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26 May 2022, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2013-09-01, 12:20   #21

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Default Re: More commander assets and better commander gameplay

Originally Posted by Adalaxy View Post
I do not know about the supply crate but a 10 second para drop mission asset with a 20 min cooldown would be pretty neat. long enough for a SL and disiplined troops to spawn on.
Paratrooper spawn-points (like in Dovre, Silent Eagle) would be awesome. Paratroopers, if seen, are easy to prevent.

And maybe make the commander rally point more "accessible"? I have seen commander RP only once in Operation Overlord..
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Old 2013-09-03, 19:41   #22
Default Re: More commander assets and better commander gameplay

Personally I don't see the Commanders needing any extra assets or abilities. Your main roles are to control, guide, and support the squads and use the UAV for spotting. Those two roles, if done properly, will take all of your concentration for most of the round. The people I've met who always say that Commander role is boring are people who use the UAV for nothing but spotting tanks and other vehicles. That's all well and good, but infantry are what win or lose the map, and when a commander never tries to find the locations of enemy squads and guide a friendly squad to kill them, he's setting himself, and his team, up for failure.

People seem to have this idea that the commander should only be involved in "grand strategy." To the contrary, spending a few minutes guiding a specific squad or squads into a specific objective is a very valuable role for the commander to fill. And when you do that, the squads you supported will be much more grateful and confident in their commander, and willing to listen to your orders. It's the commanders that go down the squad list and annoy their squad leaders by placing their attack markers on the next flag that are ignored, and quite rightly so.

The commander, when experienced/well-trained/competent, can already swing the balance of power to his team. Modern warfare is about shooting the enemy before he sees you. Well if your commander is doing his job, you'll know where the enemy squad is before either of you see the other.

Next time you feel like your bored and there is nothing to do as commander, try to FIND something to do. Go and check the locations and status of your various squads, because I can guarantee to you that there is something you can and should be doing to help your team. Adding a bunch of fancy knickknacks for the commanders to waste their time using will simply take away their concentration from their main role, and degrade the overall usefulness of the position.

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Old 2013-09-03, 21:55   #23

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Commanders are OP as is. Like they need to have stuff like paratrooper spawn points.

The one time I had seen the commander rp was on op overloard. It's impossible now to get co rally

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Old 2013-09-05, 19:31   #24

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Default Re: More commander assets and better commander gameplay

giving the co more map markers is the one thing i'd add, if given the chance
specifically: aa and tow emplacement (marking these as handheld is common but can confuse the team if it's an actual handheld), rally point, mortar, sniper, minefield

i'd say i've spent 20% of my 1.0 time as co, and it's working well as is.
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Old 2013-09-08, 17:56   #25
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Default Re: More commander assets and better commander gameplay

[I had suggested the Commander Drop Crate in the suggestions but hasn't been accepted to be posted.]
But ill paraphrase it for you
ONE Drop Crate is enough to build one fob (NO ASSETS) But has Double the amount of Rearmament capability as normal Heavy supply crate.

And to avoid possiblity of Super fobs or Superman Fobs (AKA In high up out of reach places) Give the Crate a really high random drift aspect. In VBF2 People could guesstimate where the crate would land but if there is a random wind direction built in with a random force against it (IF POSSIBLE) then it would be impossible.

Not to mention the commander would have no ability to even see where it lands because it should be Squad leader request style like when calling in for an area attack. the commander has to accept the drop and can only be dropped every 30-45 minutes to avoid any miss use.

PLUS having a commander drop crate will allow for less of a reliance on TRANS squads which may not always be the brightest bulbs in the bunch.... It will give an alternative way to allow inland fob building on tough to cross maps. Plus like in previous versions of PR before the drop crate was taken out you would hear an overhead plane 1 minute before the drop and 1 minute after so the enemy will know when there is a drop and will most likely be looking harder for the crate/Fob in a specific location. It balances out IMO

( AS I JUST SAW ABOVE ... I really like the Para trooper spawn point idea... Perhaps During the supply drop over head plane.... That same "aircraft" could be spawnable and can drop players if spawned upon during a one minute window
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Old 2013-09-08, 18:36   #26
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Default Re: More commander assets and better commander gameplay

I've been commander a few times, and it's by no means boring anymore in v1.0.

Major change has been the UAV that can now be used constantly. Just now I played Silent Eagle as Germans as commander and I had a lot of fun continiously helping the tank squad by providing intel (at one point they chased a pair of APCs across half the map, but could only do so because I was constantly relaying their movements) and lasing for the CAS. Ofcourse it helped that the tankers and pilots were pretty experienced, but they ended the round with about 80 kills total at the loss of only 3 tanks.

Just saying that generally speaking the commander role is pretty fun now, even though I wouldn't mind a few small tweaks and additions to make it more exciting.

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Old 2013-09-09, 14:15   #27
Default Re: More commander assets and better commander gameplay

Without making commander OP here is a couple things I agree with and/or have come up with:

A comma rose spotting system would be nice as the ? marker does not always work, I believe it has a range, that could be fixed instead.

Also, it would be nice if the UAV could be moved via comma rose. See something you want a better look at, and instead of having to go back out to the map and reset it, just comma rose move it to get a better look.

Lastly, a mortar mission to accompany that CAS marker would be nice. Maybe right click?
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Old 2013-09-27, 19:06   #28
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Default Re: More commander assets and better commander gameplay

I want to say something about "commander" and "UAV", but I noticed it is so long.
I'll start another thread.

"UAV is too strong in 1.0"
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Old 2013-09-27, 23:27   #29

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Default Re: More commander assets and better commander gameplay

Originally Posted by epicelite View Post

I mean realistically there's no reason a big cargo plane couldn't fly over a battlefield super high up and drop some supplies.
Yeah, nothing like jets and AA.
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Old 2013-09-28, 00:46   #30

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Default Re: More commander assets and better commander gameplay

Agree about the drop idea being discussed. I think it could really add to gameplay especially being a crate that could be a buff or have a special use. It is a realistic idea as well as many have mentioned

Also I think artillery in the field is a great idea and other buildable assets maybe and could really add to gameplay. Rather than just focusing on attacking flags or whichever there could be another element to attacking enemy assets to give more gameplay versitality than there is currently. White phosphorus for conventional factions was a neat idea on its own as well. As AF Soccer talked about I think the timeframe for the area attacks is good now spot on. What about the deployables maybe being like mortar with building a field artillery gun? Then the actual barrages be commander granted.

A idea I had of my own that would be a welcome and realistic commander asset in my opinion is a airstrike. Having airstrikes would be highly realistic for conventional factions to do. Would be good on insurgency as well because coalition forces often call in airstrikes against Taliban positions, etc. It could be just like ordering a area attack now, a SL radios in a point the commander approves and it bang. To clarify, this would NOT be a JDAM attack like the area attack but a airstrike that drops either a 500lb type jdam or the type of airstrike that drops smaller bombs that explode in a cycle(maybe a service member or developer could clairfy? The airstrike could be available about the same time as arty 30 min abouts.

What you all think of the idea?
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assets, commander, gameplay
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