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21 Jan 2019, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Default PRTA Manhunt Event - 18:00PRT, 28th AUGUST 2016

Hunt or be hunted!


PRTA Presents: Manhunt Event | 18:00PRT, 28th AUGUST 2016

Server: PRTA | EU - Manhunt Event
Server Password: manhunt
Maps: Operation Soul Rebel (AAS Standard), Saaremaa (AAS Standard)
Time/Date: 18:00 PRT, 28th AUGUST 2016

The situation

After many years of peace and tranquility, the World Order has permitted a global event that is live streamed to any subscriber of the yearly Manhunt in order to sustain global peace. Select individuals have been chosen to represent their countries.

That's right fellas, you guessed it - this is the Hunger Games... Well, sort of. Hope you like hide and seek except on an extreme level that may or may not include intense, sudden shocks such as bullets to the face! Or if you like hunting in general and want to hunt something with a little more satisfaction, look no further. Manhunt will keep you on your toes. Will you be one of the few survivors?

  • Operation Soul Rebel (AAS Standard)
  • Saaremaa (AAS Standard)
  • Hunters - Seek and destroy as many hunted as possible. Prevent hunted from reaching the safe zone (They will be selected by the event manager or the admin team; must be on Teamspeak:
  • Hunted - Get to the safe zone to be extracted and returned to civilisation. May use teamwork or operate solo in order to survive.
  1. Hunted are civilians (no kits).
  2. Hunted must reach the "Safe Zone" within 15 minutes.
  3. Hunted may not respawn if they die.
  4. Hunters are allowed only to use un-scoped riflemen kits.
  5. Hunters are not allowed to camp/guard the Safe Zone.
  6. 2-5 Hunters may be picked depending on the amount of players present (e.g. 1 Hunter per 10 Hunted).
  7. Hunters will be only be picked if they're on Teamspeak.
  8. Hunters may use vehicles for transportation purposes only.
  9. Rules are subject to change in order to balance gameplay.
  10. PRTA PR:BF2 Server Rules remain in effect.

Feedback after the event would be much appreciated and can be posted <here>.

See you on the battlefield!


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Old 2016-08-28, 15:40   #2
Default Re: PRTA Manhunt Event - 18:00PRT, 28th AUGUST 2016

This is still on today? If so, I am in
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Old 2016-08-28, 21:23   #3
Default Re: PRTA Manhunt Event - 18:00PRT, 28th AUGUST 2016

Great Event,suvived saareema was last in sebeneh gg
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Old 2016-08-28, 21:38   #4
Default Re: PRTA Manhunt Event - 18:00PRT, 28th AUGUST 2016

Great event guys! Me and my lads had tons of fun! Can't wait for the next one! Maybe one of the Vietnam like Ia Drang, Tad Sae (at night) or Barracuda or Ramiel, Silent Eagle, Korengal, Iron Ridge or Hades Peak
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1800prt, 2016, 28th, august, event, july, manhunt, prta
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