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10 Jul 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2014-01-03, 05:37   #1
Default The Bradley ATGM delay is game-breaking.

While technically the setup time for the Bradley ATGM is realistic, it really isn't in perspective.

For one, the gunner sights and the ATGM launcher are both at the top of the turret or higher IRL as shown by any photo with the ATGMs deployed. In effect, this means that it's possible to engage the enemy with ATGM with very high protection and concealment. Also, the TOW has a 3-4km range IRL, which means that even if the Bradley is out in the open, there is often more than enough time to deploy and fire if not spotted.

In PR, none of these things are true. The gunner camera originates from the barrel of the M242 25mm cannon and TOWs come straight from the camera, and even at the very edge of the view distance maximum, the Bradley is easily spotted within the 5 seconds it takes to set up the ATGM launcher.

While the Bradley isn't the best IFV, PR doesn't give a realistic representation of its capabilities within the context of the 1km view distance that the game is fought in. While it shouldn't be able to stand toe to toe with MBTs the same way a BMP-3 can with its ability to fire ATGMs immediately from a short halt, it should be able to hunt MBTs effectively on the offense rather than requiring a defensive posture as PR's Bradley currently requires.

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Default Re: The Bradley ATGM delay is game-breaking.

I agree with everything this man and or woman says, the Bradley did knock out a whole lot of tanks during the DS.

Not sure what the time is right now as i haven't really counted(30s if i am correct), but it should be at least 5-10sec faster.

Its SO evil, it may actually encourage EA to support Modding again - Pantera
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Eddie Baker
Default Re: The Bradley ATGM delay is game-breaking.

Perhaps you could bump one of the two other threads you have made about this issue, Hunt3r?
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