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30 Mar 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2011-06-15, 17:52   #1
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Thumbs up PR:ARMA2 Training for the PR Community


Project Reality are proud to bring our Community some official Vanilla ArmA2 training prior to the release of PR: ArmA2 v0.1.

Sponsored by:

We will be holding open training nights over the coming weeks on vanilla Arma2 for all players new to this engine.

Training will start @ 20:00 BST (UK) / 1900 PRT every Monday and Wednesday evening, for the next few weeks as we build up towards a release.

This is a great opportunity for anyone who is looking to play the PR: ArmA2 Mod, from the PR: BF2 Community, and a place to get the "Basics" right prior to learning the PR style we all know.

Training will be broken down into two distinct sessions:

ArmA2 Boot Camp - This involves small group or one on one training where required / requested. The focus being on setting up Arma2 to run smooth plus a crash course on the keys, selecting weapons and shooting them.

It will also include using vehicles and basic navigation using a map & compass.

TvT Mini Missions
- Small custom designed training missions usually involving attacking and/or defending objectives.
Also some cache finding and destroying missions too.
These missions will all be "Team vs Team" but will be refereed and coached. They are Basic Missions but enough to learn the ArmA2 game play.

Both sections are run at the same time by experienced Arma2 players and PR testers.

[RIP] UK Public (Teamplay enforced) server
(filter for "RIP").

TeamSpeak3 Details:

Although TS3 is not Mandatory - VOIP in-game will be, please be aware.

Arma2 Combined Ops (A2+Arrowhead).

No other mods required.

Please note that the servers will be well administrated, Team-play is enforced and we will encourage you. Leadership training is welcomed.

Our open training session will be between 20:00 BST and 22:30 BST with instructors to be on our TS3 by 19:30. the TvT session might run a bit longer into the night but basic boot camp will stop at 22:30. However, next week we will have 2 sessions, not only the Monday but on Wednesday too - same times, same score....

As for numbers....
We should happily manage 30 players on our Boot Camp and 60 on our TvT server (password available from admin). We have organised a good selection of instructors and boot camp should last about 45 mins if all goes well. For best results, please join our TS3 and talk to our training admin for getting started help. Please be aware there may be a queue to get on our public server due to interest, just be patient and you will get on.
If you are experienced in ArmA2 and wish to assist in the training, please feel free to contact:

BabylonCome Who is kindly running this for the Project Reality Team.

- The Project Reality Team
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Old 2011-06-15, 18:04   #2

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Default Re: ArmA2 Training for the PR Community

This sounds awesome, the timing sucks though as I have a solid commitment every monday night. Will there be some weekend ones at all?
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Old 2011-06-15, 18:15   #3

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Default Re: ArmA2 Training for the PR Community

Time to dust off the ArmA 2 disks!

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Old 2011-06-15, 18:20   #4

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Default Re: ArmA2 Training for the PR Community

cool. just have to buy OA
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Old 2011-06-15, 19:10   #5

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Default Re: ArmA2 Training for the PR Community

Sounds great!
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Old 2011-06-15, 19:19   #6
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Default Re: ArmA2 Training for the PR Community

Awesome I'll be there!

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Old 2011-06-15, 19:29   #7
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Default Re: ArmA2 Training for the PR Community

why isnt it in the news?

i've mapped a training obstacle course/mission. if needed, i could customize it for this event.
(but i guess you already have one)

xfire: blackfox2000

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Old 2011-06-15, 19:30   #8
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Default Re: ArmA2 Training for the PR Community

So does this mean I have to reinstall ARMA 2? Or can i do this with just OA?

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Old 2011-06-15, 19:36   #9

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Default Re: ArmA2 Training for the PR Community

Wow, that's perfect! Just got Arma2 about 1 week ago but I still don't get somethings, specially MP.. Will definetly try to be there!

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Old 2011-06-15, 19:58   #10
Default Re: ArmA2 Training for the PR Community

Well, I've only got OA, does that mean that I'll have to buy The ArmA 2 to? :O
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