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27 Oct 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 Feedback Post your feedback on the current Project Reality release (including SinglePlayer).

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Old 2020-09-05, 10:27   #1
Angry Getting temp ban 3 hours for seating in someone else chopper's seat FCV server

As tittle says i get temp ban 3 hours from the server Free Candy Van, reasson ? just sitting in someone else chopper's seat. Apeling for unban the admins Samsamuel1 refusses to lift the ban becouse he says "I got multple reports of you" showing the tracker chat screenshoot wich shows that there where only 2 reports 1 for "being a IDIOTTROLL" and the other for seating in someone else chopper.

Conclusion the yardstick they use for applies the rules are not the same to all the players, depending on who makes the rport and who get reported.

Sad to see this server is lack in common sense, more admins where involved in the same issue replying to the ban appeal, finally after the 3 hours passed they appologize for the incident and even offer a reserved slot wich of course I refussed, I just want to be treated like another player.

For me what it more matters is that they alleged I ruinned the rush of the NL team to factory in the Operation Falcon map, but the RU trans pilot crashed a full chopper landing in the factory and didn't even get a warning.

I know the other squad claims the chopper to get trans to factory as trans sqlider told me but I asked that Sqlider of that squad to use rally and hold spawn, he didn't respond, he didnt cooperate/teamplay but I should accpet his request of going out of the chopper? I thoght this was a game where everybody needs to cooperate but finnaly looks like is a game where u just base your fun in the same proportion you are friend of the admins in that momment.

Also was talking about rushing that flag before the 2 mins squad time, ITS obvious I need the chopper for that but becouse I don't wanted that person to fit in my squad he created his own squad called RUSH FACTORY and didn't comunicate anything to any other squad rather than the trans sqlider.
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Old 2020-09-05, 11:15   #2
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Default Re: Getting temp ban 3 hours for seating in someone else chopper's seat FCV server

For specific server incidents you better off contacting the server itself.

To provide feedback please use the threads here:

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Closed Thread

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