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PR:BF2 Support Help and support regarding PR:BF2 installation and in-game issues

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Exclamation PRMumble Help FAQ and Tips and Tricks

Customizing PRMumble and the PRMumble Overlay

How to automatically start Mumble along with PR (in one click)
  • A. Batch file creation
Editing Settings Inside PRMumble
  • A. Audio Input
  • B. Audio Output
  • C. User Interface
How to fix the annoyance of the Channel Tree continuously Expanding and collapsing
  • D. Shortcuts
Less keys= good?
  • E. Network
  • F. Messages
  • G. Overlay
  • H. UNinstalling and Reinstalling
Community submitted overlays
How to automatically start Mumble along with PR (in one click)
Open Notepad, type in the following
@echo off
start "" "C:\Program Files (x86)\PR Mumble\pr_mumble.exe" mumble://[email protected]:64739/?version=1.2.0 -m
start "" "C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\mods\pr\pr.exe" +restart +playerName yourBF2login +playerPassword yourBF2password
If you put it like this, the +restart will skip intro videos, and +playerName and +playerPassword will login you automatically. These are CASE SENSITIVE, you must type exactly +playerName , not +playername or +PlayerName .

Go to File->Save As
You need to save this as a .bat file, not as a .txt file, to do so, name the file something like PRandPRMumble.bat , and use quotation marks around it,
such as
"PRandPRMumble.bat" including the quotation marks
select your desktop or appropriate save location, and click save.

Run Multiple instances of the Mumble Client
if you start the mumble client with the option -m You are allowed to start another instance of the client on the same System. Be aware that this switch is unsupported and can cause all kinds of strange behaviours as the two clients still share the same config, database, overlay, get the idea (especially make sure you don't use volume attenuation^^)
3. Customizing PRMumble and the PRMumble Overlay

You have to have your Mic plugged in before you start PRmumble.exe and PR. Seriously, we had to add this to the FAQ.
Editing Settings Inside PRMumble

On the Top Menu Bar, Select Configure -> Settings

A. Audio Input.
a. Interface should be selected to your Microphone be default. This could be called Mic, Line In, or most usually ?Default Device?, Check it quickly. Make sure Echo is Disabled.
b. Compression Quality is MAXED on the server side to 40 kbit/s , if you have lagging problems when talking on Mumble, you can lower this to 29 kbit/s to free up a small amount of bandwidth.
c. Audio Processing settings is trial by error dependent on your hardware, microphone and internet connection
If you are having problems with PRMumble sending audio out to the wrong output device, i.e. to your speakers instead of your headphones, or vice versa, Check Audio Output-> Interface below.
Then go to Windows Manage Audio Devices and make sure you have the correct Device set as your ?Default Device? .
B. Audio Output
a. Interface should be selected to your appropriate device. This could be called Headsets, Line Out, Speakers, or most usually ?Default Device?, Check it quickly.
b. Audio Output is trial by error dependent on your hardware, and speakers/headphones. The lower the buffer and Output Delay the better.
c. Positional Audio check the Headphones checkbox if you use headphones, however some quadraphonic, 5.1 6.1 7.1 headphones might be better keeping this unchecked. Positional Audio is a trial by error.
C. User Interface
a. Layout is a trial by error. Most if not all the custom overlays by veteran players are using the Classic layout.
How to fix the annoyance of the Channel Tree continuously Expanding and collapsing as players join/leave/change channels. IMPORTANT FOR SERVER ADMINS
b. Channel Tree IS IMPORTANT. Essential for Squad Leaders and useful for all.
i. Channel Dragging : Do Nothing
ii. Expand: None
iii. Show channel user count ->Optionally check the box

D. Shortcuts
If you delete, create or rearrange the shortcut keys in this Beta release you will have no choice but to uninstall and reinstall PRMumble.
  • Uninstall PRMumble in Control Panel.
  • Start command prompt and type "%appdata%" in it (without quotes) and press Enter. It should open YourUsername>AppData>Roaming directory. Then you can delete the complete Mumble(PR Edition) folder.
  • Reinstall PRMumble and default shortcuts should work.
a. As of right now in Beta testing, creating local shortcuts is difficult. Below is a map of the default keys. As of right now do not try to create a new shortcut, simply edit the existing shortcuts and remap the key.

b. Notebooks without numberpads are at a true disadvantage here. If anyone can chime on on working solutions, please do so.
Less keys= good?

If you think 13 keys are too much you can reduce the numbers of keys some.
The 13 keys are 9 squad leader keys + 4 keys other channels. I find the 9 SL keys fine. But I like to only use 2 keys to get the 4 other functions. How? Key-kombos.

Lets for some reason want to use the keys A and B (just for illustration).
A can be local talk
B can be squad
A+B can be SL-channel
B+A can be Commander

Result: You can use the v + b keys for 4 mumble functions, if you move the vanilla keys somewhere else.
E. Network
a. Tick these boxes: Use Quality of Service, Reconnect Automatically, Reconnect to Last Server on Startup
b. Misc: Tick Disable image download
F. Messages
a. IMPORTANT, deselecting as many as possible slows down the scroll on the left (log) column

G. Overlay
NOTE: The Default Overlay is a mess with all options set to ON. We want to remove unnecessary clutter and provide only relevant information on screen during game play.
a. Note that different roles use different overlay options, especially for pilots.
b. To edit the overlay you need to go to mumble configuration>overlay> then right click on the desktop preview seen in the pic below, RIGHT CLICK THE BIG RED DOT and at the bottom of the contextual menu it says edit.

c. Community Submitted Overlays
You can download, unzip and install overlays at the bottom of this thread:
Attached Files
Litoralis_Overlay_January_2012.rar (470 Bytes, 0 views)
Rivers_Overlay.rar (1.1 KB, 0 views) (5.2 KB, 0 views)
NoSurrender_overlay.rar (455 Bytes, 0 views)
d. How to Install
i. go to mumble Configuration>Overlay>then click the load button>select the overlay you just downloaded and click ok. simple.
Editing Overlay is simple, right click the Overlay (The words Silent, Talking, Whisper, Shout) and select Edit.
The four linked Overlay files above all differ quite a bit, the commonality is deselecting the "Avatar" and "Mute state" tick boxes.
Most people do not use the "bounding Box".
The "Channel" tickbox will show the Squad number because the channels are named "Squad 1" "Squad 2" etc. It's good to use, though some argue it lowers the realism.

H. UNinstalling and Reinstalling

Uninstall PRmumble, and delete its configs. Easiest way is to use Win+R and type "%appdata%" and press enter.

It will open "C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Roaming\"

Now lookup for folder named Mumble there and delete it. Reboot and Reinstall the newest PRMumble
Tips and Tricks:

1. If Enabling the PRMumble Overlay crashes PR immediately after starting PR and you reach the first black screen before the PR logo appears, try this:
You might want to try adding -nod3d9ex to the end of your shortcut. Note that this might lower FPS...

Open PRMumble, connect, , go to Configure->Overlay->Overlay Exceptions->Whitelist->Click ADD button on bottom right...


Click Apply.

Special thanks to K_Rivers, dtacs and everyone else who contributed to the following thread when PRMumble 1.0Beta was first released on the forum:
The original threads where much of this information was first discussed, and the overlays were first uploaded and shared:
Attached Files
File Type: rar Litoralis_Overlay_January_2012.rar (470 Bytes, 199 views)
File Type: rar Rivers_Overlay.rar (1.1 KB, 105 views)
File Type: zip (5.2 KB, 117 views)
File Type: rar NoSurrender_overlay.rar (455 Bytes, 82 views)
File Type: zip (572 Bytes, 59 views)

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