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21 Oct 2018, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Default Re: Jets in 1.4

Originally Posted by InfantryGamer42 View Post
If you dont have anything smarth to say, pls leave this thread. You are just making yourself look dumb.
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Default Re: Jets in 1.4

Originally Posted by lakinen View Post
The next thing to be corrected in my opinion:
Armor(component) on most planes is put on "Airplane"-wrong.And then it has penetration of AA rockets 7.5 which is much larger than the helicopter which is 3 (PR_ARMOR_HELO_LIGHT)

I do not know why the reason was ejected this armor PR_Airplane_Attacker -penetration 4.Which looks much better than "Airplane" armor c.

And this is a probable reason why I could not do anything with adjusting head of the AA rocket damage.In the last video I used a AA rocket for testing with wary low exploding damage and plane explode.I wrote about it in "State of AA" theme.and maybe the reason Ehplosion_AA_blastwave...
The the with AA missiles is that they're proximity based, and never suppose to hit target directly but explode as it set in detonation component.

F.e., as current settings says for sa19_grison(tunguska missile), the explosion radius(35) even lower than detonation radius(50), so "in theory" target shouldn't be even damaged.
That's where we've had bf2 issue for ages - proximity checks for missiles were happening with much lower frequency than server fps, so missile could be at 51m from target at first tick, omitting explosion, and next tick it would be at 10m or at 49m, triggering explosion with basically random damage.
The check frequency been fixed at some of last patches, so detonation should now be happening on near edge of explosion radius - which require from us either increase explosion damage(aim-9 killing tanks lol) or adjust missiles materials damageMod against materials that planes, cas planes, and helicopters use.

Again that's kinda drives thread off as i'm mostly seeking flight physics feedback, and damage&materials could deserve their own thread if anyone upset

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jets, poxo is ghey
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