1 hour and 30 minutes.
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demo, tommorow, wic
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