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07 Dec 2021, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 General Discussion General discussion of the Project Reality: BF2 modification.

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Smile Real Dust - Graphics Mod for Project Reality and A2

IMPORTANT: RealDust is no longer actively updated. If you'd like to enhance more modern games please visit for an up-to-date ReShade tool with UI.

RealDust is a shading utility bundle made with an intent to visually enhance aging games such as Project Reality, ArmA 2 and others. RealDust was based on PR GEM 0.52 (made by SAM) which in itself is a MasterEffects shader utility based on SweetFX and ReShade.

BUNDLE version: v10
CORE version: v9

Real Dust core features.

Spoiler for Version History:


- Custom LUT palette and settings, carefully balanced.
- Custom edited REINHARD filter, the filter was heavily focused on and based on this filter, every other value was actually accustomized to it.
- 2 custom lens flares/dirt masks designed by me, to use the 2nd one just rename it. 2nd mask gives more blue tones and BF3 feeling.
- Custom bloom settings made to simulate ambient occlusion on ground objects.
- Custom sharpener filter measured for the game.
- Custom vignette in sand yellow color with measured parameters to help simulate masking for helmet/goggles but also help create "aura" over HUD for better reading and immersion.


- Completely redesigned LUT color palette.
- Redesigned dirtmask to include spectrum and light 3D effects.
- Toned down bloom and adjusted HDR.
- Added optional filter adjustments (off by default) for Gamma and Vibrance.
- Other minor parameter adjustments.


- Enabled Technicolor chemistry and tuned values to make overall colors more natural.
- Fixed color palette bug.
- Added use of Boris Vorontsov's 3D lens flare with custom designed texture and values. This helps make explosions and bright objects draw attention as well as add optical emulation of hi-tech hardware and goggles.
- Enhanced Sharpener, it's stronger now, did this to make it work better with new effects.
- Added shadow noise (off by default) with custom texture and values. Helps add detail to very dark objects.
- Added 3D ChromaKey/Aberration filter with custom values. Makes the whole picture look optical, sharper, more immersive and cinematic, blurs edges with blending colors, smears texture to achieve footage emulation. Very popular with games today.
- Enabled SMAA antialiasing (off by default) and balanced values. Helps smoothen edges on high resolution screens. Not mandatory thus off by default, may increase FPS if used instead of MSAA in-game antialiasing.
- Added heat distortion with custom designed texture and values. Experimental feature simulates heat, off by default.


- Added 2 new color formulas to improve color balance.
- Minor updates to settings.
- Toned down HDR bloom and lens masking.
- Adapted RealDust for higher resolutions (1920x1080 is RD native)


- Moved lens dirt mask to alternate source.
- Added fisheye effect to fix game FOV and emulate optics in vehicle HUDs and emulate slight helmetcam feel.
- Improved 3D Lens for bright objects.
- Added Anamorphic glare which reflects environment in real time to simulate offlection on glass and high tech optical surface such as protective goggles.
- Added gaussian glare leak to emulate light rays and reflections from bright objects.


- Added Luma Abs Curves to balance shadows.
- Added Gamma and Tone limitter to balance brightness and color intensity further.
- Toned down aural vignette.
- Improved lightmap lens texture to include omni rays.
- Adjusted REINHARD filter.
- Introduced BUNDLE.


- Adjusted various filter parameters for better balance.
- Added Chapman rays.


- Adjusted LUT.
- Abberation fix.
- Adjusted bloom.
- REINHARD recalibrated.
- Multiple color formulas changed.


- Added a leveler to make shadows darker and bright spots contrasted.
- Added tonemapper setting to achieve semi HDR feel.
- Moved HDR level from 16bit to 32bit for a larger array of colors.
- New method of LUT palette design.
- Added HBAO and Bokeh DOF in some games.

Note: You can open archive in your browser then open each screen separately or download entire archive as one file and browse them locally.

Real Dust BUNDLE v10 -

Real Dust BUNDLE v9 -
Real Dust BUNDLE v8 -
Real Dust BUNDLE v7 -
Real Dust BUNDLE v6 -

NOTE: RealDust is now a BUNDLE and it contains all supported games in one place with a single download. Full list of supported games bellow.

Supported Games:

- Project Reality (32bit)
- ArmA 2 (32bit)
- Red Orchestra 2 (32bit)
- SWAT 4 (32bit)
- Battlefield 4 (64bit)
- War Thunder (32bit and 64bit, outdated!)
- Battlefield 2142 (32bit)
- GTA 5 (64bit)
- Star Wars Republic Commando (32bit dx8to9 - IMPORTANT: Bloom and Antialiasing MUST be turned off in the game)
- Atom Fishing 2 (32bit and 64bit)
- ArmA 3 (64bit)

Special versions:

PURE - This is the very base of RealDust containing only enhancer filters, in this case sharpening to enhance textures and Abberation for 3D feel, all other features are turned off (can be switched). PURE can be used with any fullscreen dx9+ game.
RealDust HELMETCAM - Is a variant of RealDust using advanced filters and aims to simulate old raw helmetcam output. Can be used with any game.
RealDust CINEMATIC - Is a variant of RealDust that can make your games look more cinematic and movie-like. Applies to all games.
RealDust NODs - Emulates realistic night vission goggles with animated textures and filters, works in daylight maps too.
RealDust RDHDR - Emulates High Dynamic Range of colors to achieve photorealistic feel and natural tonemapping, does not use LUT.
RealDust FLIR - Emulates thermal vision in infra-red mode.

Old PR versions:

Spoiler for PR:

Real Dust v5 for PR -
Real Dust v4 for PR -
Real Dust v3 for PR -
Real Dust v2 for PR -
Real Dust v1 for PR -

RealDust Steam links:

ArmA 3 (with VFX tutorials) -
Atom Fishing 2 -
Star Wars Republic Commando (SWRC) -
WarThunder (OUTDATED) -

You can find more screenshots, guides and tutorials as well as other cool things on my Steam

Big thanks to all authors for PR GEM 0.52 MasterEffect and ReShade -


*????????? ?? ??????? ????????? ? ???????? ????? ?? ??????? ??????.

To install the mod preset, download the archive from links above, extract, copy files from desired folder to main game folder (PR in this example) to remove the mod simply remove the mod files.

Files to be copied:

MasterEffect (folder, with all files in it)
d3d9.dll (dxgi.dll if 64bit)

ScrollLock - Activates/Deactivates mod in-game.
PrintScreen - Captures screenshots with preset effect. To make this work change Project Reality screenshot key to something else, otherwise the effect won't be captured. Screens are autosaved in PR folder.

The mod is very adjustable, but even though it is balanced if you're having FPS issues or generally crashes you can switch some features off manually and use extra filters. Since v6 SWITCHBOX.txt is included in BUNDLE pack.

To do this open MasterEffects.H file with a notepad and set parameters to 0 for deactivated and 1 for activated. Only listed items are supported.

Have fun!

A big thanks to this video for helping me find the original GEM mod -

SEO Cache: RealDust, RealDust for PR, RealDust for Project Reality, RealDust Graphics Mod, RealDust ReShade, RD for PR, Real Dust for PR, Real Dust for Project reality, Real Dust Graphics Mod, Real Dust ReShade, PR ReShade, Project Reality ReShade, ArmA 2, ArmA, Project Reality, PR, SWAT 4, SWAT4x, BF2142, BF2, Battlefield, War Thunder, GTA5, SWRC, Star Wars Republic Commando.
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Who needs color anyway. -_-

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Default Re: Real Dust - Graphics Mod for Project Reality and A2

Certainly Fallujah and Muttrah look hotter, dustier and drier, but it also looks a little 'washed out'.

Thanks for sharing.

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Default Re: Real Dust - Graphics Mod for Project Reality and A2

Bloom_Factor= 10000000000000000000000000000000
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Default Re: Real Dust - Graphics Mod for Project Reality and A2

Thanks for the feedback.

It does look washed out, unfortunately in order to gain some colors others have to be minimized.

I'm working on an updated version and have been testing it for 2 days now. Adds more color and contrast + uses new filter.

If anyone tests the mod and snaps some screens please post them here, that would help me improve it :P

The mod comes with an alternate filter and mask. If you want more color, in MasterEffect disable REINHARD (with value 0) and enable WatchDogs (with value), save.

If anyone is experienced in editing ReShade properly I could use some help with finding a solution - how can I boost specific colors past a brightness level (say for example sky blue or grass green)? This would really improve the preset. I tried to find a way but I couldn't.

Here's some comparison screens Beirut:

PR RD v1

RD Watch Dogs filter

RD v2 WIP (still trying to figure out how to boost blues but maintain the sandy colors without making them overly yellow)

Any input or screens of your own setting are welcome
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Default Re: Real Dust - Graphics Mod for Project Reality and A2

make some more shots of this one
Originally Posted by MAVEN View Post

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Default Re: Real Dust - Graphics Mod for Project Reality and A2

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Default Re: Real Dust - Graphics Mod for Project Reality and A2

Am I the only one that thinks that BF2's colors are perfect for a video game?

In-game: Cobra-PR
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Default Re: Real Dust - Graphics Mod for Project Reality and A2

I agree with all of you about the color. It took me a bit but I finally found a way to get the colors back while having the dusty feeling remain

It's still not ready yet, but here's some screens of WIP for v2:

The mod is now a pleasure to use in all conditions and the dirt mask is more realistic now, even night maps and snow. I spent some time adjusting it for those too. Will make more screens when the mod is ready.

P.S. On the BF2 vanilla colors - I can double that, BF2 (vanilla) is an arcade shooter for fun, those colors are happy and easy on the eyes it's a shame games aren't made like that anymore and are over post-processed. Post-processing is very powerful it can make an ordinary 3d textured object completely reshade into something realistic. But when it comes to realism a more simulated experience is necessary, hence I decided to mod Sam's PR GEM and make Real Dust (PR isn't the best realism experience out there but it does touch the subject no doubt, considering it's a mod for a game no longer supported and it still beats new "tactical shooters" that's a feat)
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Default Re: Real Dust - Graphics Mod for Project Reality and A2

V2 is up, you can find new screens and DL in the thread description

It fixes the "washed out" desat artifact from v1.

This time around I redesigned the color palette, helmet mask, adjusted params and toned down bloom and HDR settings. The sky is now vibrant and pleasant blue, grass is green and sand looks like sand.

For v3 I plan on further adjusting the preset, adding an optional heat haze with a new redesigned texture, and potentially (no promise) adding a bright flash effect for very bright reflections via a texture.

As always feedback is welcome, if anyone uses the mod please snap some screens as this helps a lot, the more I get the better. I could use some low graphic setting screens too as well as experimental resolution screens (via PR launcher) to see how the filters behave on different hardware. I tried forcing 2048x1728 native resolution on my spare designer's monitor but the game just crashes (?)
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