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07 Jul 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2014-01-07, 14:00   #1
Default No delay on cache reveal (Al Basrah Std)

I was playing Al Basrah earlier tonight on Hog and caches several caches were revealed a few seconds after the old one died. Unless it was only the way it looked for the Insurgent team, informing us the IP limit had been hit and there was a 5 min delay after that.

Also, it was a really crummy round. The BAF don't have to work very hard at all to simply ruin the game for the Ins team on this map. The Ins team don't have any offensive options against BAF armour - this means they can simply park and spawn camp for IP, as they did.

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Old 2014-01-07, 20:08   #2

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Default Re: No delay on cache reveal (Al Basrah Std)

I wouldn't say it's a bug... but what do I know.

And that has happened before to the INS. A few days ago, the armor constantly camped our main (INS). The Specialists were outside every exit of our main.... we couldn't leave.

But it doesn't help we had a Civi squad being derps and going RIGHT up to SPECIALISTS and throwing flippen rocks at them..
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Old 2014-01-08, 06:13   #3
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Default Re: No delay on cache reveal (Al Basrah Std)

If they enemy team has enough intel, the cache will show as revealed to the INS team instantly, however the 5 minute warning should still apply - I haven't heard anyone say that it didn't.

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