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16 Jan 2019, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Modding Tutorials Information and tutorials related to modding BF2.

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Old 2018-02-18, 08:17   #41
Tango Mike
Default Re: For Those Who Need Help With Sound

Originally Posted by [R-DEV]Arab View Post
You're welcome

As for that issue, it's been fixed for the next update (v1.5.3)

I just love the Dev Team and that they still care and update our favourite game!
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PR:BF2 Developer
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Default Re: For Those Who Need Help With Sound

Much appreciated

Here's another tip that I recently discovered.

Before you record the animation you want to sync your sound with, make sure you set your game's FPS with the video recorder's FPS by bringing up the console '~' and typing in
game.lockfps 60
for 60 FPS.

This way, the length of time for each action in the footage will be accurate to ingame.

So record each action according to the time frame in the editing software. I use Windows Live Movie Maker:

AK-47 Deploy:
0 to 0:00.70 - Pulling the bolt back (Time frame: 1.4 seconds before bolt pull)
00:02.47 to 3 - Safety Off (AK74m sound)

Also to properly record the deploy animation, make sure first you have a shortcut key to record (pretty obvious).

Change weapons to the slot before the weapon you want to record.
When you are ready, press both the F key (To Cycle) and the Record key at the same time.

Same when you record the reload animation. Press the 'R' and Record key at the same time, then as soon as the animation goes to idle, press the record key again.

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Old 2018-09-22, 13:08   #43
Default Re: For Those Who Need Help With Sound

For Sound Looping

Use BF2 Add Sound Region.exe to add to the sound file the area in which the engine will loop the sound. It uses the values of which has to be divisible by 1800 ( Enter the value which in the G36's case would be 600.

It will work it's magic after and save automatically.
From my own experience: the sound loop length calculated from the fire rate does not fit it in game. Maybe it depends on animation, maybe it's a sync problem, maybe depends on sound quality/architecture, but for almost all 600 rpm guns the best loop length is 108-111 ms, and 72+ for 900 rpm.
Otherwise I would get the sound synchronization problem - i.e., 3 sounds for 2 shots or vice versa.
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