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23 Apr 2024, 00:00:00 (PRT)

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Default AA passive rockets system

Solution to passive AA rocket system in Bf2 engine.

It refers to the old AA rocket systems(sam tigercat.....)
-Set visual aim like sam tigercat(2x zoom)
-Give it to him:
Code: TSHeatSeeking
ObjectTemplate.weaponHud.firstLockSound HUD_TargetTrack
ObjectTemplate.weaponHud.secondLockSound HUD_TargetLock
-Remove visual lock on HUD(like in Khamisiyah map)
-Give 5 sec from seeking to locking.(variations can be inserted)

What gets with it?
It gets the operator, does not know if the target is tracked or locked.Follow the target for 5 sec fires not knowing if the target is locked or not.What does it mean if a rocket follow the plane succeeded,if not rocket goes straight.

-In other games this type the rocket have bigger damage on plane then standard AA rocket with seeking/locking system.And how I feel larger game companies have solved this problem in this way.

-I did not test.Theoretically, there are no obstacles to get this in BF2 engine.

And I hope it will soon appear Vietnam map with x2 SA-2(C-75 Dvina),Mig-17F (J-5),Mig-19(J-6),Mig-21 (F-13),F-4 Phantom II ,AT-3 Sagger,M40 recoilless rifle.....A lot of work,and a little time for it.


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