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25 Jan 2022, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 General Discussion General discussion of the Project Reality: BF2 modification.

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Default [NEW PLAYERS] Welcome to Project Reality

Welcome to Project Reality

This thread serves as quick orientation for new players joining the community and the game. Community and veterans: feel free to add things below!

This thread does not replace reading the manual!.

A. Before you play

Spoiler for Before you play:

1. Getting the Game
Download the full client here:
Please use the installation guide here: Project Reality is a standalone & completely free game. You do not need any additional software. However, you best make sure you have a working microphone.

2. Creating an Account and Configuring Settings
Project Reality comes with a launcher where you can change most settings outside of the game. You can change your settings to your personal preference before starting up the game. You will need to create a PR Account before you can play online. Please follow the dedicated tutorial on that here if you are having issues.

Spoiler for Settings:

3. Mumble
Project Reality comes with an integrated VOIP System (Mumble) that requires no extra installation. It automatically switches you to the right channels ingame.
A working microphone is crucial to playing this game!.
Most servers strictly enforce microphones.

Therefore, make sure you have mumble set up properly (Start Launcher -> Settings -> PR Mumble -> Launch Mumble -> Configure) and know which buttons to press:

:: B-Key: Local Speech
Press B (or H) to talk to everyone around you ingame. Enemies cannot hear local speech. You can use local speech even when you are down. Local Speech comes with positional audio.

:: V-Key: Squad Radio
Press V (or Num0) to talk to every player in your Squad.

:: Numpad / (Divide)-Key: Squadleader to Commander Radio

Press Numpad / to directly contact your team's commander.

:: Numpad * (Multiply)-Key: Squadleader to All Squadleaders Radio

On this channel, you talk to all Squadleaders and the Commander of your team at the same time. Do not Spam this channel.

::Numpad 1 - 9-Keys: Squadleader to dedicated Squad Radio

If you want to contact a specific squad, just press the respective Squad Number on your Numpad to directly talk to them. Use this to coordinate attacks, relay intel to armor or for calling in mortars, supplies or transport.

The colour of each channel is represented in the ingame overlay. If someone talks to you in local, their name will appear in blue. If someone in your squad uses Squad Radio, it will be green. If the commander contacts you, it will be yellow et cetera.

If you want to change your keybindings to something that suits you better, head to the Mumble Tab in the PR-Launcher Settings to change them:

Spoiler for Mumble:

Furthermore, in the PR Launcher -> Options -> Audio tab, you can change your Audio Cue Settings. Since the Radio Cue sounds can be very loud, it is recommended to reduce the cue volume. You can also disable all cue sounds if you wish to do so.
Spoiler for Radio Cue:

If you have a problem with your mumble connection, let your squad know in the ingame text chat (default: L). Alt-Tab out of your game and close the small mumble tray icon in the bottom left. Mumble will then restart and re-connect, which usually solves any connection issues.

4. Controls
You can access and edit your controls ingame via options -> controls.

5. Manual
Absolutely crucial to understanding the basics of the game is the PR Manual. You can find the latest version in your launcher under "Manual" or in the internet: PR Manual
You can find in-depth explanations of the Launcher, Menus, Mumble as well as all ingame mechanics and how to play the game, it's classes and gamemodes.

We especially recommend Section 3 - The Basics.

B. Joining a Server

Spoiler for Joining a Server:

1. Servers
There are several clans and communities that run their own Project Reality Public Gaming Servers for up to 100 players. There is a website as well where you can check which servers are up at the moment and who is playing without having to start up the game:

2. Ping
Generally speaking, Project Reality : Battlefield 2 can be played even with a high ping. There are servers all over the world that can be joined. Everything up to a ping of 300 is playable without many problems. This means, if the peak time of your time zone is over, you can still join the servers of another continent and play PR just fine.

3. Server Rules
Most Servers have a website with their ingame rules listed there. Most servers share very similar rules. To find the rules and location of the all popular servers, go to their respective website.

4. Reserved Slots and Full Servers
Most Servers are full with 100 players. Some Servers have reserved slots, which means, starting at a certain point (98 players for example), only players with a reserved slot can join. There is an auto-connect function in PR:
- Select a Server
- Click "View Server Info"
- Click "Auto-Connect"
- Enter Maximum amount of players (= Max. Players - Reserved slots). If there are two reserved slots for a 100-player server, type in 98 and then click "Auto-Connect". The game will then automatically attempt to join the server.

C. Surviving the first minutes or "How not to get kicked"

Project Reality relies on a number of mechanics that have been established in the mod over the years. These are crucial to a fluid and fun gameplay experience for everyone. As listed above, the server rules are central to the endeavour of keeping the standard of gameplay on a high level. Server Admins want to play the game themselves and will not hesitate to remove players from the server if they fail to comply with the server rules.

For you as a new player, here are the most basic things you must consider when hopping on a server for the first time:

Spoiler for Player Introduction:

1. Use your microphone!
2. Join a squad! Most servers will automatically kick you if you do not join a squad.
3. DO NOT LONEWOLF - Ever! If your Squadleader doesn't lead his squad: Report him ("!r yourmessage" in text chat)
4. DO NOT take any vehicle without permission. Do not simply abandon assets in the field.
4. Don't assume anything (especially vehicles) works like in a normal FPS shooter! Ask first! For example, many vehicles need a certain kit to operate, have a warm-up timer or can't be operated by just one player.
5. There are no name-tags! You need to differentiate friend and foe by their uniform and gun sounds. Use your map if you're not sure! Situational awareness is key in Project Reality.
6. Press 8 for a bandage that can heal you a bit if you are wounded - anything else: Go see your squad's medic.
7. Learn about the terminology of PR here.
8. If a heavy vehicle of your team gets destroyed, it might only respawn 10 - 20 minutes later (depending on the asset).
9. If you get shot, your team looses one ticket. If you go dead, your team looses another ticket. Vehicles cost tickets as well. Loosing a flag costs your team 30 tickets. So don't give up too fast and wait for a medic. Losing vehicles also costs tickets, so be careful when using them.
10. Type K for your team' text chat (or L for squad text chat) if you have any questions or ask in mumble. (Note: If you are wounded or dead, the players that are alive CANNOT read what you type).
11. Type !admins to see a list of admins online. Type !r message to send a message to the administration team (If you want to report a rule-breach or have a request, such as asking them to switch you to the other team). Type !shownext to see the next map in the rotation.

Spoiler for Squad Creation:

There is specific time set before which it is not allowed to create Squads. This is to allow slow loaders to get a chance of a specific squad and to avoid a bug that arises with early squad creation.

The time when it is allowed to create a squad during the briefing time is usually around the 2:00 minute mark, but might differ between servers. Do not create a squad until the respective time on the countdown is reached.

For new players, it is not recommended to start their own squad rightaway, as it is significantly more complicated than being a squadmember and requires extensive knowledge of the game and its mechanics.

Spoiler for Assets & Asset Rule:

All servers enforce an 'Asset Rule'. This means that you cannot just take any vehicle on the battlefield and operate it as you wish. If you want to drive Armor, you have to join the Tank Squad for example. If you want to fly Close-Air Support, you have to be in the CAS squad (and know ho to fly), and so on.

NEW PLAYERS SHOULD NOT DO SPECIALISED ROLES UNTIL THEY ARE MORE FAMILIAR WITH THE GAME - Most servers will remove players from their position if they are not capable of fullfilling their role in an asset properly. Start up some rounds of Coop first to familiarise yourself with e.g. helicopters.

As a new player, we recommend that you join an Infantry Squad first and foremost to learn the basics of the game. Make sure your microphone and mumble is setup and tell your Squadleader that you are new.

Here's an easy guideline on how to not be kicked from your squad:
Ask your squadleader which kit he needs you to take. Do not "give up" (when wounded) or spawn somewhere without consulting with your squadleader first. Don't take any vehicle without consulting with your squadleader first. Do not take any heavy vehicle without being in the appropriate squad. Do not operate specialised vehicles alone. Do not use Logistics vehicles as personal transport. Do not operate transport vehicles (jeeps, trucks) with lots of seats on your own - instead, help transport people to the frontlines.

Spoiler for Mumble and Communication:

As discussed in the first paragraphs, make sure your mumble is setup and running and you know which keys to press. If you have a problem with your mumble connection, let your squad know in the text chat (default: L). Alt-Tab out of your game and close the small mumble tray icon in the bottom left. Mumble will then restart and re-connect, which usually solves any connection issues.

1. Tell your Squadleader that you are new to the game.
2. Do not spam the radio, but don't be too silent either. Inform the Squadleader when you go down, when you are taking fire et cetera. Ask him for orders et cetera. Use local mumble if possible.
3. Your Squadleader has much more comms than you have, he has to listen to other Squadleaders and the Commander as well as his own squad - bear with him if he demands some radio silence or doesn't immediately answer a question you have.

Most EU and US Servers demand that chat and communications are to be in English. Within the squad, you can use whatever language you please, but when talking to other players around you and when using the Team Text Chat (K) or Global Text Chat (J), please stick to the server's main language.

Spoiler for Spawning:

One of the most common mistakes new players do is spawning in the wrong place at the wrong time. Next to the mainbase spawn, your team has player-placed Forward Operations Bases (FOBs), which are small green triangles on the map that you can spawn on, as well as player-placed Squad Rallypoints, which are small green numbers.

Only Squadmembers of the respective Squad Number can spawn on the rally point. If you are in Squad 3 and try to spawn on the Rallypoint of Squad 5, you will spawn in Main Base instead. Therefore, you have to select your spawnpoints carefully.

1. Do not give up! When you go down, don't give up and respawn. You can be revived. Call your squad's medic (press Capslock for the map and then right-click the "GIVE UP / CALL MEDIC button). You have five minutes time until you bleed out. You can give up when your squadleader tells you to do so. Waiting some minutes is much better than getting separated from your squad and having to try to get back to your mates on your own.

2. Do not respawn! When you are dead, wait for your squadleader to tell you where to spawn. Don't just go ahead and spawn at a place of your choice. Ask where to spawn prior to spawning.

Spoiler for Kits:

For new players, it is highly recommended to stick with the basic infantry kits for the beginning. Many kits require deep knowledge of game mechanics that you need to learn over time. A rifleman kit is a good choice for the beginning. It is a good allround kit with grenades, smoke and ammunition. As a new player, you do not need a sniper kit!

1. Do not grab a kit without consulting with your Squadleader first.
2. Before spawning, ask which kit you should take.
3. Usually, Squadleaders assign kits before the round starts, so make sure you listen what kit you are assigned. Make sure you let him know that you are new.
4. DO NOT hesitate to ask questions regarding certain aspects of your kit.

You can drop your kit by pressing T, then right-clicking and then pressing G. Pick-Up kits on the ground with the G key. Enemy kits can only be held for a short amount of time. Make sure you replace them with a friendly kit asap when you pick one up.

If you follow these few guidelines, the PR community will welcome you with open arms and you will have the opportunity to learn PR very fast by playing with experienced players that are more than happy to teach you the game.

D. Tips, Tricks and Mechanics, or "How to get gud"

Work in progress, explaining different concepts and mechanics that are key for effective PR playing.

Situational Awareness
Project Reality is situational awareness is what makes you an effective player. It can be split up roughly into 25% Audio, 25% Visual, 25% Communication and 25% Positioning.
Spoiler for situational awareness:

- Audio-Awareness:
Listening to what is going on around you is a key element in being an efffective player. As an infantryman, you can hear footsteps, grenades, reloading, revives, ladder use, ropes thrown, and many more things that give you an edge in close quarters combat. Make sure your effects volume is not too low. Make sure you stop and stand stil from time to time to listen. When you're the last man standing, it can make sense to not move at all to figure out where the enemies are and strike when they are vulnerable (e.g. reviving).

Audio is also almost more important than visual awareness when it comes to dealing with vehicles. Vehicles in PR have unique sounds, learing to distinguish them is an essential skill in dealing with them. As the average infantry-joe, APCs, Tanks, CAS and Jets are out to kill you and you're defenseless against them. If you can see them, they can see you. But you can hear them first, even from very far away. Stay in cover and simply determine their relative position by listening to the engine/firing sounds.

- Visual Awareness
- With the edge of your screen, you can see objects beyond the normal view distance in the center of the screen. So sometimes, if you want to look at something far away, turn so that the edge of the screen is facing what you want to look at.

- Check your map constantly, using Capslock. Makes it easier to tell friend from foe and keep an overall idea of where to go and what is going on.

- Communication
Many people in PR suffer from communications overload. Either they can't hear ingame sounds over all the talking, or can't hear the talking over all the ingame sounds, or can't hear what people are saying on TS/discord! One great solution is using auto hot key to dynamically adapt the audio setup to your needs. Look at this thread for a how-to:

- Positioning
Positioning determines what you can kill, and what will kill you. Try to always fire from cover. The crouching behind cover and quickly standing up for shooting and then crouching again is one of the most effective ways to position yourself as an infantry player.

When choosing a firing position, always consider how easy it will be to revive you. If you die on an exposed rooftop or open field it will be much harder to revive you, then if you died in good cover.

Game Mechanics
There are many small bits and parts in PR's game mechanics that are useful to know about. Knowing about them is important for effective play.

Spoiler for game mechanics:

Help! I can't hit anything.
-> Look out for the small deviation indicator at the top of your compass. Only when the two small needles are very close together you will fire accurately. Moving while shooting, changing your stance to prone, jumping affect your deviation negatively. In deployed mode, weapons take longer to settle, but are also more accurate.


Useful links:
- PR Map Gallery Project Reality: BF2 Map Gallery
- Useful PR Tips
- How to be more effective in PR
- PR Dictionary and PR Terms
- PR Guide Tips and Tricks

Any other questions, feel free to ask them below.

Have fun!

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Default Re: [NEW PLAYERS] Welcome to Project Reality

So hyped for the new players influx. You are all welcome, PR could use some fresh blood. Great post btw.

Forgive my bad English...
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Default Re: [NEW PLAYERS] Welcome to Project Reality

excellent job

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Default Re: [NEW PLAYERS] Welcome to Project Reality

Very nice. We definitely need more players getting into this incredibly rewarding game.

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Default Re: [NEW PLAYERS] Welcome to Project Reality

And there is nate again, getting +2 internet.

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Default Re: [NEW PLAYERS] Welcome to Project Reality

Nice work!Wouldn't link the PRT wiki though. It's so slow and unfinished! Stick to the WGP one

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Default Re: [NEW PLAYERS] Welcome to Project Reality

Great job Nate!
If any new player needs a more personal approach, I'll be glad to help! Just PM, we'll get a date figured out and we will set up for ~1hr long introduction to the basics of the game.


Yea... right...
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Default Re: [NEW PLAYERS] Welcome to Project Reality

Nate is 1 metre above ... very good, the post is supreme.

I'll try to catch new players when I'll be online aswell.
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Default Re: [NEW PLAYERS] Welcome to Project Reality

Good post. Helpful for new players.

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Default Re: [NEW PLAYERS] Welcome to Project Reality

This should be mandatory reading for all new guys, hell, even before the manual!

If we can't have that, at least a big PSA somewhere visible on "How to talk?!1!"
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