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02 Oct 2022, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 General Discussion General discussion of the Project Reality: BF2 modification.

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Old 2022-07-24, 07:22   #1

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Default got a question About the HIND ATGM pods

so while being HIND Gunner, theres like another 20 Guide Missile tube(9M114 Shturm) but there are only 4 usable (8 on the other side and 8 more on the other side and just like both there 2 on the other side) now i've been questioning this since my first time playing HIND in Bijar Canyons as Gunner, now that HIND can only operate 12.7mm
Rotary, while being gunners of Mi-24W i can operate both guns at this point i have a hope that i can waste and bang bang more 9M114 but not like what i expected to be i can only use 4 of them which confusing me more. So is there any use of them back then? maybe it can be replaced with putting more Unguided Rocket pods or Gsh-23 Pods.
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Old 2022-07-26, 22:55   #2

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Default Re: got a question About the HIND ATGM pods

The Hind you were piloting was the actual CAS version without the machine gun turret. It cannot pick-up people on the ground. That's why it has more ATGM rounds and air-ground rockets. It's a Mi-24V (24W in Polish service) Hind-E.

The machine gun version however can pick-up people, with the sacrifice of not able to use any ATGM's at all. This one is Mi-24P Hind-F.

Both versions should all have been used in some maps. With Russians, Polish and MEC's alike, only designations are different. MEC had Mi-35's instead of 24's, since it's more likely an export version.

Rockets and GSh-23's cannons are exclusive to main pilot seat, not gunner.

You can always get into Test Airfield to find one. Hope that helps!
- Inch

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Old 2022-08-16, 15:10   #3
Default Re: got a question About the HIND ATGM pods

The third person vehicle models do not always accurately reflect the munitions carried. Sometimes it's due keeping the game simple and sharing in-game model files across other variants.

The discrepancy between what's visible in the model/accurate to real life, and what's usable in game usually simply comes down to game balance. Both from a perspective of giving both sides equal footing in their air assets, as well as balancing air vs ground engagements.
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