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15 Dec 2019, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Default Re: Star Trek Online

It's like EVE???

Jolly, you such a retard.
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Default Re: Star Trek Online

less complicated than eve

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Default Re: Star Trek Online

Originally Posted by The Iron Dreamer View Post
Its a kinda a game that you play a lot for a month or two and then you just stop playing it.
This is my case as well. I was playing it for a while, started off Fed. Maxed out my character, got bored. Started a Klink, maxed out, got bored. Started Rom, maxed out, got bored.

While each faction has their own little twists to some of the stories, or faction-specific stories, mostly you're just doing the same exact missions over and over with each character. And that gets old fast, especially once you've done the same mission 2-3 times just to claim different reward options from it.

Once you've completed all of the storyline missions, maxed out your character, acquired the best ship, then it's all about grinding out the same stuff over again to try and earn that elite gear, which only really matters if you're into the PvP or for the "Bling factor".

They do release new content every once in a while, maybe a new story missions every few months, but you go in and play for an hour and you're done again.

While this is pretty much the same for nearly all MMO, the fact that you can max out a character in STO in less than a week or two is what makes it get boring so quickly.

Originally Posted by Pantera View Post
Isn't this the game that is so incredibly Pay 2 Win that its almost not worth playing for free?
Unfortunately, many MMO that are "Free to Play" are like this now, and STO is no exception. Those that pay have faster leveling, better mission rewards, access to more stuff, etc. While you can't just dump $100 into the game and yell "I WIN!", paying definitely does make everything easier. Those that pay have a serious advantage for certain aspects, but in the end it's all the same. F2P and P2P still end up running out of content at some point, and even as F2P it doesn't take too long to max out your character.

Originally Posted by Jolly View Post
It's like EVE???
EVE Online is a much more involved ship-based "space simulator", while STO is more like WoW with spaceships. The space combat isn't bad, but it's still limited. Ground combat on the other hand feels like any other MMO out there. While there are some "mini-games" like crafting (which sucks), gambling, etc you'll get bored quickly. EVE on the other hand always has something to do, be it mining or missions, hauling or manufacturing. EVE isn't perfect, but it's a game that adds a lot of complexity that some of us prefer over the simplistic "go here, shoot that, bring me x number of hides, here's your money".

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Default Re: Star Trek Online

Season 10: The iconian war, was released yesterday, bringing new content and missions, will bring some hours of joy again

Star Trek Online | Arc Games

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online, star, trek
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