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30 Nov 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2012-05-04, 07:51   #41

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Default Re: Minature garage kits (Airfix!)

Originally Posted by [R-DEV]Chuc View Post
Looking real nice
Where did you pick up the little soldiers from?
A model shop in Belfast had them lol. They're Caesar miniatures' 'Modern British Army'

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Default Re: Minature garage kits (Airfix!)

Not sure how I missed this thread before, heres some of my ground collection[1/35 scale, usually Academy or Tamiya kits], please excuse all the has been a while since they were touched/cleaned.
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The Chieftain is probably my best model.

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Default Re: Minature garage kits (Airfix!)

Originally Posted by [R-CON]Pantera View Post
Run around the bedroom making explosion sounds as they fight against each other.
You can never be too old for fun like that!!! haha

Been ages since I've done any modelling myself, but in my room at home I have a little scenario setup with 2 Challenger 1's, a Warrior and dismounts with a T-62 (with ultra-realistic cotton wool smoke from the blown out turret)

Other models I've done in the past are AH-1W, AH-64D, Spitfire, Hurricane, B-24, F-14, F-4 (RN colours), M1 Abrams, Bradley, Merkava, PH-2000, Lynx Mk.7, Harrier.

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Default Re: Minature garage kits (Airfix!)

Back in the days (10-15 years back I'd say) I had tons of those models. Mostly 1:72 scale and WW 2 era though, as they would fit with my hundreds of miniature soldiers. I had about 15 planes (Messerschmitts, Fockes, B-17, Lancester, Japanese Fighters and Bombers, etc.) and a lot of vehicles (SDKFz, T-72, Panzer II, II and IV of course, Halftracks, AT-cannons, etc.).

Also had some 1:35 Models that were incredibly fun to assemble.
MLRS, Fuchs, Leopard 1

REVELL was the way to go always though, as they have lots of details on everything, even in the small scale.

At one point I decided to sell everything I had (looking back at it) charging not enough

LOTS of fun was had building and playing with these... *missing childhood*

In school we once build a sirene that fitted perfectly when dive bombing some heavily entrenched GIs with my Stuka in the sands of my grandmothers garden!!!
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Default Re: Minature garage kits (Airfix!)

For those interested in miniatures, you should also consider looking into electronics integration. When I was young I also became very interested in electronics, and started adding features to scale models that in some way incorporated basic electronics features such as sound and light.

Examples include adding realistic lighting to police cruisers (flashing lightbar, headlights, etc) or integrating fiber optic kits onto Star Trek ships. In some places you can actually get miniature model kits with lighting supplies already included but I found it much more enjoyable to come up with my own stuff and work out the wiring on my own.

This early experience really helped me when I was working in the film industry, and it really made a lot of my dioramas stand out from the crowd. It can add costs to a kit, but if you're looking to build that unique item for display it's worth it.

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