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22 Sep 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2012-12-11, 23:33   #1

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Default Hezbollah Faction

I don't know if this is the right place to suggest this but PR needs a Hezbollah faction. South Lebanon opens the door to a plethora of ideas since it consists of a large amount of environments to fight in. I would start development if only I knew even the slightest amount of modding, but unfortunately I don't and I don't have time to learn. Anyone agree to this new faction?
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Old 2012-12-11, 23:47   #2

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Default Re: Hezbollah Faction

There are great tutorials posted in the modding section under tutorials and places to get started.
As for a Hezbollah faction, I would love to see more variety in the OPFOR side of the factions but I also think they're a little too much like the Hamas faction at least in terms of how they would play. (Guerrilla, insurgency etc.) But I'd like to see what'd you would come up with. Hope an R-CON or someone swings by and gives you some more advice.

In game lTGl Bullets
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Old 2012-12-12, 09:02   #3

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Default Re: Hezbollah Faction

Could just imagine how the battles would play out. They could have a fob system like the Chechens as well as some nice kornet missiles. The map could be filled with tunnels and would have some very heavy forests dotted with a few villages (maybe). Many guns are already modeled from Hamas, I think the Kornets will be in the next release for the Russians so that's done too. We could fill the idf team with tanks to counter the advanced HATs. We could also use Operation Marlin as a map with an insurgency layer other than the one with the French. Dunno if I'll find some time to read on how to begin the modding but I'll try.
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Old 2012-12-12, 12:09   #4
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Default Re: Hezbollah Faction

It is quite hard to make a map with lot of tunnels, because each one must be modeled as a static. Personally I don't see any difference between having Hezbollah and Hamas.

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Old 2012-12-12, 12:56   #5
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Default Re: Hezbollah Faction

This isn't the suggestions forum...

If you want to see a faction ingame, suggesting it isn't going to make it happen. You need to put a team together and make it happen if you want, or "hope" that someone else will do it but that's all you can do.

- Locked for being a suggestion outside of the suggestions forum.

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faction, hezbollah
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